Visit America’s Stonehenge at Least Once

America's Stonehenge
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Why You Should Visit America’s Stonehenge at Least Once

Did you even know there was an American Stonehenge?

For many Americans, be it families or solo adventurists, ruins and ancient sites provide amazing opportunities for discovery and adventure. It also allows the opportunity to transport oneself back in history, exploring the eerie mysteries these sites have to offer and the many secrets they guard from within their ancient times. There is such a place in North America, which has been dubbed, “America’s Stonehenge”.

While most people are of opinion that American towns and cities have very few of such mysterious offerings, such a perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Inside some of America’s quaint and small towns, there are more stories and secrets than one may have time to indulge in and divulge. This is true for many small towns across the United States of America, particularly in the Midwest and North Eastern regions of the country.

The U.S. State of New Hampshire, in New England is particularly famed for its quaint, quiet towns and the large, sprawling, undiscovered wilderness expanses which offer visitors from within the state and abroad, a sense of peace, quiet, and tranquility, as well as an opportunity to delve deeper into the secrets and mysteries they hide in plain sight.

New Hampshire is known to be home to the White Mountain National Forest, in the north, which is known for excellent opportunities for those interested in winter sports and hiking (need any trekking poles?). It offers splendid adventures for visitors who choose to explore Mount Washington and the region’s nearby areas. From rustic old railways, high sky-reaching peaks, and a charming, quaint vibe, this state is blessed with some of the best experiences for those looking for some peaceful retreat and exploration of some of Planet Earth’s finest natural surroundings. These mountain regions in New Hampshire are also brimming with rich biodiversity and are home to wild moose, bears, and other such animals in its cold and dark reserves.

But perhaps the jewel in the crown of New Hampshire is the town of Salem. With its motto of “Commerce, Industry, and Recreation”, the town of Salem serves as the ideal location for those looking to experience rich and rural beauty and adventure. For those looking for some business opportunities, Salem is popular for being the state’s top location, brimming with unspoiled and untainted natural resources, just waiting to be explored. Salem offers the perfect rural, small town allure and a backdrop of nature and culture that is worth discovering for all travelers.

Salem’s top attraction, though, is the reason this town and even state is so popular among backpackers and travelers. Solo travelers and families equally enjoy visiting and exploring the mysterious American Stonehenge it is the home to. While not as popularized as its English counterpart, the American Stonehenge is an ideal spot for anyone looking for a cultural and historical trip on a budget and exploring more of their home state or country.

Much history and mystery shroud the true existence of the American Stonehenge. Its origins have been much debated among historians and till today there is too many theories about the purpose of its construction and the peculiar nature of this structure. Many believe that this structure is 4,000 years old and was built by Megalithic Native Americans as part of their own cultural traditions.

Inspired by the grandeur and sheer mystery that this stunning New Hampshire site offers, we have put together reasons why your next trip must be to the American Stonehenge- a thrilling and enigmatic site that offers an inimitable experience to all visitors. Read through and get inspired yourself to visit New Hampshire’s most well-guarded secret which makes Salem the top location for all thrill-seekers and history enthusiasts.

Visit the American Stonehenge for the History Trip

America's Stonehenge in New England
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Visitors to America’s Stonehenge are bound to instantaneously fall in love with the ancient structure after one look at the stunning complexities that takes your mind on a journey into a long-lost and unknown reality. The 4000-year old astronomical complex is an ancient structure that was, in theory, constructed by the Megalithic Native Americans as a part of their culture. However, this isn’t the only view of this structure’s complex history. Certain historians and locals are of the mindset that the American Stonehenge dates back to a lost monastery and is the wreckage of a monastery that was once built eons ago by Irish monks in this New Hampshire region. Others assert the claim that this splendid structure was the work of ancient Middle Easterners. Some say ancient Africans did it. However, the widely accepted view by academics and archaeologists is that the Stonehenge only dates to the 18th century and is the work of some farmers in the region. The point is that nobody seems to know.

Which account of origin is true, one can only guess. However, one thing that is common to this day is the sheer admiration and mystery that this place has exuded and continues to exude within the archaeological community.  The place itself is popularized as the Mystery Hill of Salem and New Hampshire, after the location became a point of interest for mystery writers who furthered their own versions of its origin theories. Visitors to this grand structure will find a series of small stone walls, peculiar-looking stone structures and arrangements, underground chambers and a one-acre clearing which houses certain rock structures carved with peculiar and odd-looking signage and symbols. The rich historical allure of this place only makes sense once you first visit these odd-looking, intriguing structures that offer the greatest mysteries to all visitors about the origin and the construction story of this structure. Visit this stunning location and become part of the scores of historians, thinkers and tourists who leave marveling at this mysterious setting.

The site itself was originally owned by the colonial Pattee family and throughout history it was usually ignored or thought of as the work of colonial settlers or as a Native American cultural site. However, ever since the site itself was purchased by historian, antiquarian and insurance investor and executive William Goodwin, sometime in the 1930s, the site found a sense of popularity and importance among Americans. Initially Goodwin himself spread the view that this site was a Viking settlement in North America and was convinced it was the work of Irish monks, known as Culdees who had been fleeing Vikings and somehow reached American lands long before the discovery of these lands by Christopher Columbus. Since 56 though the Stone family of America got ownership of the site and renamed it as the American Stonehenge. Ever since, the site has received popular attention and is visited by people looking for tours around the grand premises. Visitors to this site today will find great thrill in knowing that they are part of a tradition of people looking for answers to the origins of the site. The place itself provides all visitors and tourists with a sense of quaint peace and quiet. Relax under the trees with family and friends as you get a guided tour around the historical premises and get transported back in time, trying to decipher the codes that odd scripts on the stone structures present.

Although there is still wide discussion and debate about how old the structural formation itself is, visitors to the stunning American Stonehenge will still leave in awe of the mysterious and eerie setting and the odd scriptures the structures present. Mystery Hill as it is popularly known as, is indeed home to stones that were quarried using primitive stone-on-stone techniques and numerous surveyors and historians are also of opinion that the peculiar alignment and structure of the Stonehenge itself is due to some greater astronomical factors, dating back to thousands of years ago in the area. Some even suppose that the area itself was occupied as far back as 2000 B.C.

Visit America’s Stonehenge for the Thrilling Adventure (…and discovery!)

American Stonehenge
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Even if one does not have a particular penchant for history, the thrill of being on historical grounds, with structures (possibly) dating back to antiquity and the chance of exploration makes the American Stonehenge an ideal place to visit with friends, families and on solo exploration within the United States.

Explore the eerie underground systems or relax with your loved ones in the forest as you are instantly transported back in time in this stunning tourist attraction in Salem, New Hampshire. Arriving on site, you are going to be hosted by a rustic information center and gift shop as you feel the gray and cold vibes of the place envelop you as if you are in some horror movie.  Greeted by the Stone family caretakers and hosts at this unusually odd roadside location, you will be escorted to this charming prehistoric wonderland that offers secrets and adventures to all those willing to explore a little.

The 105 acres sprawling location is a mix of alpaca farming, kitsch and of course, the main attraction- the peculiar-looking stones of the American Stonehenge which make you feel as if you are in some land from light years ago.  The site is known to have some degree of religious or astronomical significance and is known to be an ancient gathering spot, much like the Stonehenge in England, which itself is a popular thriving tourist attraction. Half-mile past the gift shop, perched atop a small hill, the American Stonehenge stands in all its glory amid a frame of raggedy oak trees and forest cover.

Visitors to this historical complex can also choose to explore the enchanting and equally eerie Watch House, a small chamber built of stones and boulders in a secluded spot on the premises. Dark and damp, this odd chamber is half buried underground and is also home to a stunning, old sacrificial table. With its four and a half ton slab of granite which is thought to be more than 4000 years old, the location exudes an ambience of chill and mystery, and is perfect for all those looking to explore one of America’s most well-guarded secrets and gateways to history. The stone table itself is thought to be one of the structures that were used for rituals by cults and religious groups under the chamber.

Little is known about the authenticity of these stories; however, the stone of these structures does date back to years ago and is bound to make you excited about the many things you can explore here in this quaint and charming location. As misty fumes envelop you, stride through the hills and the forest lands as you explore this wild and mysterious place for hints of civilization and historical artifacts. Fans of astronomy will also find this place particularly unique and interesting, in terms of the educative and learning experience all visitors can have as they witness and marvel the stunning edifice which was reportedly used as a replacement for calendars to know crop harvesting seasons by the people of yore.

History lovers will find the premises ideal for exploration and just a great spot for experiencing the thrill that one can have as they tread and traverse the twisted woods of the raw New Hampshire estate and the hidden doorways and underground tunnels of this historical, mysterious place.

Visit America’s Stonehenge for the Tourist Attractions

visit the Stonehenge in America
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Open all year round, America’s Stonehenge is an ideal location situated on 105 Haverhill Road in Salem, New Hampshire. Tickets and admission prices vary; admission prices are $9.50 for adults, $8.50 for 65 and older, $6.50 for children ages 6 to 12 and free under 5. Any pets, including dogs and cats are strictly prohibited on the premises and the location itself is a private property which is fenced in. Tickets can easily be purchased online at the official online store of America’s Stonehenge and are also available with a credit card payment at the visitor center for regular price.

Those interested in the background and details of the premises are also encouraged to go through the orientation video of the American Stonehenge which is available on the official website. While the debate and discussion over the history of America’s Stonehenge will continue to intrigue people for times to come, the attractions present on ground, as well as the numerous events arranged on the site of the American Stonehenge make it ideal for visits by people from all age brackets and backgrounds. The man-made maze of chambers, with old walls and ceremonial sacrificial tables and meeting spots make for an eerie and chilling setting for those who are fans of a gothic and dark location. At presumably 4000 years old, the American Stonehenge remains one of the oldest sites in all the United States and is a stunning location which offers great experiences for astronomy and history buffs.

Currently family field trips are also conducted on the premises for families looking for a learning and educational experience to discover the old ruins and inscriptions, the stunning underground chambers, the hidden pathways and rich and beautiful natural aura which is also home to a variety of Alpacas on the grounds. Accommodations on the premises are also present and in place for kids and younger children under 12 to explore and take part in a gem digging experience using archaeological tools and equipment. This provides all families a great opportunity to explore the underground areas and historical structures while kids take part in some of the most fun and hands-on experience this site has to offer for the little ones.

Daytime snowshoeing is also an experience all visitors can take part in. Experiencing the trails that wind through 105 acres of woodlands and witnessing the rich and diverse wildlife that they host is fun and easy for people from all age groups and brackets. The rates for admission and snowshoe rental prices range from $5 for ages 12 and under, and for adults it costs $8 without rentals. Prices are double for those who opt for snowshoe rentals. However, all visitors must be cognizant that snowshoe rentals are first-come, first-serve and there are no reservation systems in place for anyone looking to taek part in the activity. Those visiting must also keep in mind that it is essential to wear comfortable and water-resistant boots, some type of ski pants and proper clothing to make sure that the snow doesn’t make you uncomfortable and your experience isn’t marred by snow kicking up your legs. Sleds are also recommended for all those coming with young visitors. While the place itself does not offer sleds, they highly advise that visitors carry sleds for visitors who can’t wear snowshoes.

Another stunning attraction in America’s Stonehenge is the family of alpacas that are inhabiting the lands. The alpacas were added to the premises in 2002 and have added a fun and unique natural allure to the site itself. The alpacas of the American Stonehenge of today are born and bred on the site and its premises and can be paid a visit when on the premises of this historic structure.


The American Stonehenge
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America’s Stonehenge is a rich and historical archaeological site which is famed for its rock formations and man-made structures glimmering with old and ancient scriptures and codes. Visitors to New Hampshire’s Salem, will find it ideal to explore these historical grounds, exploring ancient underground meeting spots, relaxing in the forest areas or just having the time of their life with a group of cheerful and ebullient Alpacas!

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