5 Great Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving Locations

Myrtle Beach scuba diving
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5 Great Myrtle Beach Diving Locations

Myrtle Beach diving, anyone? Lying on South Carolina’s breathtakingly beautiful Atlantic coastline, Myrtle Beach is a stunning location for anyone looking to head to a beach that offers more than just swimming and sunbathing. This feisty location is the center of the Grand Strand which comprises a long stretch of about 60 miles of beaches. Myrtle Beach is a heavenly place for all those looking for some fun and frenzy as well as the calmest and most relaxing of beach experiences. This is largely because the calm aquamarine waters of Myrtle Beach are also home to a ton of thrilling and adrenaline-inducing water sports, from to parasailing and surfing.

Myrtle Beach is also particularly popular, due to its famed celebrity-curated golf courses which make for an amazing experience for all those who are a fan of the sport. Golfing with a stunning view as the cool breeze caresses your face is an experience of its own, and Myrtle Beach offers all that and more. The beach is also bedecked with beautiful piers and boardwalk arcades which give all those visiting a taste of the fun they’ve been waiting for in this quaint South Carolina beach.

For those looking for some scrumptious and finger-licking snacks, Myrtle Beach hosts numerous eateries. For those looking for a quick bite before a swim, there are lots of beautiful little burger shacks that offer great snacks. Those looking to fill their appetite with a proper meal can also visit the many restaurants that make Myrtle Beach’s coast light up every night with neon lights and aromatic flavors. Families, in particular, can also enjoy an old-fashioned, old-school amusement park called the Family Kingdom.

The thrill of riding up to the top of the rides while viewing the grand Atlantic coastline which shimmers with its crystal clear blue waters. Experience one of the country’s tallest Ferris wheels or collect souvenirs at the pier, there is something for everyone to do.

However, the best thing to do at Myrtle beach is to join in the fun and frenzy of the many activities being conducted on this South Carolina paradise strip. months are mainly during May and October, coinciding with the peak fishing months and it is during these times that Myrtle Beach is a delight to visit and experience the fun of excited crowds and the many stunning wonders to be discovered underwater. From shipwrecks to magnificent marine species that inhabit the beautiful reefs underwater, there is beauty and wonder for everyone to experience.

Before visiting, one must also keep a check on the weather, as visibility is directly dependent on the currents and depth of water. During the season, people can easily participate in activities, such as underwater photography, videography and discover the numerous underwater gems, from sea shells to sunken treasure chests and shipwrecks.

Divers can choose from a ton of companies that conduct scuba diving lessons and offer guided tours with proper scuba gear from companies like Coastal Scuba to Nu Horizons and Express Water Sports.

Fascinated by the grandeur that Myrtle Beach embodies, we’ve put together a list of the best Myrtle Beach diving locations to experience scuba diving at its best. Here’s what we found:

Barracuda Alley

Myrtle Beach scuba diving - Barracuda Alley
Image Source: sailfishscuba.com

People visiting Myrtle Beach are often immediately stunned by the beautiful seaside views and expansive waters it offers for those looking for some exciting time off. However, once you dive into those waters do you discover the real wonders and fun. One of the sites that are popular for scuba diving in the region and probably one of the most striking ones, is Barracuda Alley.

Diving into the waters, one is seemingly transported to a different dimension filled with rich colorful marine life and artificial reefs. Barracuda Alley is a stunning artificial reef that consists of a long, 140-foot barge which is made of concrete piping and steel for divers to swim through and discover the natural wonderland that has developed in the artificial reef brimming with biodiversity and marine creatures.

Barracuda Alley is equipped with a diving platform and a thriving natural ecosystem that consists of varieties of barracudas and spadefish. The reef itself was artificially structured in 2001 when authorities sunk 20 armored personnel carriers in the seawater around 10 miles off the coast of Myrtle Beach. The alley itself is a massive, 550-feet expansive site that features a training platform and a spectacular population of marine life. The alley rests at about 63 feet and is rife with rare species that have nestled themselves in this unique habitat.

Divers can marvel at the rich environment around them and the best part about the trip is that it’s open for all those divers who are looking to experience scuba diving for the first time.

Experienced scuba divers can also enjoy visiting Barracuda Alley. A ½ day trip underwater at the Barracuda alley usually costs around $79 but the experience is one that’s worth every penny.

The beauty of artificially structured reefs and rich aquatic life is one that is bound to leave every diver in awe as they immerse themselves fully under the spell of the stunning sanctuary of Barracuda Alley. The Grand Strand is rife with numerous stunning reefs and Myrtle Beach’s many great reefs pay homage to its reputation of being the top place for divers looking for something exciting and interesting to discover.

2. The Sherman, Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach scuba diving - The Sherman
Image Source: coastalscuba.com

Another stunning wonder of Myrtle Beach, is the underwater realm of The Sherman. A great place for all scuba divers looking to discover the beautiful reefs and rich underwater communities, The Sherman is a 200-foot long, Civil War-era blockade runner and remains one of the finest and most magnificent wrecks that divers (both locals and tourists) can find.

The best part about this wreck site [today] is that it still offers great artifacts and glorious remnants of the original ship on the sea bed. Eagle-eyed divers can still swim through the remnants of the Sherman and discover the many stunning wonders it still hides in plain sight.

The Sherman wreck site itself lies near the Little River inlet and is only about 6 miles off the coast of Myrtle Beach. The Sherman provides the ideal location for all scuba divers looking for some adventure. Be it the more experienced divers or those just getting into the activity, there is something for everyone to get the perfect Myrtle Beach scuba diving experience.

Sunk deep beneath 52 feet of crystal clear water, the site is a living remnant of the past which still offers all divers the opportunity to search through its wreck site and rummage through the wonders it hosts. To date, numerous scuba divers and adventurers have discovered belt buckles, fossils, bottles, and other great artifacts dating back to the last century in the waters.

The 140-year-old Sherman wreck site is a great reminder of the past, and scuba diving at this site is not only an adventurous and thrilling experience (swimming with shoals of different colored fish and marine creatures), but it also offers a taste of the past and a historical experience.

A half-day trip to Sherman costs around $79. After exploring the grand underwater realm, one can also choose to stay at the Long Bay Resort. Divers often stay at the stunning seaside resort to lose their gear and enjoy a calming dip into the heated indoor pools and relax and unwind in their private suites viewing the grand ocean waters.

3. Charleston Tug

Myrtle Beach scuba diving - Charleston Tug
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Another iconic site for divers looking for some fun and excitement in the underwater world of Myrtle Beach and its adjoining sites, is the Charleston Tug. This popular site is just off the Northern Coast of Myrtle Beach and is one of the top choices of local divers and even tourists visiting the region and looking for clear waters to discover the underwater marine ecosystem.

The Charleston Tug site is known for its great, crystal clear waters which offer excellent visibility for all divers looking to explore its stunning and massive, 130-feet wide site. The tug boat rests deep in the Atlantic at a depth of 62 feet and rises to around 30 feet. This makes it an excellent spot not just for adventurous experienced divers looking for some challenge and adrenaline rush, but also for novice divers trying out scuba diving for the first time.

Those who are into diving only to discover and reconnect with their natural environment and the numerous aquatic species that live alongside them underwater, will also love to visit the grand Charleston tug site. This Myrtle Beach scuba diving center is rife with a multitude of species such as barracuda, Atlantic-native spadefish, and some divers on lucky days, have reported seeing friendly dolphins swim through the underwater site. Different shoals of sea bass and mackerel are also native to this part of the underwater world.

While one of the main reasons the Charleston Tug is popular is due to its consistency in having the best inshore visibility levels, divers will also enjoy the stunning marine life it is a habitat to. The beautiful wreck is also bound to take all divers back in history and marvel at the beautiful underwater realm. There are numerous experienced instructors on-site that provide hands-on step-by-step instructions and training to all novice swimmers and divers about scuba diving.

Scuba diving gear and equipment can also be easily rented and the experience of discovering the underwater world is one that makes every visitor to Myrtle Beach want to come back and breathe underwater once again!

4. BP-25

Myrtle Beach scuba diving - BP-25
Image Source: expresswatersports.com

Another grand treasure underwater waiting to be discovered by all scuba divers at Myrtle Beach is the stunning BP-25 site. BP-25 was once a massive, 160-feet long British Petroleum tanker that sank deep under 90 feet underwater. This was done to establish a thriving artificial reef community underwater. Today, BP-25 is a great spot for all those scuba divers looking for some adventure and spirited fun in water sports.

The BP-25 is a thriving hub for aquatic mammals and is frequented by scuba divers looking to discover the beautiful and stunning underwater setting. Swimming with numerous diverse shoals of fish and other aquatic creatures in the beautiful reef is a great experience for all those looking to unwind and reconnect with the natural realm underwater at Myrtle Beach. To further add beauty to the massive community underwater, forty New York City subway cars have also been added to the reef to create a beautiful community underwater.

The ocean oasis which has formed underwater below 90 feet is great for all those looking for some thrilling adventure. Experienced divers looking for a unique and challenging place to discover are recommended to visit this wreck and opt for the full-day trip, as it makes for a memorable experience.

Divers participating in the guided scuba diving tours underwater will not only be left marveling at the massive reefs set up by the Artificial Reef Program but also the beautiful environment it is host to. Rich biodiversity home to the reef includes coral encrustation, shoals of diverse fish, and beautiful sea turtles. However, due to the challenges the twists and turns of the reef provide, this site may be best suited for the more experienced divers.

5. The Governor

Myrtle Beach scuba diving - The Governor Shipwreck
Image Source: myscubadivinggearguide.com

Another stunning option for both experienced and novice divers is The Governor wreck, which is deep underwater, near the Myrtle Beach coastline. 22 miles offshore, the Governor is a 200-feet long paddle wheeler which is sunk deep 80 feet underwater. The Governor is a grand home to numerous stunning relics from the past and brass artifacts sunk deep in its thriving reef community. Divers beware though, there are great Southern stingrays that the Governor is infamous to be a habitat of.

The Governor is also known as the Suwanee and is a beautiful civil war-era wheeler that attracts hordes of tourists looking to explore the underwater paradise it presents to all visitors. With rich biodiversity and beautiful sunken historical artifacts, the Governor is a top choice for all those looking for some fun but also some learning. Take a trip to the yesteryears as you swim through its many twisted structures along with shoals of fish.

Witness rare marine creatures and you will feel like all your troubles are gone. Unwind in the water as you rejuvenate yourself breathing underwater with numerous awe-inspiring aquatic mammals. For those who are fans of history, the Governor is the best place to explore the wreck and discover the many rifles, brass belts and buckles it has produced.

The best part about the guided tours to The Governor is that it can be enjoyed by anyone despite their skill and experience. Certified professional instructors provide training in a swimming pool beforehand to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable before diving into the ocean and its expansive waters. Trusted guides accompany all tours underwater, so you are always at ease underwater, swimming along with the beautiful marine life. 


Myrtle Beach scuba diving
Image Source: coastalscuba.com

Be it natural or artificial reefs, ages-old shipwrecks, or rich marine life you are looking to discover, there is something for everyone visiting Myrtle Beach for its stunning biodiversity and thrilling fun-filled adventures. Three famed and time-tested scuba outfitters offer their services in different regions of the beach. Coastal Scuba’s services can be rented in North Myrtle Beach.

Express Watersports can offer quality service in Murrells Inlet, and Nu Horizons offers amazing guided tours in Myrtle Beach. All these tours provide instructions, certifications, and beautiful trips underwater. Sunken ships such as the Sherman provide an amazing experience for those looking to explore the historic civil-war era wreck.

There are also amazing artificial reefs such as the BP-25 which allows all visitors to explore beautiful leatherback turtles and fish communities thriving underwater. Teeming with marine life, all wreck sites are amazing for anyone looking to let loose and explore something new, forgetting all woes of home. Numerous services offer great certification programs so that anyone can join in the fun underwater.

Myrtle Beach can also be easily accessed by all tourists. While the Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) is currently being expanded, it still offers links to places like Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Newark, and Dallas.

Buses and taxis can also easily take visitors to major sites along the Strand. Myrtle Beach is blessed with 60 miles of ocean and waterways as well as thriving reef communities waiting to be explored underwater. Diving sites allow all visitors to explore the many communities of sea turtles, barracuda, amberjack, and angelfish. Although some stingrays and lobsters might also run into you, so beware! There is nothing like exploring the world underwater, and this is probably why Myrtle Beach is popular among advanced divers and scuba enthusiasts due to its many stunning settings. Whether you are an experienced diver or someone looking to explore the sport for the very first time, there are numerous sites to explore and have fun!

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