Kalahari Resorts – What You Should Know

Kalahari Resorts
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Discover the Kalahari Resorts – Everything You Should Know

Not everyone gets to travel the world to escape the mundane routines of everyday life. As the result, we are blessed to have Kalahari Resorts! There are several Kalahari locations, which are great resorts with indoor waterparks, play areas for kids, and relaxing spa rooms for adults. Because you might not always be able to acquire a plane ticket to Seychelles, or be able to visit one of the beautiful cities in Antarctica, or take your family to one of the best Caribbean Islands for kids, it’s important (and fortunate) to have nearby access to one of the great Kalahari resorts, where you can occasionally escape to spend some fun-filled, exciting, quality time with your loved ones.

Of course, Kalahari wouldn’t be half as exciting if they didn’t give you the feeling of experiencing something exotic and epic. So without further ado, let’s enter the Kalahari Resorts!

Situated in currently four different locations across the USA, Kalahari Resorts are a one-stop place for families to have the times of their lives. By the way, when we say “Kalahari Resorts”, we mean a lot more than just places for you to stay away from home with a small garden and maybe a pool. Rather, we mean actual, exciting facilities which are home to America’s largest indoor waterparks, exciting theme parks, spas, recreational spots, and excellent living areas.

There’s a lot that can be said about Kalahari Resorts, and finding the relevant information online can be quite a hassle. We’ve looked over everything that the Kalahari Resorts have to offer, and compiled it into this post so that you can save time finding info. Here, it’s placed in a comprehensive manner by location to enable you to have the best vacation possible while still saying close to home.

The History of Kalahari Resorts

Kalahari Resort Todd Nelson Family
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Kalahari Resorts is named after the Kalahari Desert in the south of the African continent. The idea of “African magic” lies at the very heart of this vacation destination. It seeks to give the experience of traveling through an African desert by combining it with some of the most fun waterpark features USA has to offer.

Originally founded in the year 2000, by Todd Nelson and the Todd Nelson family, Kalahari Resorts has not only remained true to the African spirit it sought to achieve in the beginning, but has also refined it and made it as close to authentic as it gets. This is reflected In all the things that these resorts and convention centers have to offer, from the displayed artwork to the music playing in the background to the craftwork available for purchase as souvenirs – everything about the place revolves around the culture and aesthetics of African safaris.

Apart from refining its philosophy and making it visibly better, the Kalahari Resorts have also expanded tremendously in their 20 year history so far. Not only is the brand now an established name in six major locations of the country, it’s also recognized as a leader in the waterpark and hospitality industry, thanks to its many innovative and ambitious features.

Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Kalahari Resorts
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Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin is where the premier Kalahari Resort was built. Today, it’s home to the country’s largest indoor waterpark and the longest indoor river along with the only indoor water roller coaster that USA has to offer. To make things easier to understand and follow, we have categorically compiled details of everything that you should know about Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells.


If we were to count all the rooms and suites available for booking in the Wisconsin Dells location of Kalahari Resorts, the results would give you a pretty good understanding of just how large and spread-out the estate is. There are 756 accommodations available altogether.

While staying at the Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells, you have plenty of options to choose from. These include separate rooms, suites, condos, and even villas. If villas are something you are looking for, then you further have an option between Nyumba Villas and Lakeside Villas. This means that no matter what you are looking for in terms of accommodations, chances are that you will find a comfortable place that fulfills all your needs in Kalahari Resorts of Wisconsin Dells.


This location of Kalahari Resorts consists of two different waterparks, both an indoor and an outdoor waterpark. It also has an adventure theme park but more on that later.

The indoor waterpark of the Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells is the largest indoor waterpark of not only Wisconsin, but also one of the largest in the entire country. It spans across an expansive area of 125,000 square feet and features many exciting rides for adults and children alike. The waterpark admission usually comes within the price you pay for your stay, but you can also get a Day Pass at a reasonable price if you plan on visiting the waterpark only. There are also certain special experiences that you can book for yourself at the cost of a small additional fee.

All rides in this indoor waterpark are categorized by the level of the “thrill” they provide to the rider. You can choose between tranquil, moderate, and extreme depending on how adventurous and courageous you are feeling. Since the park is built with family in mind, you will find something exciting and nerve-wracking for all members of the family, regardless of their age.

The most significant ride that you must not miss while visiting this indoor waterpark in the Kalahari Resorts at Wisconsin is called “Elephant’s Trunk”. This tandem tube runs for nearly 270 feet and offers many thrilling twists and turns for casual adventurers. The infamous “Master Blaster” at the waterpark also offers the same level of thrill by combining all the splashy fun of a waterslide with the exciting adrenaline of a rollercoaster. Master Blaster runs for nearly 570 feet, which makes it quite a feat for an indoor waterpark. Other exciting rides include the Tanzanian Twister which literally subjects the riders to fast twists before hurling them into a pool. There are also quite a few rides that you can take together as a family, and they make for great bonding experience too!

Along with rides, there are certain fun “experiences” that you can book for your children. These include underwater virtual reality programs to explore the fascinating nature that inhabits the ocean floor as well as dressing up like a mermaid and swimming around in the pool to truly feel like the merpeople. Also, you can book surfing classes for yourself or anyone else in the family for just $30/person and emerge with an exciting new skill you can apply to the oceans.

The outdoor waterpark of the Kalahari Resorts at Wisconsin is called “Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark”, named after one of the longest rivers of Africa. Summer is the perfect time to visit and enjoy in this outdoor waterpark as it will expose you and your family to the much-needed sun and allow you to bask in its warmth in between the splashy fun rides.

Like the indoor waterpark of the same location, the rides in this outdoor waterpark are also categorized on the basis of the level of thrill they provide. This means that you can jump on the ride prepared to experience the kind of thrill you choose (moderate or extreme) or you can simply choose the ones which guarantee nothing more than tranquility. Again, like the indoor waterpark, Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark at the Kalahari Resorts of Wisconsin Dells offer a range of fun rides for every age. However, we feel like the outdoor version of the waterpark is a lot more exciting than its indoor version.

The most significant ride that you must not miss while visiting Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark is “Extreme Rush”. It’s the only slalom type of waterslide that you will find anywhere in Wisconsin Dells and is unique in terms of the long-winded adventure it offers. While Extreme Rush is a solo ride, there are also many rides in the waterpark that you can go on together as a family. If all members of your family are courageous and old enough to manage the thrill of the ride, then you must go on “The Smoke that Thunders” which will literally take you through thunderous twists and turns in a darkened tube followed by a thrilling slide across a funnel flume before finally throwing you in a large pool. Zimbabwe Zipper and Anaconda are also some other thrilling waterslides that you must not forget to ride.

Apart from a whole lot of exciting water fun, Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark also offers dedicated areas for relaxation and family time. While you can lazily float in the 750 feet long “Lazy River”, you can also book one of the outdoor bungalows which can entertain from 8 to 12 people with their televisions, comfortable furniture and food delivery services.

Similar to the access to the indoor waterpark, admission into Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark is usually included in package for all guests staying at the Kalahari Resorts. Otherwise, you can also get a day pass for a nominal fee if you are not planning on staying in the resort.

Adventure Park

The only adventure park of Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells is called “Tom Foolerys Adventure Park”. It spans across an expansive area of 110,000 square feet, making it all the more exciting and invigorating to explore for adults and children alike. Unlike the waterparks of the resort, entry into Tom Foolerys Adventure Park requires the purchase of an additional pass.

It’sworth mentioning here that this adventure park is all built indoors. This means that all the fun and engagement that your children need will be within the vast walls of this place, and you will not have to worry about them no matter the season you choose to visit this place.

Like the waterparks, all the rides and activities of this adventure park are sorted according to their thrill level. This makes it easier to navigate your way through with children of different ages, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the suitability of the ride for each one of your children.

This place offers multiple arcade gaming zones for videogame enthusiasts. There are also a couple of virtual reality games such as the balancing game of Centrifooled which gives you an illusion of falling and the post-apocalyptic world of Arizona Sunshine where you can explore the ruins left behind by the zombies.
There is also laser tag, golf stimulator, escape room, wall climbing, bowling, and many more activities for teenagers. But, at the same, there are enough rides such as the carousel and zip line to keep your young ones sufficiently occupied too.


Apart from exciting waterparks, an expansive adventure park, and loads of spacious accommodation options, Kalahari Resorts also offer a variety of different dining options. It makes sure that all of your meals are fulfilling and something the family can bond over. All of this together makes Kalahari Resorts an excellent location to stay over for a short vacation, or even for hosting parties for family and friends.

Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio

Kalahari Resort
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Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio is also where Ohio’s largest indoor waterpark is situated. It is also the only location in all of Midwest where everything important in terms of hospitality and fun comes together under one roof. So, if we were to choose the best Kalahari Resorts branch, we would choose this without any regrets. From relaxing spas to amusing kid’s play areas, we looked over everything that this location has to offer and have compiled the details of the place for your benefit.


Kalahari Resorts are all about home away from home. The many accommodation options available for you to choose from makes it one of the most flexible places to stay in. There are separate rooms, suites, and even villas which can accommodate up to 44 people. All of them are generously furnished to ensure comfort and easy of the guests.

The Nyumba Entertainment Villa is the star of the place as it offers 5 bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a full bar, and a separate recreational area to fulfill all the needs of a large family.

The generous accommodation options offered by Kalahari Resorts, coupled by its large convention centers, make it one of the best places to hold parties and functions in Sandusky, Ohio.


Kalahari Resorts at Sandusky, Ohio are home to two waterparks, one indoor waterpark and one outdoor waterpark. There is also a Safari outdoor adventure theme park about which we will be discussing more later.

Covering a staggeringly large area of 174,000 square feet, the only indoor waterpark of the Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky is Ohio’s largest indoor waterpark. Like the waterparks in other Kalahari locations, the Sandusky indoor waterpark has a lot of fun rides and water-related activities to offer. However, we do think that this particular location is slightly more refined and luxurious than others.

To begin with, the general African feel of this indoor waterpark is a lot more enjoyable. It’s reflected in the fact that instead of bungalows, this location offers “Grand Cabana”, “Monsoon Cabana”, and “Madagascar” which you can book for your older guests to relax in while the kids splash around in the water. The mermaid and shark experiences as well as surfing lessons are also offered here, which can be booked at a small fee independent from your day pass.

The theme of African safari is not something limited to just the decoration pieces of the place. Rather, the Kid’s Safari section of the indoor waterpark offers an invigorating and immersive experience to the kids. Similarly, the indoor and outdoor spas are based on the idea of saunas which add to the entire African experience of the place.

In terms of rides, this indoor waterpark offers rides for all kinds of visitors. Whether you are someone who only prefers casual adventure in the form of mildly exciting rides, or someone who is always ready to twist and turn inside a dark tube, you will find something to suit your interests here. From Rippling Rhino to Tanzanian Twister, there are enough rides to keep everyone occupied. However, we do think that the waterpark at Sandusky caters a lot more to young ones than it does to teenagers or adults.

Apart from Ohio’s largest indoor waterpark, Kalahari Resorts at Sandusky also feature the “Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark”. This outdoor waterpark has quite a few rides similar to those found at Wisconsin Dells, but that does not make it any less exciting. “Extreme Rush”, of course, is still the most attractive waterslide out of all, and you must not forget to ride it if you ever visit Sandusky, Ohio. Apart from this ride, we also find “Serengeti Spinner” something you should not miss out on. It features stomach-dropping back to back twists and flips, and so does the “Tornado Alley”, so you must check them out before bidding farewell to the place.

Adventure Park

Like everything else, the adventure park at the Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio also revolve around the theme of African Safari. In fact, it is formally called the “Safari Outdoor Adventure Park”.

This adventure park spans across an area of 115,000 square feet. Despite being spacious, however, the activities that this park offers are limited. Nevertheless, Safari Outdoor Adventure Park does offer an expansive 750 feet long Ropes Course for young kids bustling with energy. If your child is a lot more adventurous, then we are sure that they will love the zip line tour from 60 feet above the ground and wall climbing areas which will let the ambition in your kids out. This park also offers a mini golf course for a bit more sophisticated and somber kids, so there is something available for kids of all natures.

Speaking of nature, the highlight of Safari Outdoor Adventure Park is its adjacent Animal Park. This zoo is home to many cute animals and allows its visitors to get up close and personal with its inhabitants. There is also a cool Junior Zoo Keeper program for young ones who believe themselves to be gifted animal whisperers!

Even though Adventure Park itself does not offer many outdoor activities for children who like to be out in the sun, Kalahari Resorts do offer a 7-D Motion Theatre which is quite fascinating for not only kids but also adults. There are also laser tags and escape rooms, so you can put all your kids together in one team for a great bonding session between the siblings. To add on, there is a separate area for arcade gaming fanatics which features tons of exciting gaming stations for its geeky visitors.


In conclusion, we think the Sandusky location of the Kalahari Resorts is an extremely well-built facility. Although its waterparks are not as adventurous or exciting as that in Wisconsin Dells, this location makes up for its shortcomings by having a separate gaming area.

We found this place to be very family-friendly, and particularly fun for the younger kids. There is a lot that this place offers for adults too. There are some very good dining options, extremely useful therapy services, and quite relaxing Kalahari spa services that you can take advantage of during your stay in Sandusky, Ohio.

Kalahari in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Kalahari Resorts
Image Source: poconorecord.com

The Pocono Mountains location of the Kalahari Resorts is not unlike the others in Wisconsin Dells or Sandusky. However, there surely is one big achievement that no other Kalahari Resort boast. The indoor waterpark situated at this location of Kalahari Resorts is actually the largest of the entire country, giving this branch a significant edge over the others. So, if you want to witness the maximum width and capacity of America’s indoor waterparks yet, then this is the place that you should head to.


Apart from having the country’s largest indoor waterpark, Pocono Mountains is also home to the most rooms and suites that the Kalahari Resorts have to offer.
There are nearly a thousand rooms available for you to choose from, including those in its luxurious villas and condos. You can host up to 22 guests at once, making this one of the ideal places to host birthday parties for young kids.

All rooms at Kalahari Resorts are well-maintained and generously furnished. They are comfortable not only in terms of the basic necessities, but also with regards to the utilities they offer. The most relevant example to illustrate this fact is the 5 Bedroom Big 5 Suite that this place offers. It features five bedrooms with luxurious beddings along with a total of nine television screens, a warm fireplace, and a large furnished balcony. There is also a pool table and a well-equipped kitchen to fulfill both recreational and dietary needs.

Speaking of dietary needs, the dining options at Pocono Mountains are arguably the best amongst all the other locations. With Italian, traditional Barbecue, and tavern grill options, your taste buds will be adequately satisfied here. To add on, there is also a Moroccan Bazaar which adds a little bit more of a culture to the comfortable amenities of the place.


Like all other locations, Kalahari in Pocono Mountains features one indoor and one outdoor waterpark. As mentioned earlier, the indoor waterpark is the largest of the country and it heavily overshadows its outdoor counterpart.

Built on an extremely large area of 220,000 square feet, America’s largest indoor water park has some of the most thrilling rides to offer. There are quite a few rides in each of the thrill level categories, ranging from tranquil to extreme in nature.

The most significant ride out of all is the “Barrelling Baboon” which literally makes a baboon out of its riders. It’s a dark tube which twists and turns more that you would expect it to. To add on, it features a vibrating funnel which means that you are always caught off-guard by its sudden changes in direction throughout your exhilarating journey down to the pool. The family version of this ride in called “Anaconda” and it’s experienced while on a raft with your family members. This only adds to the excitement and fun of the ride’s twists and turns as it’s always amusing to witness the look of sheer terror on your siblings’ face.

Other than the rides, this location of the Kalahari Resorts also offers indoor and outdoor spas for the adults to relax in while their children splash around in a nearby pool. There also quite a few party “Cabanas” for families and protected “Coves” for young kids to have fun in.

As far as the outdoor waterpark of the location is concerned, it’s worth noting that it’s not really a “waterpark” with many exciting rides except for a colorful kid’s ride known as “Bugs Burrow”. It is more like a large outdoor pool lined with outdoor bungalows for general relaxation and recreational activities. There is also a large sundeck for sunbathing which is ideal for families of all sizes, making it a more of a laidback area for relaxation than an exciting place to indulge in adventurous twists and turns.

Adventure Park

The adventure park of Kalahari Resorts at Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania is called “Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures”.

Like its outdoor waterpark, this theme park does not have a lot of things to offer. But the activities that it does offer are quite engaging and fun. While visiting this theme park, you can start with its many zip lines and can even get yourself enrolled in a ropes course to learn how to navigate the world on a tightly-wound rope. It also features a mini golf course for budding golfers to engage in. There are 36 total holes in the Legends of the Lost Jungle Mini Golf Course, enough to keep enthusiastic toddlers engaged for a while.

All of these activities, unfortunately, are not included in the cost of your stay at the Resorts. This means that in order to participate in each one of these, you will be charged additionally. The good news is that they are not very expensive and your young one can zoom down the zip line for as low as just $5.


In conclusion, the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is fortunate to have this large edition of Kalahari Resorts as an attraction. Home to America’s largest indoor waterpark, we think that if for nothing else, you must visit this location just for the thrills its many waterslides guarantee.

However, the generous accommodation options and the delicious dining places of this location of Kalahari Resorts leave little to desire, making it a full package for a good time away with your family.

Kalahari in Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock resort
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Kalahari Resorts in Round Rock, Texas is a new addition to the Kalahari Resorts family. The inaugural of this new location is planned to be in November, 2020. Although there are no extensive details regarding the rides and amenities it will offer available yet, it is safe to assume that this will be bigger and better than any of the previous Kalahari branches.

We, for one, cannot wait to see what exciting new things this place will offer.

UPDATE: This Round Rock Kalahari Resorts location has officially opened! Their Grand Opening was on November 12th, 2020, and we got a chance to visit this location and go inside. We will format this article a bit later, but first, some initial thoughts about this place:

  • It is MASSIVE.
  • This place is beautiful. We ate at one of their restaurants and the food was so good!
  • The arcade is among the biggest we’ve ever seen. It overflows with fun and excitement!
  • The virtual reality rides looked like a lot of fun and we’ll definitely be checking those out on our next visit.

Please take a look at some of the below photos taken from the night we visited this Round Rock, Texas version of Kalahari Resorts:

Kalahari Resorts - Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts – Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts - Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts – Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts - Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts – Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts - Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts – Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts - Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts – Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts - Round Rock location
Kalahari Resorts – Round Rock location

Overall, this place is a lot of fun and should definitely be a destination if you’re ever in the Austin or Round Rock area.


To sum it all up, it will not be wrong to say that Kalahari Resorts have redefined what the hospitality industry in the USA looked like. With its waterparks, spas, salons, and spacious places to rest in, Kalahari Resorts is an excellent place to head to if you are looking for some down time within the country. Its African Safari theme and thoughtful offerings for family members of all ages makes it an adequately enjoyable destination for quick family vacations. After all, you don’t often get to slide down the “Master Blaster” and then take a stroll in a Moroccan Bazaar all under one roof everywhere.

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