Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in the United States

romantic restaurants
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What are the Top 5 in the United States?

Whether it’s the endless search for the perfect venue to spend a romantic evening with your significant other on a special night, or the nervous excitement of finding the ideal location, the quest to find the finest of to spend an unforgettable evening, is itself as old as time. After all, everyone looks for a place that’s blessed with the most intimate ambience to make sure their first [or successive] date(s) doesn’t turn sour, based on the location.

From sleek, glass tables bedecked with red and white roses, and complimentary fine wine at the tap of your fingers to a stunning low-lit ambience which is accentuated by a melodious and peaceful romantic music in the backdrop, romantic restaurants offer the ideal setting and aura for those looking for some romantic and calm time with their significant other.

Be it married couples looking for a night out to rekindle their romance, taking time off their busy schedules, and moving away from the monotonous drudgery of everyday life or first-time couples looking for a peaceful and intimate aura to break the ice and get their conversations rolling, romantic restaurants provide a great place to enjoy your time and make sure your meeting is one that is memorable and magical.

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Fortunately for most Americans, there are a string of pearls all around the United States. From quaint and charming little cafes in Florida which are friendly on the budget to the more lavish and stunning options available in places like California and New York, there are a trove of treasures waiting to be explored and promising the most stunning and memorable evenings with your loved ones.

Be it the quest to find the most beautiful setting for a romantic Saturday night dinner or a chance to impress your new date, or even a special evening on Valentine’s Day for your love interest, friend, or spouse, the options are endless and offer great amenities to all those looking for some splendor and romantic ambience to complement their dinner.

The ideal evening with your loved one depends on a number of factors, such as the quality of food that you are going to be served if you choose to dine, the options for wine and beverages and most importantly the ambience and aura you will be choosing to spend the next couple of hours with your beloved significant other. From stunning locations and settings ranging from the idyllic outdoors to quaint and sumptuous indoor setups, there are numerous romantic restaurants and cafes within the United States that range and vary by price and type.

However, one thing they guarantee is the perfect and most passionate experience to complement your dreamy and fairy-tale evening. From scented candles lighting the air up with magic and scrumptious entrees to make sure your appetite is fulfilled, lots of beautiful options all across America guarantee you the finest and most lovely setting to enjoy with your loved one amidst a stunning aura of low-lights, roses, candles, and beautiful and calming music symphonies.

1.      Little Palm Island Resort, Florida

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa
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Offering the finest and most scrumptious range of options within Modern Tropical cuisine, the Little Palm Island Resort, in Little Torch Key, Florida, offers beautiful dishes and an even beautiful aura and ambience both indoors and outdoors to provide you with the most idyllic and magical night with your significant other, full of flavors and richness. Be it the Little Palm Island Resort’s famed candlelit dining room which offers a splendid and fancy aura to have a proper fine dining experience with your beloved or their stunning beach terrace which offers great views of the blue waters of the sea at sunset and offers the most private and calming ambience to spend a magical and unforgettable evening full of scrumptious and finger-licking food and an assorted range of wine options coupled with the symphonies of the sea and low music to complement your experience and transport you to a beautiful new dimension.

Feel all your daily pressures and monotonous and boring troubles wash away with the waves in the distance, as the magical and glorious sunset creates the most magical and perfect setting to have the time of your life with your significant other. The aura of being by the sea at the Little Palm Island Resort not only provides a refreshing but also a calm and grand experience to make for a memorable date night with your spouse or partner. Revel in the rich and artsy cuisine offered at Little Palm Island Resort, which brings about the most creative dishes full of flavor and rich Floridian tastes.

Ranging from French to Pan Asian influences, the creative selections handpicked by a world-famous kitchen, the Little Palm Island Resort is the place to be. Refresh yourself by the sound of the sea and have the ultimate romantic experience as you are cascaded by soft winds and a magical, amorous vibe while you revel in the tropical, uplifting aura of the Little Palm Island Resort in Florida.

Revel in the paradise like setting as you enjoy your curated dinner under the stars by the beach in this romantic and dreamlike setting. It promises nothing but the best. Fans of the indoors can also choose to be seated in the elegant, air-conditioned luxury of their grand dining room which offers the most stunning vibes and aura for a perfectly fine-dining experience to pamper yourself and your significant other.

Be it cheerful Sunday brunches, full moon dinners under the star-spangled sky or wine and dine events that are offered in the dining room, this romantic restaurant offers the ideal experience for you to have the most memorable evening with your loved ones. Guests can also choose to be seated by reservation in the iconic and famed Monkey Hut within the resort premises which also offers great cuisine options and a natural and tropical vibe to complement your stunning dinner experience. Relax and unwind under the shade of the tropical palm trees as you feel the calm wind cascade around you and all your troubles wash away by the sea.

However, visitors must be aware that the Little Palm Island Resort has quite a hefty price for those looking to be a part of its stunning and luxurious dining experience. Curated menu on evenings for a 4-course dining experience costs about $150 per person without taxes and beverages you may be enchanted to offer. 5-course dining experiences also curated by their special chef have a heftier tag of about $195 per person, excluding beverages, tax and service charges. Hence, while the stunning setting offers great vibes and setting to remember there is quite a price to this luxury.

2.      Everest Restaurant, Chicago

Everest Restaurant
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Specializing in the lavish cuisine of French, the Everest Restaurant, situated in Chicago’s prime location, offers the best of luxury ambience and luxury cuisine to all those who visit. Learn the language of love as it is beautifully crafted into Everest Restaurant’s stunning and luscious treats, which range from succulent lobsters to rich, sweet éclairs and other French delicacies that take you on a wondrous trip.

All visitors looking for a romantic setting to have a fine dinner with the most stunning views that the city of Chicago has to offer.  Offering the perfect and most intimate experience, the Everest never fails to wow even returning valuable guests and customers. Revel in the dimly lit, stunning interior of the Everest restaurant as you dine in a world-famous, Michelin-star restaurant that is situated on the 40th floor of the historic and magnificent Chicago Stock Exchange. Hold hands with your significant other as you both take in the stunning and splendid views atop the 40th floor of Chicago’s skyline. Be it the breathtakingly beautiful views of this splendid metropolis, the  1600 beautiful wines you can select from or the rich and seasoned French food, there is something at Everest that is bound to leave you wanting to visit again and again and experience the best and most romantic dinner ever.

Arguably the prime spot within Chicago that offers stunning views from the One Financial Place, the restaurant is a gem in the crown of Chicago’s stunning, romantic restaurants. It’s blessed under the culinary prowess of maestro Chef and owner Jean Joho who continues to offer the finest, well-curated entrees and desserts which offer the true taste of French personalized cuisine, taking every person back to Europe. The stunning setting is bedecked with low lights and a soulful, melodic music to accentuate the romantic and amorous vibe for you and your beloved to enjoy and revel in the stunning, superior setting of the Everest.

This restaurant is regularly voted as one of the city of Chicago’s finest cuisine options due to its beautiful views in the backdrop and even more stunning cuisine options. Climb atop the historic and stunning Chicago Exchange Building through a private elevator as you reach the characteristic, charming and sophisticated scene that Everest blesses 30 years since its inception on the 40th floor. The interior is bedecked with contemporary metal fixtures, low lighting that gives off a sunken dining room feel and expansive windows that offer unrivaled city views to complement your food and your romantic experience with your spouse, partner or date.

Breathtakingly beautiful, striking bronze structures adorn each table which take you back to Europe with their stunning characteristic style, and white linens embellish the room giving of the perfect vibes for a sumptuous and expensive fine dining experience that promises a memorable and stunning time. Some of the finest dishes that you must try on your visit to this romantic and charming restaurant is the Maine Lobster which is served with celeriac remoulade, petit mâche and walnuts, and succulent Pheasant. It’s very unfortunate that this place may be soon coming to a close. We hope not. We may have to update this guide to these top romantic restaurants.

3.      The Little Door, Los Angeles, California

Romantic Restaurants - The Little Door restaurant
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Offering an iconic, magical setting for all couples to enjoy their best evening reveling in a perfect, romantic ambience blessed with low lights, outdoor charming vibes, and music, The Little Door restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles offers the finest Modern European cuisine to all those looking for a perfect date night with their significant other. Situated in West Hollywood, and serving since decades, this prime location is the perfect spot to rekindle your romance with flavorful cuisine and stunning setting and vibes to complement your memorable night experience.

Modeled after the iconic and stunning style of a Parisian “brasserie”, this idyllic spot in LA offers the stunning interior resemblance to a soft and cozy courtyard which is lit up every evening with illuminating lights and scented candles that offer the perfect dinner experience with a range of assorted beverages and wines from their rivalled collection.  

The stunning, romantic, and warm ambience of the Little Door will instantly transport you to a hidden paradise location with its beautiful courtyard setting and rustic vibes of a long-lost place and time. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean and European cuisine, the Chef of this most charming of romantic restaurants, offers the most unique and flavorful dishes accompanied with elegant and coveted wines and cocktails which ensure a memorable experience.

Dishes at this restaurant are curated with love and flavors of the season, using organic ingredients and farm fresh vegetables. The aromatic, romantic courtyard is lit with low lights, patio tables spread across and a colorful bar area which is always buzzing with energy and candlelit tables offering an intimate and private affair.

4.      Rivea, Las Vegas

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A stunning Las Vegas delight to experience with your beloved, the beautiful interior of the Rivea restaurant is only outdone by the stunning and scrumptious cuisine options ranging from Italian to French main courses and offers the most romantic vibe to have dinner over. The prime location of the restaurant offers the most stunning and magical views of the Las Vegas Strip skyline and a magical and charming atmosphere to have the most intimate and relaxing dinner in a wonderland of dim lights and low music.

The menu is inspired by French and Italian local cuisine and markets and is bound to woo you and your significant other to return again and again to this sumptuous and lavish, romantic restaurant in the heart of Las Vegas. Situated on the 64th floor at the top of Delano, the Rivea Las Vegas offers the most stunning cuisine that is curated from the artistic and well-celebrated hands of Chef Alain Ducasse. The indoor has Parisian design influences and the mood infuses you with relaxing and comforting vibes to make sure that your night is as memorable as the views of the city the unrivalled hotel setting offers.

Make the most of the breezy, relaxing aura of white and peaceful blue shades and hues embellishing the interior with Persian designs and recreating the idyllic and scenic vibes of Italy and the French Riviera.  Devour the delectable and absolutely scrumptious delights that are offered by the many dishes on the menu at this coveted Las Vegas destination. Perhaps you will be wooed by the absolutely fantastic views of this city that are offered from the large windows or the gilded interior that makes for a stunning and memorable date. 

The best time to visit is after dusk when the city shimmers in its own beauty and grace and the restaurant offer all visitors the resplendent unique views.

5.      Casa Tua, Miami Beach, Florida

Casa Tua
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Perched behind the lush green district of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, the Casa Tua is a stunning seaside location to indulge in the finest and most scrumptious cuisine offered in Miami since decades. The historic and stunning location of Casa Tua, housed in a villa also offers a boutique hotel, restaurant and private clubs for all those looking for dinner and some extra fun and frenzy. The romantic setting is accentuated by its closeness to the symphonies of the Miami Beach and the stunning vibes it offers to all couples looking for a memorable and exciting location to rekindle their romance or get the chills of a first date dusted in this intimate, charming location.

The nearby breathtaking garden, blessed with lush and verdant foliage also offers the perfect backdrop for a candle-lit dinner under the star-spangled sky, with the warm air of the sea crashing against your face or softly caressing winds making sure you have the best time of your life. A magical ambience is bound to astound you as you enter the premises of this charming, cozy location which is bedecked with low-lit lanterns, soft music and welcoming vibes that make this Mediterranean style villa the ideal location in all of Florida.

Our Conclusion about these Romantic Restaurants

dining at romantic restaurants
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Numerous romantic restaurants across the United States offer love-struck couples the chance to have an intimate and charming spot all to themselves, complete with fine wine, luscious food, and a setting to die for. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of our top 5 recommendations of luxurious and romantic restaurants to go out on your next dinner date, replete with flowers, low lights, candles and aromatic scents. Along with the aroma of delicious food, we are sure love will definitely be in the air!

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