3 Lake Erie Fishing Charters You Should Know About

fishing charter Lake Erie
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3 You Should Know About

Located in the boundary between The States and Canada, Lake Erie is the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes of America. This makes it an integral part of the largest freshwater system in the world. It also holds the record for being the eleventh largest lake in the world. Spanning over 64 meters or 210 feet deep, it’s a big lake! Here, we will explore some of the best for you to experience.

Lake Erie is divided into three parts (or basins): the shallower western basin, the flat central basin, and the deep eastern basin. Lake Erie has quite a lot of fishing potential (I hope you have your fishing kits!). Aside from that, it’s also a very picturesque location, having some of the most stunning sunsets in the world. This beauty also comes with immense power; waves that crash into the shore of Lake Erie are often around 15 feet tall.

These waters are home to so many swarms of walleye fish that it’s often referred to as the “Walleye Capital of the World.” Even a first timer could fill baskets upon baskets of walleyes pretty easily. Besides the walleye, other fish that one could catch include the smallmouth bass, pike, trout, and salmon, among many, many other wonderful (and delicious) catches.

Something that could make a fishing trip to the walleye capital of the world easier is a Lake Erie fishing charter.

What is a fishing charter?

A fishing charter is an organized fishing trip that’s offered by boat owners and other fishing professionals. It covers the boat, necessary equipment, and other physical assistance with angling, along with bait, for some packages. The crew of the boat is usually responsible for rowing to the best areas for fishing. The crew also tries to ensure a delightful experience for all.

For Lake Erie charters, it’s important to have a legitimate Lake Erie or Combination Trout/Salmon/Lake Erie fishing permit. It’s also illegal to fish or be found having any fishing equipment in or along the nursery waters, so be careful of that. Besides that, what you need to know is that these beautiful waters have great catch all year long, but especially months April through November. Night fishing in Lake Erie is also a treat for the senses.

Oh, how lovely it would be to enjoy a pretty sunset in Lake Erie without having to worry about logistical fishing concerns. The waves lapping beneath you, the game in your hands, a wonderful dinner of your catching when you get home, and all under a beautiful sky. Does the picture that we just painted make you crave that experience? If yes, then read onwards for 3 Lake Erie fishing charters you should know about to have the best fishing trip of your life.

Chelsea Charters:

Chelsea Charters
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The founder of Chelsea Charters has years of experience fishing in Lake Erie. Because their service runs full time and they’re on the water for a long while every day, this gives them the expertise required to provide you with the angling trip of a lifetime. Their guidance is truly valuable.

Chelsea Charters deals with walleye fishing in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, near Port Clinton, Ohio. It’s great if you’re interested in reeling in that walleye, smallmouth bass, or yellow perch. It’s especially suitable for sports fishermen. However, there’s millions of fish that can be caught for all!

On their profile, Chelsea Charters state that they give anglers hands on experience of handling fishing equipment. This is really nice for when you want t0 fish without having too much interference from the fishing crew. The fishing techniques applied are the drift and cast plus the troll.

Promising no hidden costs, Chelsea Charters claim a competitive rate along with hopefully promising results. The species that you can catch on these charters depends on the season that you go for. 

There are two different boats that you can opt for with Chelsea Charters, both are promised to be extremely fast, spacious, private, and clean. They are both guaranteed to be fully equipped for all your fishing needs and are U.S. coast guard approved, as well as completely insured and regularly maintained. These boats are The Chelsea IV and the Chelsea III.

They offer a variety of different offers tailored to your fishing needs. There’s also accommodation available at the marina! The package includes ice, equipment, as well as worms. Soft craws and perch bait can be bought for an additional market price. A deposit of $200 dollars is also required for each trip.

At the time of this writing, you can contact Chelsea Charters at 614-316-3461 or 614-592-6081 (they welcome text messages) or lakeeriecharterfishing@yahoo.com. They’re an extremely attractive service for prime fishing dates. They warn that these dates get booked out early, so it’s best to get them as fast as you can.

Find out more at https://www.lakeeriecharterfishing.com/index.html, their website offers a lot of valuable information about using their service and also about fishing in Lake Erie in general.

Rates: $600-$7500

‘Eyecatcher Charters:

‘Eyecatcher Charters
Image Source: lodgeitoutdoors.com

Along with quality and quantity, these charters focus a lot on the overall experience of fishing in the walleye capital of the world. They’ve been operating since 2008 and know all the ins and outs of this kind of work and are equipped to provide the best trip for you. What’s more, their captains have a combined 50+ years of angling under their belt. The amazing five star reviews on all their pages is proof of how amazing and professional these trips really are.

‘Eyecatcher Charters claims to offer the biggest boats on Lake Erie. According to them, the average boat there weighs 8000 pounds. However, their Pirate Clipper goes up to a whopping 30,000 pounds! How’s that for a big boat? Moreover, their high end equipment also doesn’t come at any extra cost.

Besides the amazing fishing experience, ‘Eyecatcher offers a fully enclosed salon with complete privacy as well as a TV and DVD player. Complete entertainment for the kids, if you ask me. Besides that there’s also complete private bathroom services with hot water and all that. What’s also nice is that the charters promise to be mobility friendly, with short accessible steps.

‘Eyecatcher’s Charters’ various packages also include an ExecutivePlus package on their yacht with all premium facilities. A locally curated deli meat and cheese tray are included in the package, along with other eatables! A team building activity is organised for members as well. Photos of this yacht on the website are luxurious indeed. Other packages include the executive package, lake cruises, and other combo trips.

Safety on all ‘Eyechatcher trips is guaranteed, along with a flatscreen TV, additional seatings and galleries, weather controlled rooms and salons, availability of microwaves and other appliances, radio, as well as cold bottled water always on board.

Please remember that as of now, the trips on their boats are limited to no bigger than groups of six. Head over to their website for more information. They also often have online contests for free facilities going on, so do check those out! https://www.eriecharter.com/index.html

Rates: $675-$3060

Westfield Charters, Inc.:

Westfield Charters, Inc.
Image Source: fishingbooker.com

Like ‘Eyecatcher, Westerfield Charters also has a limit of groups of maximum six people. Their boats are especially designed with people with disabilities in mind. It’s also open for kids. The captain of the charters, Captain Rick, has considerable experience volunteering with people with disabilities and veterans. He has also raised money for a lot of charities. The reviews for Westerfield have so many good things to say about Captain Rick and his crew!

The charter mostly targets fish that include lake trout, yellow perch, rainbow trout and of course, the ever abundant walleye. The types of fishing provided are lake fishing, offshore fishing, and near shore fishing.

Fishing techniques used by Westerfield are light tackle, spinning, trolling, and jigging.

Westerfield Charters believe in a hands on experience for all, so instead of simply spoon feeding the techniques, they emphasize on learning and teaching them.

Another great offering of the charters is that once done, the crew cleans and prepares the catch for you so you can take it home. You can also catch and release if you’re not interested in consuming it.

Of course, the most important question to be asked is what the trip package includes. The Westerfield Charter comprises equipment, a trained first mate, live bait, snacks and drink, and of course cleaning and preparing of the catch.

Besides that, amenities are also provided. There’s a clean and accessible toilet, a GPS system, fish finder, a live bait well, ice box, fighting chair, life jackets, a kitchen and also a bed. Sounds like a complete dream of a fishing programme.

According to customers, what makes this charter as amazing as it’s the fact that it’s so child friendly, as well as the provision of live bait and food. Catch cleaning and filleting by the crew is also a bonus feature that is rarely found. And of course, the kind and friendly attitude of the captain and crew is what took this charter to the top.

Find out more about Westerfiend Charters, Inc. at https://fishingbooker.com/charters/view/12650?booking_date=08-31-2020&booking_days=1&booking_persons=6&booking_children=0.

Rates: $350 (half day)-$600 (full day)

Bonus charters:

Lake Erie fishing charter
Image Source: bipolar1blog.com

Nothing above suits you? We decided to throw in a few extra options for you in case you needed more variety.

There’s the Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter which offers a full day package of $740 for groups of six (your new lucky number). It offers live baits and other add ons for small additional fees.

Then there’s also the Full Day Perch Charter which offers a no fish no pay service; if you aren’t able to catch any fish at all, you don’t have to pay the fee! It offers a package of $640 for groups of six along with other services for additional fees. The day included in the package is 8-9 hours long, so be aware of that.

Your options also include a Full Day Smallmouth Bass Charter, which is, similarly, $750 for six people. Services are available June through October. Additional paid services include island pick up.

A little more expensive is the Full Day Steelhead/Walleye Charter, with rates of $820 for groups of six. There are limited additional services and 8 to 10 hour days.

Feeling a little more luxurious? The Canadian Bed and Breakfast Charter Package is a lodging and fishing package featuring views of the magnificent Pelee Island housed at the Anchor and Wheel Inn. Breakfast and fishing are both part of the package. The exact catch targeted depends on the season. This exciting package is a little on the pricey side at $820 per groups of six and additional paid add ons.

We’ve also added an executive charter option for you in case you needed more variety in that department. The Executive Charter from Chartom Charters consists of a full day of fishing along with continental breakfast onboard, lunch and drinks, as well as bait and preparation and cleaning of your catch.

For those indecisive friends who want to target two fish on the same day, there’s the Combination Charter at $770 for a group of six. Please note that bait isn’t included in the package and must be bought from the organizers.

For perhaps something a little more atmospheric and romantic, you could try the Evening Charters for $450 per group excluding bait fee. These are offered from 3 PM to 8 PM. Good luck buddy (if you took her on a fishing trip for a date, you’re really gonna need it pal)!

For information on all these charters and more, head over to https://chartomcharters.com/. Note all the good reviews!

Rates: Dependent on the type of preferred charter

Getting the Most from Your Lake Erie Fishing Charter

A question that often gets asked is whether it’s a guarantee that you’d catch a good amount of fish with a charter. The answer to that is, unfortunately, no. The crew of the charter can only so much as provide you with the necessary equipment and bait along with assistance when you need it. They can’t guarantee the catch.

In fact, I’ve read somewhere that even the best fishermen have come home empty handed of fish, but not empty handed of valuable experience. You obviously learn from every so-called “failure.” Also, it’s the experience that matters! Fishing is an enjoyable, serene activity, and coupled with the heavenly views of the Great Lake Erie, oh my! Catch or no catch. I’d cherish the time spent anyway. On the plus side, some charters do offer a no catch no pay service, so look out for that if you’re concerned.

Another thing that people often ask is what to bring on to the charter. The best thing to do would be to call and check beforehand, but here’s what usually works: fishing license, sun shades, sunscreen, snacks, rain gear if you plan to fish in the rain, a cooler if you plan to take your catch home, and of course, snacks! It would also be a good idea to bring seasickness medication along with any other medication that you may need.

You should also bring water bottles and all other supplies you could need on the boat besides, stuff like sanitary napkins, towels for accidents, etc. etc. A charger would come here on this list but we suggest going without any electronics, enjoy the majesty of nature. A phone tucked away for emergencies would still be useful. Since Lake Erie is such a lovely destination, bring along a camera and related equipment to fossilize the breathtaking sunsets and waves made of dreams.

A question that doesn’t get asked often enough is what not to bring. This includes any illegal objects like drugs or weapons, pets (self explanatory, don’t give them and yourself a traumatic experience), equipment that the crew is already providing you with (just adds to the load you must carry then). Checking with the crew about their related policy would be a good idea here too.


Lake Erie Fishing Charter
Image Source: lakeeriecharterfishing.com

So there you have it, folks. 3 Lake Erie fishing charters that you need to know about. We even went the extra mile and included bonus charter packages and went over all the other things you need to consider before your trip. Now you’re fully prepared to have the Lake Erie fishing journey of a lifetime. What charter you pick depends completely on your needs.

Are you a family wanting to spend some ideal time together? Check out the kid friendly Westerfield Charters, Inc. Are you trying to impress an important client and just want what’s best for business? You can trust the executive packages at the ‘Eyecatcher Charters to ensure that important person is well entertained and impressed. Like big boats? Chelsea Charters is the charter for you! With so many packages that vary according to your needs, along with all these options for customization, you no longer have an excuse to say, “I’ll go next week.” This is your time! These three Lake Erie charters will make sure your trip is worth it.

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