7 Cool Things You Must Do at Fort Morgan Beach

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7 Cool Things You Must Do at Fort Morgan Beach

Fort Morgan offers one long stretch of white-sand beaches along its beautiful coastline. But this place is a lot more than your average beach vacation destination. Fort Morgan in Alabama does not only offer scenic views to its visitors. Rather, it boasts an interesting historical background and offers many engaging activities to its visitors.

Fascinated by this vacation destination of the Gulf Shores, we decided to look into some of the coolest things that you can do when visiting Fort Morgan beach. Quite simply, results of our research were not disappointing. And how could they be? After all, there is so much that this place has to offer that it automatically qualifies as the ultimate beach trip destination in Alabama.

1. Visit the Wildlife Refuge

Fort Morgan Wildlife Refuge
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Visiting the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge should be at the top of your bucket list when visiting Fort Morgan Beach. This is because getting to see all the rare species of flora and fauna that take refuge in the protected area of Bon Secour in flesh is definitely one of the coolest things that you can do at Forgan Morgan. The fact that this wildlife refuge also offers breathtakingly relaxing views of the marshes and the surrounding maritime forests makes it all the more attractive for tourists visiting Fort Morgan as it perfectly fits into the ideal beach vacation plan.

Visiting the wildlife refuge does not only mean that you will sit around waiting for fishes to surface or birds to soar past you. Rather, there are so many other activities such as wildlife photography and boating that you can participate in to keep yourself engaged while visiting the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge.

As the entire area of Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge amounts to nearly 7,000 acres, it offers a wide variety of both geographical features and wildlife species. You can expect to find both rolling white sand dunes and thick, dense forests along with beaches within the expansive area of this refuge. This expansive and diverse topography also means that a diverse range of wildlife inhabits the area, making it one of the coolest places to visit while spending a day or two at Fort Morgan beach.

A large number of migratory and local animals can be spotted in the area while visiting Bon Secour Wildlife refuge. This place is especially attractive for those interested in bird watching as the dense vegetation of the refuge makes it a treasure trove of many different types of birds. It is estimated that Bon Secour Wildlife refuge features over 370 different local bird species and many more migratory birds add to this already large number, especially during spring and fall. It’s this wide variety of different and rare birds, such as white Snowy Plover, that can be spotted soaring high in the sky or nestling their young ones which make this place a heaven for enthusiastic bird watchers.

Apart from birds, Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge also features a number of sea turtles, wild hogs, red foxes, deer and coyotes. This means that going hiking on one of its trails will easily be one of the coolest experiences of your life. You will not only see countless birds soaring above you but will also come across many cute animals that call this refuge home. If you are academically inclined, you should also consider booking a guided tour which is usually offered during spring. While on this tour, you will not only get to visit all the important bird watching and animal spotting places within the refuge but will also get to know some of the most interesting facts related to the ecology of the area.

If you are at Fort Morgan Beach for a fulfilling beach vacation, then visiting Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge is one of the coolest things you can, and should, do. So, without further ado, make sure exploring the protected area for Alabama’s celebrated wildlife is added to the itinerary of your Fort Morgan beach visit.

2. Explore the History of Fort Morgan

History of Fort Morgan
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Named after Daniel Morgan, a celebrated hero of the Revolutionary War, Fort Morgan played a pivotal role in defense against the British naval forces in the War of 1812-13. It also proved to be an important fortified area during the Civil War. Given the historic background of this fort, it would be a shame to indulge in the scenic views of Fort Morgan Beach without exploring the fascinating history that brought the fort into being in the first place. Exploration of the historic background of Fort Morgan Beach is also one of the coolest ways of turning a fun beach vacation into an intellectually stimulating getaway for both children and adults alike. 

Since Fort Morgan was Alabama’s largest military protective structure for nearly 25 years, there are quite a few remnants of the past structures such as artillery batteries that can be visited and explored for an immersive history lesson. In fact, you can head over to the Fort Morgan museum which houses a number of important exhibits including uniforms of past servicemen, weapons, letters, and pictures which will help you gain important insight into the time of war and the role of Fort Morgan in it.

Combination of the relaxing nature of beaches and the historical gravity of war is something seldom offered by vacation destinations. Fort Morgan beach on the Gulf Shores of Alabama is one such place where you can indulge in both. So make sure that you are all geared up to not only explore the beauty of Fort Morgan’s beaches but also the history behind its concrete structures which helped safeguard the nation from foreign powers. This will definitely ensure that your experience by Alabama’s coast is a cool, invigorating one.

3. Hop onto a Mobile Bay Ferry

If you thought that while visiting Fort Morgan beach your options of exploration were limited to Mobile Point, then you would undoubtedly be excited to know that you were wrong. One of the coolest things to do while on a beach vacation at Fort Morgan is to hop onto a Mobile Bay Ferry and make your way across the Mobile Bay to Dauphin Island.

With a short trip of just 40 minutes, travelling to Dauphin Island from Fort Morgan will open up broader avenues of wildlife and nature exploration for you. In addition to that, Dauphin Island is home to a fort of its own. Fort Gaines at Dauphin Island also played an important role in American Civil War and now stands as a historic site for visitors and tourists to explore. Despite its ramparts having been preserved well, Fort Gaines is considered one of the most endangered historic sites in America as it suffers from shoreline erosion. This gives an even greater incentive for those visiting Fort Morgan beach to hop on a Mobile Bay Ferry and reach Dauphin Island to explore the remains of the eroding fort.

Apart from the perspective of history, exploring the nature and wildlife of Dauphin Island will also be one of the highlights of your beach vacation. Like Fort Morgan, Dauphin Island is home to a wide variety of unique birds. In fact, there is a large area dedicated to a bird sanctuary to ensure the protection of these flying creatures. At Dauphin Island, you can also expect to come across a wide array of fish while relaxing on its beach or bird watching by the marshes.

Even if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time at Dauphin Island, the scenic ride between the two forts itself is worth getting on a Mobile Bay Ferry. Many people consider the short trip between Mobile Point and Dauphin Island the singular most scenic drive of the Gulf Coast. Make sure you do not miss out on this cool adventure, and do not forget to hop on a Mobile Bay Ferry for a glorious exploration of both nature and history.

4. Go on a Fishing Trip

Fort Morgan is a popular fishing destination in Alabama and it’s only natural to feel the need of putting your hook and sinker mastery to test when on a beach vacation. One of the coolest ways of productively keeping your engaged at Fort Morgan Beach is to go on a fishing trip. The ocean is swimming with loads of game fish which simply do not disappoint the hopeful fishing groups trying their vacation luck.

The Dixey Bar which is the western tip of Fort Morgan is the best place for fishing if you are a seasoned fisher. It’s one of the principal fishing spots at Fort Morgan and is frequented by many masterful fishermen who leave with nothing less than rewarding red snappers. The west side of the beach is also quite popular amongst those who are able to identify the ideal spot of lowering the sinkers. The ideal place is largely considered to be the spot where the bay forms a 90 degree with the beach. Many report having caught white trout at this particular spot at the west side of the island.

If you are not someone interested in solo or intimate group fishing trips, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, then you also have the option of booking a fishing charter for yourself. Being surrounded by experts is a cool thing by itself, but when you consider fishing with their undivided attention and help, the idea of fishing become ten times cooler. Fishing charters are excellent when you are visiting Fort Morgan with a bunch of adventurous friends as there are many fishing charter options available which cater to large groups. They are also quite fruitful as fishing charters almost always guarantee bigger and better catches, such as tuna, redfish, and king mackerel to name a few.

5. Visit Waterville USA

If you just cannot get enough of the shoreline and all the water-related activities, then the beach is not the only place at Fort Morgan which can provide you with some adventurous water action. Waterparks and waterslides are a compulsory summer highlight for many people, and the purpose-built adventure structures of a waterpark cannot be replaced by miles and miles of sandy beaches. So if you are looking to add a bit more of adventure to your beach vacation and want the best of both worlds, then you must head to Waterville USA.

Waterville USA is not only a waterpark. Rather, it also offers escape rooms and a dry amusement park complete with go-karts and other traditional amusement park rides for kids looking for a short break from the sunny, sandy beaches. Since this adventure land is not very far away from the beach itself, it offers the perfect opportunity for kids and young adults to escape for a more exciting experience.

Waterville USA features 17 waterslides altogether but the coolest one to ride is Dune Racer. This 55-foot tall racing waterslide is the ultimate jackpot for teens brimming with excitement as 6 people can race against each other on this slide at a time. The place also offers food and beverage services as well as a gift shop for enthusiastic tourists who want to buy souvenirs to remember their fun-filled beach vacation by. You can even rent out a Cabana Cove at Waterville USA for some downtime just chilling under the shade.

Of course beach is all about the ocean and watersports, but being on a beach avaction does not have to be boring for young children. Visiting Waterville USA is something you must do if you don’t want your enthusiastic little tykes to do something reckless out of boredom at the open beach.

6. Experience a Fort Morgan Sunset

Fort Morgan Beach sunset
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After a long day of exploring history, bird watching, or just swimming, everyone needs to kick back and simply relax at the beach. In fact, relaxation is one of the primary reasons of going on a beach vacation. The white sand and clear water of Fort Morgan Beach make it the perfect place to practice mindfulness and feel closer to nature. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to stick around until sunset and peacefully watch the sun go down and leave behind a fascinating painting of reds, oranges, and purple in its wake. It would truly be one of the most mesmerizing experiences of your beach trip and will leave you feeling spiritually rejuvenated.

7. Dine at a Beach Restaurant

No vacation is complete without hearty meals. In fact, your holiday destination will only be as good as the food that place has to offer. The importance of good, easily accessible food becomes all the more important at a beach vacation because everyone feels a little too hungry after long day of splashing around in the ocean. Thankfully, there are plenty of restaurants at Fort Morgan beach that you can head to for some much needed, delicious sustenance. There are so many options available that picking one to go to can seem a challenge. But if you have beach rental booked for a few days, then you can easily try out a handful of Fort Morgan restaurants.

The most popular Fort Morgan restaurant that everyone swears by is Tacky Jack’s. In fact, dining at Tacky Jack’s is what cool visitors do, so much do it too. It’s a casual bar which not only serves delicious sandwiches and healthy salads, but offers beach-y food too. This means that you can devour seafood and grill food while seated at a deck by the see in this beach restaurant. To add on, there are daily live musical performances and Karaoke at Tacky Jack’s too so you can expect to be kept sufficiently engaged while you wait for your food. Other similar options include Behind the Pines Restaurant, Sassy Bass Amazin’ Grill, and The vIllage Hideaway. If you are looking for something a little fancier then you will find yourself satisfied at either Brick and Spoon Restaurant or the award-winning Voyagers Restaurant.

If pizza and beach is your kinda thing, then you will be glad to know that there are a couple of quality pizza places at Fort Morgan too. Sassy Bass Pizza and Fort Morgan Pizza both provide delivery and takeaway services for stomachs hungry for hot, cheesy pizza.

All in all, Fort Morgan has a lot to offer for your taste buds. Just make sure you complete your beach experience by dining at a cool beach restaurant before heading back home.

In conclusion, Fort Morgan Beach is an excellent vacation destination in Alabama. The best way of making sure that you’re taking full advantage of it, is to do all the cool things that you can, from exploring history to watching sunsets to gorging your face with tasty sandwiches. We hope you have a wonderful time at Fort Morgan Beach.

Fort Morgan Beach
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