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Discover the Most Visited

Are you interested in visiting a beautiful that features sprawling white sands extending for miles and miles, coupled with the most gorgeous and crystal clear and aquamarine waters? These mental images might seem like they describe some far-away tropical paradise, but luckily Americans can experience this stunning landscape inside the United States, due to the many great beach locations.

Miles of powdery white sand beaches make for an amazing tropical experience for all those looking to let loose and unwind to the sounds of the sea. The beautiful aquamarine waters are enough to make anyone forget about their day’s woes and just want to dive in the water and lose themselves. Sunbathing on the soft and supple white sand also makes anyone rejuvenate themselves and revel in the stunning seascape.

Be it couples looking for an intimate experience for themselves by the beach enjoying the inimitable sunset views or families looking for some relaxation and fun by the sea, American beaches have something for everyone looking for a life-changing experience. Most of America’s top beach destinations, as a result, are thronged by millions of people every year looking to experience the chilled and laid-back environment with their favorite cocktails and food.

Every year, wanderlust-struck Americans drive in hordes to some of the most stunning beach destinations in coastal states of California, Florida, and South Carolina. Each destination is endowed with the most unique and striking American beaches just waiting to be explored. Perhaps the most unique and colorful experience is one that Americans and others can enjoy while visiting Hawaii and its many vibrant and stunning beach destinations.

Every summer, solo travelers, couples, and families are taken by the thirst to experience the thrilling castaway experience that tropical American beach destinations in the Caribbean offer. However, the luxury of jetting off to an expensive resort destination isn’t something many American families can afford to enjoy. Luckily for them, there are great American beaches that are quite capable of providing a perfect beachscape for anyone looking for a tranquil yet rejuvenating beach experience by the ocean.

Making most of the warm weather, Americans flock to the finest beach destinations to drive away any summer woes and dive right into the fun and frenzy of water sports, stunning sunset views, and relaxing cool waters on the beaches of California, Florida and New York. All year long, the beaches of America are filled with excited crowds looking for some relaxing fun and adventure.

Amazed by the many wonderful gems that America has to offer, we had to find out which American beach is the most visited and why people prefer it. Below, we have put together a list of the top beach destinations that gather the most attention and the most visitors.

Those looking for some calm and quaint destination though should note, these crowded beach locations are quite often sought after for those looking to head where the party happens!

Santa Monica Beach, California

American beach - Santa Monica Beach
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A stunning beach paradise, Santa Monica Beach in California is one of the most popular beaches and piers in the United States. The breathtaking beach location attracts more than 7.5 million tourists each year and is situated in an excellent location which is only 30 minutes from the Los Angeles city area.

Santa Monica Beach is known for its crystal clear blue waters and powdery white stretches of sand that allow every beachgoer the best opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy their beautiful beachy surroundings. One of the beach’s main attractions is the grand Santa Monica Pier which is always buzzing with the energy of crowds looking to enjoy their time on the seafront wonders it offers.

The Santa Monica Pier is a double-jointed structure which is situated at the end of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica. It is home to an amazing collection of sites such as an iconic and thrilling amusement park, concession stands for visitors and beautiful spots that offer grand views of the sunset at the beach. Perfect for families looking to relax and have some quality time with their young kids and couples looking for some interesting fun on the pier, Santa Monica beach is always bustling with energetic crowds.

The 3.5 miles long stretch of pure white sand is located along the Pacific Coast Highway and is home to a string of parks, picnic spots, and restrooms. There are also numerous lifeguard facilities for those who are visiting with younger children. There are also several bike and gear rentals which offer services to all visitors to Santa Monica Beach. There are also ramps and walkways specially ordained for beachgoers with disabilities.

Join in the absolute fun and frenzy of volleyball games with families, swimming in the cool and calm waters of Santa Monica, or ramping up the fun with paddleboarding. The opportunities to experience a thrilling evening at Santa Monica Beach and Pier are endless. This American beach is also known as a surfers paradise due to its great tidal levels and stunning waters perfect for water sports. Visitors must be mindful though that smoking is prohibited on the beach premises.

There are also amazing amusement opportunities such as the International Chess Park just south of the beach which consists of great chess tables and human-sizes chess boards fixated into a sidewalk. Experience a grand sunset at the Santa Monica beach as the cool breeze plays with your air and the chill and laid back vibe of the Santa Monica beach takes you to a different dimension.

Despite being thronged with tourists all year long, the beach is very clean and has abundant spaces for parking. There is a promenade nearby with excellent retail options and burger shacks for all those looking for some scrumptious delights after a cool swim. The scenic setting is bound to make anyone want to visit the beach over and over again.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

American beach - Waikiki Beach
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In recent years, the islands of Hawaii have been thronged with tourists looking for a stunning and exotic getaway away from home. In 2018, Hawaii hosted more than 9.3 million visitors, a majority of which were American tourists looking for some fun and frenzy on the stunning Hawaiian sands.

The 50th USA state is known for its stunning beaches and pristine white sands which are a favorite for most couples looking for a romantic getaway and families looking to vacation in this sunny wonderland. One of the most popular places in Hawaii remains its breathtakingly beautiful Waikiki Beach which is a picture-perfect stunning white sand beach that sprawls miles and offers the finest location for everyone looking for a relaxing and tranquil place.

Waikiki Beach is situated in a very convenient and ideal location near to the Oahu Airport and with its calm stretches of golden sand, it is one of the top places visitors frequent in Hawaii’s islands. The popular destination is also spread with lavish chain resorts and several famed eateries that offer the most scrumptious snacks to those looking for a quick bite after a swim.

Due to its great location and the presence of a multitude of high-end chain restaurants and hotels, this American beach has become a favorite destination for all visitors and is thronged by hordes of tourists. This makes for a very buzzing and bright environment that may not be the best for those looking for some calm and relaxing solo experience. Instead, such visitors should head to the much smaller Halona Beach Cove which offers a more tranquil and quiet experience.

The turquoise waters of this American beach are perfect for swimmers and surfers looking to experience the perfect relaxing Hawaiian escape. Order your tequilas and play your favorite tunes as the beach waves crash on the white soft sand and you are transported to a different world of its own.

South Beach, Florida

American beach - South Beach
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Think about stunning beaches dominated by soft white powdery sand and crystal clear waters, and Miami is sure to come to your mind. The idyllic magnificent destination is known for its beautiful stretches of land dotted with the finest sandy beaches, lavish seaside resorts and stunning waters fit for swimming and other fun-filled activities. In recent years, more than 15 million visitors frequented the many stunning beaches that Miami is blessed with.

The most popular and probably also one of the finest beach destinations, however, is South Beach. Visitors to Miami are bound to fall in love with the breathtaking location which offers the finest architecture and a stunning beachy backdrop. A local favorite, South Beach is always thronged with beautiful cars and has an artsy exterior to itself which offers a great fun-filled and laid-back atmosphere for those looking to unwind in the hip aura by the calming sea.

This gorgeous location is perfect for families looking for some time off their routine and a calming seafront experience. The beach’s most popular and busiest section is the part that runs parallel to the iconic Miami Ocean Drive, situated between 5th Street and 15th Street.

Those who want to skip the hordes of crowds and are looking for a calmer and quieter place to relax by themselves can head to the beach expanses on the South of Fifth as they offer a more tranquil take to the stunning Floridian beach experience. The famed white sandy beaches are enough to transport any visitor to a different dimension and a different level of calmness and tranquility.

Take in the summer sun as you relax on the soft and powdery sands as the sound of nearby pop music and the smell of roasted food from a nearby shack tingles your senses. Those looking for a relaxing yet comfortable place to stay near the South Beach should head to the Betsy South Beach — a stunning and fine hotel property which is perfect for families looking for a beachfront experience.

Experience the fine and glorious Miami sunrise or sunset if you are a sleeper and you will be blown away by the stunning and idyllic surroundings. To see the red streaks of the summer sun blend in with the yellow and the sun sink in the horizon on calm waters is an experience of its own.

Experience the party and fun-filled vibes of Miami at South Beach as the sun sets and a relaxing and hip vibe overtakes you. With crackling bonfires, hip music, and a stunning setting, Miami’s South Beach provides the ultimate party experience for everyone looking for a happening and stunning beach setting to let loose and relax by the beautiful sea.

Strolling along on ocean drive is an experience of its own that is bound to leave every visitor enthralled by the breathtaking atmosphere of South Beach. Choose to dine at the finest five-star restaurants on Ocean Drive or shop from one of Miami’s finest outlets, there is something for everyone to delve into after a fun swim in the ocean.

South Beach is blessed with an array of bars and beachfront shacks that allow people to have the times of their lives. However, those looking for some peaceful and quiet experience at the beach should know that South Beach with its noisy and boisterous crowds is not the place to choose. Instead of this buzzing and lively beach, those looking for some quiet should head to Vero Beach.

However, the ideal Miami experience is one that is only offered to those who flock to the stunning and hip South Beach.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

American beach - Myrtle Beach
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A true beachy gem in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is known for its stunning white sand beaches and beautiful aquamarine waters. The beach is one of the most-visited beaches in the United States gathering millions of travelers from all over the world looking for some adventurous water sports and thrilling underwater experience. The primary reason why Myrtle Beach is visited by throngs of crowds every year is due to the numerous amazing scuba diving destinations it is host to.

There is a horde of beautiful artificial and natural reefs brimming with rich marine species and biodiversity waiting to be explored. Myrtle Beach has one of the country’s best beaches and diving destinations which call every traveler and backpacker to experience the stunning underwater realms of Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is such a popular site that most of the tourism revenue generated by all of South Carolina is due to its profitable and thrilling range of water sports.

Experience the great fun that the shimmering stretch of Grand Strand’s iconic coast offers to all visitors looking for some thrilling fun-filled activities underwater. Those visiting are bound to be in an awe of the stunning seascape dominated by sandy powdery beaches which make for the perfect spot for families and solo travelers looking for some rejuvenation by the sea.

Some of the most popular activities that are conducted on Myrtle Beach include banana boat rides and parasailing. The feeling of experiencing the warm summer wind crash against your skin while your toes dip into the cold crystal clear waters of the beach and you feel the thrill rising inside you is inimitable in itself.

Those looking for something calm and relaxing can choose to just dive into the beach and swim. Camping at Myrtle Beach State Park is also a very popular and memorable experience. Light up your marshmallows alongside a roaring fire as the cool night breeze tingles your senses and the sand teases your feet.

Visitors can also choose to join in the fun of jet skiing and surfing along with guided support that is available at the beach. Myrtle Beach has attracted around 17 million visitors to its sandy stretches in South Carolina during recent years. This is primarily because of the family-friendly nature of most tourist attractions that consist of amusement parks, Ferris wheels, and fun-filled beach sports.

Myrtle Beach is part of the most iconic set of sites that have given the Outer Banks a reputation for fun and excitement in summers. A pleasant and picturesque destination, Myrtle Beach is usually crowded with people looking to attend regattas and beach festivals. From the Barracuda Alley to the Charleston Tug wreck, Myrtle Beach is host to numerous thriving reef communities that are either artificial or date back to some iconic wreckage underwater.

Today, this diver-paradise is home to stunning reserves that are home to different varieties of aquatic mammals such as Spadefish, Sea Bass, and Mackerel. There is also professional support offered to beginners looking to learn the sport of diving and a well-established system of training and safety standards. Those looking for some rest can frequent the beachfront town of Litchfield which is about 40-minutes away from the beach and is home to charming cafes and peaceful golf courses.


Be it the stunning white sands at Santa Monica Beach or the tropical paradise that Hawaii’s turquoise waters present, several beaches are flocked by millions of American tourists each year. While no clear number exists for all beaches, Myrtle Beach was known to host the most visitors in 2019 mainly due to its stunning water sports facilities and points. So what are you waiting for? Pack your towels, sunglasses, and beach clothes and head out to these stunning beaches to get the perfect taste of summer!

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