Discover the Best Beaches in Cape Cod for Swimming

beaches in Cape Cod
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Discover the Best Beaches in Cape Cod for Swimming

With feisty crowds, relaxing vibes, stunning and pristine sandy beaches to enjoy a romantic and beautiful sunset, Cape Cod has it all and more! This immensely popular spot is a hook-shaped peninsula in the U.S State of Massachusetts and is the perfect spot to experience summertime fun and frenzy. The crystal clear waters around the best beaches in Cape Cod, are bound to make anyone who is visiting, jump right in and cool off from all the year’s stressful troubles and woes.

The water beckons Americans from all over the country to visit its beautiful beaches and have the times of their lives. The stunning and breathtaking views of the ocean that Cape Cod offers are reason enough to make all those visiting never want to leave. Feel the warm wind caress your skin as the waves crash against your knees at the beach and you feel yourself get lost in the currents.

Cape Cod sprawls over 878 squared kilometers (545.564 squared miles), and is an amazing sight that is home to several scrumptious food stalls and seafood shacks on beaches that allow you to get the perfect beach experience. Quaint villages dot the coastline and are bound to take you to a different dimension as you explore their charming location. The magical beaches of Cape Cod are also home to lighthouses and ponds that will make you feel in awe of the natural wonders that it’s home to.

Those looking for more adventure without getting wet or soaked completely can hop aboard the ferry to Resort Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. These places themselves are stunning tourist attractions and are always thronged by locals and tourists alike.

But the best attraction of Cape Cod will always be its breathtakingly beautiful beaches and it’s for that reason that it’s famed as probably the best beach destination in the United States. Cape Cod is a favorite for couples looking for a romantic getaway away from home to lose themselves in the beautiful aura of the sea and the sunset. Families too love to spend a vacation at one of the many alluring beaches. Many water sports are also conducted at Cape Cod which have gotten quite a reputation for being an adventurous wonderland and visitors are always left in awe of the astonishing diversity in flora and fauna one can experience and marvel at only at Cape Cod. The central attraction of Cape Cod, the Bay area is divided into four areas known as the Upper, Middle, Lower, and the Outer Cape. All these areas have their enthralling attractions and are favorite especially among those looking for some thrill and adventure.

People looking for some spirited fun in the waters of Cape Cod are more than welcome to dive right into the waters and join in one of the many opportunities for swimming and kayaking. The more adventurous folk can also take part in boogie boarding and other thrilling activities such as jet skiing. All these opportunities for water sports are unlike any other offered in beaches across America and allow all visitors to fully experience the thrill and excitement that Cape Cod offers both youngsters and elders alike. Other activities include whale watching and fishing for those looking for a more tranquil experience at sea. Fascinated by the stunning beach atmosphere of Cape Cod and the many amazing activities one can be part of, we have put together the ultimate list of the best beaches in Cape Cod for swimming. Here’s what we discovered:

Craigville Beach, Centerville

Craigville Beach
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Situated about 70.5 miles from Boston, Craigville Beach is the epitome of beauty and offers the best retreat from the troubles of city life. The waters of Craigville Beach follow different rhythms depending on when you visit. At certain times of the year, the sounds are still and slow. While on other instances the beach is rocked by the raging high waves and surfers are given an interesting daunting challenge.

Luckily the temperatures of the beach are moderate all year long which makes them the perfect place to dip right in for a quick swim. The charming beach area gives off major old-school vibes and has lots of accompanying pavements to sit on and wonder at the amazing sunsets. The beach area is also lined with burger shacks and small cottage-style restaurants that offer the best meals to fill your appetite after a swim. Feel the warm Southwestern breeze tingle with your senses as you enjoy yourself in the warm waters of Craigville.

For convenience, Craigsville’s beach parking is open to non-residents for a nominal parking fee. The beach is a picturesque location to dive and swim or take part in fun-filled activities such as kitesurfing or just plain sunbathing to let loose and say farewell to any summer blues. For more comfort, the long beautiful beach strip is filled with public amenities such as restrooms, a boardwalk, lifeguards for safety, and shower rooms. Swimming lessons can also be provided for those looking for some extra safety before diving in.

2. Seagull Beach

Seagull Beach
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Situated on the Seagull Beach Road in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, the Seagull beach is a heavenly delight for anyone looking to get away to a peaceful yet fun place to enjoy the waters of the Cape Cod area. Just west of Parker’s area, the beach is one of the largest and the most famous beaches in the whole region. The beach because of its immense popularity is almost always swarming with crowds of tourists and locals heading towards the beach for unwinding and exploring their natural surroundings. The long strip of shore overlooking Nantucket Sound is the perfect place for families looking for a picnic spot to reconnect with the sea and its many sounds and symphonies.

Hordes of kids hanging out with their parents with beach baskets and mats spread on the soft white sand are a common sight on Seagull beach. For swimmers, Seagull Beach is probably the best that all of Cape Cod has to offer as it has calm waters throughout the year coupled with the soft cool breeze of the sea. Activities such as kiteboarding and windsurfing are common and all those looking to let loose by indulging in some youthful spirited adventure are advised to take off their shoes and join in the fun.

This beach is also ideal for those looking for bird-watching. However, names can be misleading and Seagull beach today barely houses any seagulls. If you’re lucky though you might be able to spot some of those feathery friends! For those looking for a place to relax and experience tranquility, Seagull beach is the place to be. There is ample space for tourists to lounge and relax alongside the water. Some notable facilities at the beach include racks, attendants, and lifeguards for safety and shower stalls and restrooms for convenience. There are also swimming lessons offered and special access for people with disabilities.

3. Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet

Cahoon Hollow Beach
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Situated in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, the stunning Cahoon Hollow Beach is a local favorite and especially popular with tourists as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Cape Cod. The beach itself is endowed with spectacular white sand beaches and azure blue water that is bound to take any visitor’s breath away and transport them to a different world.

The Cahoon Hallow Beach is usually crowded with youngsters in their twenties and thirties looking for some excitement and frenzy in the summertime and relaxing alongside the crashing waves and soft and supple sand of the beach. This beach is also blessed with an amazing unique topography of giant dunes on one end and the Atlantic Ocean’s blue waters on the other end.

Two beautiful pathways stretch between the 75-foot dune and the parking lot of Cahoon Hollow. For those looking to catch a bite after a swim in the ocean, there is an amazing bar and sea-side restaurant called Wellfleet Beachcomber which is immensely popular with tourists for its many fried delicacies. The beach itself is also equipped with numerous public amenities and facilities such as lifeguards on standby and restrooms and stalls for those who might need them.

Those looking for some frenzy outside the water can also check out the volleyball area for some great and exhilarating game of ball. Although those looking to spend some time swimming at the beach are warned to come as early as they can. Being a public beach this place is almost immediately filled with feisty tourists looking to dip their toes in the cool waters. Cahoon Hollow Beach is located at a distance of 102 miles from Boston.

The ocean temperatures range up to 60 degrees but this doesn’t stop people from swimming. Although there aren’t any recent sightings of sharks there is a sign that warns of those jaws that everyone fears. The best part about the beach perhaps is the Beachcomber bar which is lit up with signs and music and offers the best vibe to complement the beach. Enjoy some oysters and lobster rolls with some chilled cocktails after a swim and complete your perfect Cape Cod experience!

Cahoon Hollow is a fantastic place to enjoy surfing on waves and those looking to spend the night can also join the many bonfire parties and roast marshmallows while the fire crackles alongside the sea.

4. Breakwater Beach

Breakwater Beach
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An immensely popular local beach in Brewster, Breakwater Beach is probably the most serene, secluded, and calm beach in all of Cape Cod. One may be able to find beaches that stretch longer on this side of the country but Breakwater takes the belt for being the most breathtakingly placid and scenic sanctuary.

Crystal clear waters and level beach sand dominate its topography and it’s a perfect spot for those looking for a calm and cathartic swimming experience in Cape Cod. Tides are mostly low during summertime and the sea air mixed with the aroma of food stalls nearby makes it an amazing experience for all those that visit. The nearby Breakwater Fish and the Lobster market is also an iconic local takeaway restaurant that is known for its specialty in serving the best-fried clams, lobsters, and oysters.

The beach itself is known to be popular among families due to its small and extremely convenient parking spaces and amazing natural amenities. The beach is known to be a spectacular setting in Brewster for families and couples alike. Tidal pools at the beach always have safe tidal levels and visitors are given the fun opportunity to search for seashells and other natural resources that the beach offers.

Romantic walks and strolls alongside the clear waters are also an amorous experience that couples can enjoy over here. The quaint charming little beach setting is perfect for those looking to spend some time without the hustle and bustle of crowds and rowdy feisty beachgoers. The mile-long strip of pristine white sand is one that is an iconic gem of the Cape Cod Bay. The water temperatures don’t peak over 70 degrees which makes the beach the ideal spot for swimming in daytime or nighttime.

The scenic aura is further uplifted by the beautiful small dunes that line the seashore offering a trove of seashells and other natural treasures. The refreshing vibe of the beach is perfect for children looking to relax and have their best time at the beach. While lifeguards aren’t present on duty at Breakwater Beach, there are still plenty of amenities one can enjoy when visiting the beach. Portable toilets and refreshment carts are available on the beach and there are also numerous snack bars lining the beach.

5. Old Silver Beach, Falmouth

Old Silver Beach
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The iconic Old Silver Beach in Falmouth is one of the most spectacular and celebrated beaches in all of Cape Cod. The beach itself is about 68 miles from Boston and is a heavenly sanctuary for all those looking for calm and warm waters for a good Summer swim. Backpackers and locals alike revel in the luxury of the warm placid waters of Old Silver Beach which are an ideal spot for swimmers and even those looking for a calm and tranquil environment to sunbathe under hot Massachusetts’ sun.

The waters at Old Silver Beach are clear, warm, and placid from Buzzards Bay onwards. The soft sand of Old Silver’s is shiny, soft, and powdery and ideal for those looking to lie on the beach and unwind after a long day (or days). The water is so clear that one can see the silvery sea fish glittering and shining underwater. For those looking for an ideal location to spend time with family and kids, this beach has the perfect tides and sandy area needed for kids to have fun and explore nature’s many blessings.

Public amenities include a lifeguard on duty and even restrooms and bathhouses for those looking to get a shower. The beach is split into two halves: one for those who are residents on the sea-view estate and other for all public visitors and tourists. For people with disabilities, Old Silver Beach has a special ramp and beach wheelchairs can also be used. The fine white sand on the beach and the azure blue waters make for the ideal beach destination in all of Cape Cod and hence the beach is always thronged with crowds.

Parking for the beach costs $20 and the best time to visit is early in the morning to avoid large crowds. For a post-swim drink or little snack, the nearby Sea Crest Beach Hotel and Restaurant is ideal for its outdoor bar and offers great food for takeout.

The perfect choice for families, this beach also offers stunning views of the sunset and visitors can also see the many coastal towns of Massachusetts across the water. Get your favorite little snack from the beach bar and take in the warm summer heat as the cool breeze tingles your senses at Old Silver Beach!


Be it the calm and placid tides of Old Silver Beach or the fun-filled feisty aura of Craigville Beach, the beaches of Cape Cod are a trove of treasures for all those looking to explore white pristine sands and clear blue waters.

Extending up to 70 miles in the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches on Cape Cod Bay are a gentle sanctuary. A favorite for families and kids due to their relaxing and calm environment and pleasant waters, the beaches are equipped with the best public facilities such as shower stalls and some even boast bathhouses.

Cape Cod’s beaches are a delight when it comes to watersports. Wakeboarding and surfing activities are popular among all ages and make the beaches light up in their unique thrill and excitement all week. Those looking for snacks to fill their appetite after a good long swim in the sea can also delve into the delicious snacks that most beachfront bars offer. Relish the soulful scent of warm beach air mixed with the toasted aroma of oysters and fried fish as you let loose and enter a different wonderland on the stunning beaches in Cape Cod.

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