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Europe is often touted as one of the ideal continents, brimming with some of the most diverse and rich cultural offerings for anyone looking to travel to a dream destination. It seems not only idyllic and heavenly but is also blessed with trinkets from culture and civilization to explore and discover. So that’s why you’re here – to discover the . This is budget travel done right!

A melting pot of culture, landscapes and topography, as well as history and civilization, European countries provide the ultimate experience for those looking for a stunning getaway. Be it a beach setting with pristine white sands and moss-covered mountain tops waiting to be explored alongside the azure blue sea or just historical architectural wonders in some remote yet legendary hilly setting in Eastern Europe, this is one place where you can find every type of landscape and culture.

However, the price and costs of a European vacation can cause a big dent on one’s wallet and budget. But, several ideal spots in Europe provide the best of travel experiences and the best budgets to make sure that your wanderlust is fulfilled and that your bank is not broken by your ideal and dreamlike European vacation. To inspire your next vacation on a budget, we discuss .


A true gem of the Balkans region, Romania is a stunning abode filled with rich forests and towering mountains that attract hordes of tourists all year from Europe and the world.

At the southeastern end of Europe, Romania is a country that is famed for its famed, mystic and stunning forest of Transylvania and its lived legends and culture. Framed by the stunning and breathtakingly beautiful Carpathian Mountains, it attracts and allure hikers, backpackers and enthusiasts looking for an adventure and some great fun.

This stunning country is also home to numerous well-preserved medieval towns such as Sighisoara and is laden with rich, historic cultural offerings such as old, well-preserved churches, monasteries and mountainous castles from antiquity, waiting for you to take your trip back in time and get lost in their stunning and splendid setting. The historical Bran Castle in Romania is particularly infamous for its legends and associated myths to the story of Romania’s mythical and popularized Dracula- a mystical mythical creature which has been the subject of numerous art and legends across the world.

Bucharest, in the heart of Romania is also famed for its iconic and unparalleled architecture, European culture and tastes and stunning Communist-era Parliament Building bedecking the cityscape with rich architectural magnificence. From colorful towns dotted with primal forests and rich and historical fairy-tale castles that hide myths and legends, Romania is a prime location to visit in Europe to discover culture, delicious food and welcoming people.

From running through the rich and verdant countryside of Transylvania with its stunning, green and lush forests to listening eagerly to Dracula and Bran Castle legends from locals in colorful and charming little towns, there is something for everyone to fall in love with this mystical country in Europe dotted with gorgeous and peaceful forest cover. The best part about all the adventure and classic tourist options Romania offers is that it’s also one of Europe’s most inexpensive tourist location and spending a week or two in the Romanian sunshine or in its dense forest regions won’t cost a big dent on your wallet.

Romania also hides more than 20 seaside resorts which offer great views and experiences of the stunning Black Sea. The beaches are pristine and sprawling and it’s cheaper than any location in Europe. Moreover, options for food and dining in Romania are also not pricey as other places and many cafes and restaurants have designated lunch menus that are priced at $4 along with a thriving and popular street food scene, offering some of the finest and most scrumptious delights at very little prices.

Transport and commute costs within Romania, including in city areas are very low and a ticket for a short trip using train around the city costs around $5. A single ticket using bus around the city costs around $1-$2. Those looking for a play to stay should keep accommodation costs of $10 a night if one chooses to stay in a hostel as opposed to hotels.

On the other hand, if one is more interested in staying at a stunning and composed Airbnb or budget motel, prices range from $25 to $30 a night. Even staying at luxury hotels in Romania isn’t a big dent on your wallet or something that could break your bank as all options are affordable and within price ranges of visitors. Romania’s iconic and stunning capital city, Bucharest is also one of the cheapest places that one must see and experience at least once in their lifetime.


A stunning and striking location in the very heart of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is a majestic and breathtakingly beautiful country which is famed for its range of fun activities, iconic architecture, rich and colorful historical preservations, and scrumptious cuisine- both street food and fine European dining – which attracts a large number of travelers each year looking to explore and experience the stunning and beautiful country in Eastern Europe.

Backpackers and travelers looking for some adrenaline rush and adventure spirit find Bulgaria and in particular the city of Plovdiv to be a great place to let loose and enjoy their vacation trotting around the city and its wonderful squares. An icon of the Balkans, Bulgaria is blessed with a mix of topographical wonders, diverse terrain and a stunning coastline which offers the finest and most wonderful access to the Black Sea.

The mountains and rivers of Bulgaria are also famed and documented for being home to many European traditions, legends and adventures waiting to be explored and welcomed. The stunning and famed Danube River is also a wonder for anyone to witness and adds to the country’s rich and diverse natural environment- ideal for anyone looking for an environment to reconnect with nature and themselves. A mix of cultures and traditions, Bulgaria is a melting pot of Greek, Slavic, Persian and Ottoman cultural influences and identities. This stunning and beautiful nation is dominated by its rich heritage comprising of cultural costumes, crafts, folk music and dance.

The beautiful capital city of Sofia on the foothills of the famed and infamous Vitosha Mountain is a city that dates centuries back and is a treasure trove of culture and adventures. From stunning and iconic cobbled-stone streets of the city’s Old Town suburb to a trove of Roman cultural heritage offerings and stunning and lush gardens in the square such as the beautiful Tsar Simeon’s Garden, the city offers numerous amazing and worthwhile attractions to spend your time and enjoy the cool and calm vibes.

Bulgaria, however, has a lot more to offer than just the hustle and bustle of capital and city areas, since it’s also blessed with the iconic Seven Rila Lakes and charming and warm Mountain Lodge is where one can spend their night at very little prices and experienced the stunning and welcoming alure of nature. One can spend a beautiful and magical night at one of these stunning low mountain lodges for less than fifteen dollars per night and experience the magical aura, close to nature.

Bulgaria’s characteristic and iconic mountain town of Bansko is also said to be one of the cheapest ski resorts one can find in Europe. When visiting in summer one should head out to some of the most pristine beach destinations like the alluring and beautiful Varna, Nessebar and the iconic Sunny Beach which offers some of the finest and most beautiful deep waters of Bulgaria’s adjoining Black Sea. Most Alpine resorts come with a hefty tag as they are located in one of the most expensive vacation spots in Europe.

However, Bulgarian resorts nestled in the mountains offer some of the most fun and exciting ski destinations on the iconic Pirin Mountain range. Bulgaria’s iconic range of mountainous resorts and adventure points make sure that the only challenge are the mountain peaks you will have to surmount and not the prices and affordability concerns you might be perturbed with elsewhere. Bulgaria offers a splendid and extremely affordable option for all those looking for some cheap commute, including 4-hour train journeys costing as little as five dollars.

Beer bottles and meals also cost very less in this stunning European destination, with a bottle costing two and a half dollars and a good and filling meal costing not more than seven dollars. Accommodation and places of stay also offer numerous affordable options from hostel beds which cost not more than $8-9 and rooms for rent in a 3-star hotel only causes a dent of twelve to fifteen dollars per night. Bulgaria, hence, provides the ultimate destination for all those looking for some peace, quiet and spirit of adventure in the cobble-street pathways and towering peaks and lodges of Bulgaria.


cheapest countries to visit in Europe - Greece

Nestled in southeastern Europe and brimming with numerous islands boasting absolute natural beauty and a wonderful environment for vacationing with loved ones, Greece is a stunning wonderland and an inimitable paradise-nation situated in Europe. With thousands of stunning and breathtakingly beautiful islands dotting the stunning Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea, Greece provides the ultimate location to lose yourself with your significant other on a romantic getaway or spend a memorable time with your family and friends in a grand and stunning paradise location.

The cradle of civilization, Greece, and its home-city of Athens provides stunning landmarks dating back to the 5th century B.C and an opportunity for all backpackers and travelers to let loose and discover and unearth secrets and legends from the past. From the historical and iconic Pantheon temple to the Acropolis, Greece is filled with absolutely amazing historical wonders.

While one concern of most visitors and backpackers to Greece is that the islands of Greece due to their immense popularity as one of the world’s finest and most romantic getaways often come with a hefty price that one is expected to bear in places like Mykonos islands and other islands like Santorini, Rhodes and other famed honeymoon hideouts. However, several other islands that Greece is blessed with offer equally amazing opportunities and do not break your bank while you while away the hours sunbathing or sinking toes in the warm, pristine white sands at beaches.

Numerous islands such the island of Tinos offer great alternatives to familiar favorites such as Mykonos and Santorini as they are brimming with wonderful marble villages that seem to be straight out of a storybook and other plentiful place to relax, unwind and let loose to the warm wind of Greece. From stunning and picturesque hillside terraces to miles and miles of beautiful beaches, this island paradise offers everything from affordable accommodation and rates to the finest amenities and wonderful sights and sounds to make your trip memorable and ideal.

Another such island that can be visited to stay away from the noise and tourist traffic that hits mainstream popularized islands such as Mykonos and Santorini is the island of Lefkada which is also home to some of the finest hotels, taverns and attractions all at a very little price to make sure your break and vacation is under your desired budget. Other trinkets that Greece has to offer which give amazing opportunities for accommodation and travel at an affordable price are the islands of Hydra, Poros and the stunning island of Agistri.

Moreover, those looking to save up more on their travel to Greece should also ensure that they avoid the peak tourist month of August when most islands are brimming with tourists and prices of travel and accommodation shoot up. Road trips to the Peloponnese Peninsula also offer great opportunities to save up and visit the stunning Mycenaean ruins and historical cities from the Byzantine era to step back in time and enjoy and relish the taste of culture and civilization.

Beaches on this peninsula are also cheaper options for those looking for some sea-side fun and frenzy but looking to avoid the mainstream options that shoot up a person’s budgets. Experience the ultimate fun of island-hopping, comfortable ferry rides across the seas and sunbathing and setting up camp on beach sands, Greece has it all and that too, on a budget.


cheapest countries to visit in Europe - Portugal

Another splendid option for those looking to explore the culture and tourist attractions of a European wonderland without having a great dent on their wallets is Portugal. A stunning wonderland that is brimming with stunning architectural masterpieces, touristy beaches filled with excellent surfing spots and miles of soft and shining, shimmering white sands to rest, revel and roll on.

In recent years, Portugal has become a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly option so that their trip doesn’t break bank but also an ideal and ultimate beach setting in Europe’s very heart. Portugal is a grand location filled with trove of stunning and breathtaking surfer beaches, charming little towns from antiquity and tiled buildings exuding the perfect artsy vibes to welcome you to the richness and grandeur of the culture and civilization of Portugal. Hear the melancholic tunes of Fado music or munch on the scrumptious and delicious taste of local and cultural delicacies and pastries such as Pasties de Nata, Portugal has a lot to offer to all visitors and backpackers.

Whether you are looking for a stunning getaway with your significant other to rekindle some romance in the very heart of the Iberian Peninsula or looking for some brilliant spot to enjoy your time with your family and loved ones, resting and playing on the many beaches that offer a frenzy and playful vibe to all visitors, Portugal will be your ideal host. The best part about Portugal is that it provides an opportunity to spend your break and vacation on a great budget.

On just €15 a night you can rent out a hostel and for a budget hotel in Lison you will only incur costs of around €30 – 40.  Meals in the city areas such as Lisbon cost about €10-15, but traverse through the countryside and you can find meals that are both scrumptious and cost only €6.


From Bulgaria’s rich and stunning topography to the historical and mystic castles of Romania and the refreshing and stunning beaches of Portugal, Europe is blessed with numerous locations that offer one of the cheapest experiences of this cultural wonderland and a promise to make sure your vacation is perfect.


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