Top 11 Romantic Getaways in Michigan That Are Worth Visiting

Whenever people hear about Michigan, they automatically think about Detroit, the car manufacturing capital of the world, or Lake Michigan. But there’s a lot more Michigan has to offer. For people who were planning a to an exotic island in the Caribbean, you can scrap that off from your list and instead add Michigan. 

Whether you want to spend romantic evenings watching a beautiful caramel sunset with your significant other on the beach or want to get a flavor of that lavish life in a full-service resort, Michigan has it all.  Spend your romantic getaway relaxing in serene beaches, taking boat-rides in the lakes, or exploring historic towns.

The options are countless. Plus, you’d be able to experience all of that even if you’re running on a tight budget. So let’s look at the best that will make your getaway even more romantic without costing a fortune. 

Top 11 Romantic Getaways in Michigan

Let’s get started.

1. Experience Grandeur: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a true example of a romantic getaway destination. Secluded from Michigan, the only way to reach this island is by a water vehicle. You can take a ferry, a private boat or even a small aircraft to this island. 

There are no vehicles allowed on the island. So you’ll have to travel on bicycles, horses or the more traditional way: on foot. If you want to pamper your lover a bit more then you can book carriage rides to get a feel of the Victorian age. 

Take a walk in the world’s largest porch while holding your partner’s hand in a late afternoon. If you get tired, take a sip from their cocktail menu and lay down in one of the rocking chairs. The main dining room windows look over the Mackinac Straight, pleasant view while trying out the locally popular whitefish. 

The island is known for its fudge shop. So don’t forget to try a bite of the famous Mackinac fudge, that has been around since the beginning of the 19th century.   

Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

2. Get a Taste of Germany: Bavarian Inn Lodge

If you’ve never been to Europe or Germany then now’s the time. Get a feel of the German culture and their architecture at this lodge. It is located in downtown Frankenmuth, almost 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive from Detroit. 

All the luxury facilities you can think of, this lodge has it. The lodge has more than 350 guest rooms, including king beds and whirlpools. Along with all that, this lodge has its own waterpark with two water slides and four indoor pools. You can explore the riverfront property if you’re in the mood for a walk. You could also take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and feel like a royalty 

Frankenmuth has many restaurants that serve German cuisine.  If you’re planning a brunch with your partner, try the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn chicken. It will surely fill your appetite. The German-style bar offers over 70 beverages. So, if you decide to get wild, you can do that as well. 

Bavarian Inn Lodge

3. Picturesque Getaway: Chateau Chantal 

What comes to your mind when you think about a romantic getaway? Well, this Chateau has everything that you probably have imagined and much more. Local beaches where you can take a stroll in the morning, vineyard and amazing views. 

What’s a getaway without wine, right? You can try out various wines as old as Michigan even. So a visit to Chateau Chantal is incomplete without a tour of the tasting room. Try out different wines, educate yourself in the art of winemaking and tasting while you’re here

The complete ambience of Traverse City will feel like a romantic movie set. The peaceful beaches, quiet country roads and various old infrastructures throughout the city will work as the perfect wingman to spur on your romance. 

The inn includes cozy rooms, fireplaces and balconies with a view of the beach. You might even forget to go back to your normal life once you get here. A personal whirlpool tub makes the whole experience even more exhilarating. 

Chateau Chantal
Source: wikipedia

4.  Experience Bavarian Traditions: Marv Herzog Hotel

This Bavarian-themed hotel is located right at the center of Frankenmuth. So you’ll have easy access to the German culture while not having to travel too much. The hotel sits right at the edge of the river so you’ll get a feel of an Alpine Lodge. 

All the 38 bedrooms in this hotel have a distinct feature. They come with all the necessary essentials that you might need. Plus some of the rooms have balconies. So have a sip of your coffee with your partner while looking at the beautiful lake change its color as the sun goes down. 

Try out different biers at the Bear Garten which has a riverside patio. The memorabilia all throughout the hotel is a unique touch here. They offer complimentary breakfasts for all their guests. The breakfast includes eggs, sausage, biscuits, cereal and Belgian Chocolates. The Historic Webster House

Marv Herzog Hotel

 5.  The Historic Webster House

This was the house of Civil War Veteran Thomas Webster. Guests can experience classic American architecture combined with modern-day facilities in this historic house located in Bay City.

There are only 7 rooms in this holiday inn. So you’ll have to book in advance during the holiday season because many people like you want to experience a bit of old America. The rooms include private baths and fireplaces. Modern amenities like flat TV, Wi-Fi is also available in this house turned hotel. 

This place even has a spa and a sauna. Not so old-fashioned now, is it? Try out different wines and get a massage side-by-side with your partner. How romantic is that? All throughout the building, you’ll find antique features starting from furniture to the complete décor. 

They offer complimentary gourmet breakfast, and you can participate in the wine and cheese tasting. This is one of the closest getaway destinations to Detroit, and they offer a reasonable price.   

The Historic Webster House

6. Gold Cost- Old Michigan Inn

The Old Michigan Inn is located on the west coast of Michigan, which is also known as the gold coast. It is right next to the seacoast. So, you’ll get gorgeous views just by taking one step outside this inn. 

You’ll get a beach-town feel in Midwest. Now that is hard to find. The beaches, boardwalks, cultural sites everything makes this place a cozy romantic destination. The inn offers good prices.
The area is sparsely populated, so you could even spend the entire day without having to worry about anything. Just bring a towel and don’t forget to add sunblock lotion. Who would want to get sunburned in a romantic getaway?

Old Michigan Inn
Source: vacationidea

7. Munro House Bed and Breakfast   

The Munro House Bed and Breakfast is not just one of the oldest buildings of Hillside County, but it’s the very first brick building in the county. This Bed and Breakfast place has a total of 7 old-fashioned rooms that combines comfort with antique features. 

Some of the rooms even include bathtubs for two people. But not all rooms have fireplaces. So if it’s a must for you, be sure to let the manager know before booking. The retro feel of the place, coupled with the latest technologies makes it ideal for couples who are looking for a getaway destination on a budget.

All the essentials, including Wi-Fi, TV, air-conditioning is available here. They even have a piano. So if you’re feeling extra romantic, maybe you can play one of your favorite songs to show appreciation and love. 

There’s also a large common room for meeting couples and conversing. They offer spa and massage services, but that’s not included in the room fee. They offer different types of activities and packages for couples like murder mystery evening, cooking classes and so on. You’ll get to mix up different activities and have fun with your partner.

Munro House
Source: Munro House

8. Victorian Architecture: Apple Tree Inn

Experience the brilliance of Victorian architecture with 21st-century facilities at the Apple Tree Inn. This is a convenient place to have a romantic and relaxing couple of days. 

There are a variety of rooms available. Some of the rooms even include spas. So, it’s better for couples to book a room that has a spa in it. The spa rooms come with a king-size bed, and the spa fits two people. Imagine relaxing with your partner and giving each other massages while Beethoven plays in the background.
The latest inclusions to the inn are a fitness center, heated indoor pool, guest laundry room and a cozy parlor. The parlor includes a fireplace. So have a romantic afternoon with your partner sitting by the fireplace and reminiscing on old stories. 

The inn offers around the clock tea and coffee. You won’t have to worry about breakfast as they offer complimentary continental gourmet breakfast. They have special packages for couples, one of which named Romance Package includes limo rides, candle-lit dinner and rose spa. The prices are reasonable as well. 

Apple Tree Inn

9. Shanty Creek Resorts 

This resort is a combination of three villages which includes Cedar River, Summit and Schuss. Out of the three villages, the Summit village has the biggest resort. It has a total of 138 rooms with some top-of-the-line features. 

The one in Summit village has pools, spas and multiple restaurants. The Schuss village is more of a winter resort. Most of the times the Schuss village gets completely booked during the winter. The condos are designed in such a way that you can ski in and ski out easily. The Cedar River village has almost the same facilities as the Schuss village. 

You will get the basic amenities in all the three villages. There’s no better way to experience village life while being in the comfort of modern facilities. To add to all that, there’s also a spa on site. They offer multiple services including massages from an expert masseuse, combined therapy and many more. If you’re into fitness, you can head to their fitness center, which has the modern equipment that you might need for a complete workout. 

You can even play outdoor sports like golf, soccer basketball, and volleyball while you’re at the Shanty Creek Resort. The options are endless at this resort. Although it might seem more like a family vacation spot, the couples packages have some interesting activities and facilities. 

Shanty Creek Resorts

10. Minnetonka Resort  

This is a historic resort located right next to the famous Lake Superior. This resort has all the necessary facilities, plus the complete view of the resort’s location is breathtaking. 

They have deluxe motel rooms with luxurious facilities. But since you’re going on a romantic getaway, taking the one-bedroom cottage would be the best choice. You’ll have the utmost privacy while enjoying the serene view. 

This Resort is ideal for both families and couples. Some variant of the cottages has space for 8 people. So if you’re thinking about going on a trip with your friends and family, you should pick this place. 

If you’re someone who is into antiques, you’ll love the free tour of Astor House Museum which has some of the rarest artifacts. Guests can also opt for biking, hiking, fishing, or even swimming. Plus they offer a competitive price.

Minnetonka Resort

11. The Island House Hotel 

This is another hotel located in the isolated yet beautiful Mackinac Island. You get easy access to the docks, beaches and roads from this hotel. This hotel has been running since 1832.

You can spend a chilled afternoon with your loved one sitting on the veranda and looking at waves crashing onto the shore. You could also go for walks around the island as it has a very soothing ambience

The water dining grill serves breakfast and dinner. Even the view from the dining hall is excellent. Right next to the harbor view patio, there’s a pool bar. How about a secluded dinner with your partner in a garden? They offer that as well and most importantly, the price is reasonable.  

The Island House Hotel
Source: Google

Why Should You Visit Michigan? 

If you’re still not convinced on why you should take your partner to a Romantic Getaways in Michigan, then keep on reading.  Here are the top reasons as to why you should visit Michigan.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

This is one of the most beloved spots of tourists who went there. It’s the largest waterfall in Michigan and second-largest east of the Mississippi. Each second over 50,000 gallons of water flow over it as it drops from 50 feet high and 200 feet across. If you drive down the road for four miles, you’ll see more waterfalls. 

Pictured Rocks Sunset Cruise

In Munising, you’ll be able to find breathtaking and marvelous views of Mother Nature while experiencing the sunset cruise of the Pictured Rocks Sunset Cruise. As the sun sets over the Lake Superior, the color of the rock amplifies. One of the best ways for you to end your day in a Michigan tour.


An ice cream parlor that has a strong and loyal customer base, due to its unique business operations. If you go there, you will be able to see the cows outback. In fact, one writing defined it as the best ice cream parlor in the United States. The honest practice, followed by good quality ice cream, has earned them this prestigious title.

Hesler Log House

The place was settled by Christian missionaries in 1840 with the hope of converting Chippewa tribe members. From 1854 to 1856, two of the early settlers, Joseph and Mary Hesler had lived in this log cabin. 


Old Mission Peninsula and the neighboring agricultural areas are blessed geographically, allowing them to be a suitable area for winemaking. You might be wondering on how the wine from here is compatible against the wine from France’s Bordeaux region, in France, they mostly do white wine in a precise manner, but when it comes to their reds, they are less satisfying.

The red is better when you try it out on Black Star Farms in Michigan. The place is affordable enough to spend some quality afternoon time.

The summer golf capital of the United States

Who does not love playing golf in the summer? In summer, when other top golf courses are filled with a crowd, your mood will be uplifted by the cooling breezes of Michigan. Not only that, but the golf courses are also designed in a manner to make it worthwhile for the golf lovers. 

If you combine all of the best features of Michigan, probably no other state has the ability to beat it when it comes to romantic destinations. 


The opportunities are endless in Michigan. You just need to find the things you and your partner are interested in. The rest is up to Michigan. And it won’t disappoint you. 

If you’re not shy of experiencing new and fresh things, this article should be enough to catch your attention and make you and your partner pack your bags for Michigan as your next romantic getaway.

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