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things to do in Santorini at night
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Top 5

Are you ready to discover the best ? Holiday Nomad has got your back! Santorini is a glorious tourist destination in Greece. It’s a volcanic island in the Cyclades and comprises many islands such as Thira, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni. Santorini came into being due to intensive volcanic eruption and demolishing local civilization.

Later, the island was manufactured into a tourist spot to attract tourists from all across the globe. According to a reputable media agency, Santorini annually entertains about two million visitors!

But what makes the island so unique, and why does it feature on the bucket list of many explorers? Santorini has multi-colored cliffs with whitewashed buildings at majestic heights. The island offers romantic sunsets and a myriad of dazzling beaches to allure visitors. Santorini is a dream wedding destination for many couples around the world.

nightlife in Santorini
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The blue dome churches are photogenic and enhance the beauty of Santorini Island. Some people claim that the churches outnumber the house on the island. The weather remains pleasant with the wind blowing in January, February, and August. The climate favors the growth of grapes and has contributed to the emergence of the wine industry.

Moreover, the landscape of the island is divided into splendid main towns and stunning villages. Fira is Santorini’s capital and a vibrant place to cherish hotels, bars, and restaurant terraces.

The village of Oia, situated on the island’s northern tip, is a marvelous sight in the Cyclades. The village constructed on an upright slope of the caldera has a magnetic effect on the trippers. They relish upmarket hotels and swimming pools with endless photo opportunities.

Furthermore, Santorini is transformed into a fairyland at night. The morning coffee shops are turned into illuminating cocktail bars. Dancing is continued until the early hours in the morning.

The question that arises is: what are some things that you must do in Santorini at night? The energetic nightlife caters to all needs and preferences of the visitors. From offering different drinks to providing a romantic dinner, it has covered all aspects of life. We have enumerated a list to suggest the essential things to try out at a vibrant night in Santorini.

1. Experience an Iconic Santorini Bar:

an iconic Santorini bar
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The experience of Santorini’s nightlife kicks off with a drink in the bar. The island has various champagne and cocktail bars that serve different drinks. They present the customers with delicious wines and exquisite cocktails.

Many bars have a lounge atmosphere and are positioned on the top of the hill. Most people prefer Fira to avoid the hassle of transportation to have a relaxed drink. However, tourists visit other bars in Santorini for fun and enjoyment.

The cocktail bars start their services in the afternoon and are discontinued in the next morning. How can you identify the best bars in Santorini? Don’t worry!!! We have shortlisted some fantastic bars for you to spend a memorable night in Santorini.

PK Cocktail Bar:

PK Cocktail Bar is a family-based initiative that is operational for the last four decades in Santorini. The bar is established in a whitewashed building and is stretched across three stories. It offers superb cocktails to the customers with unparalleled and mesmerizing views of the island. During windy conditions in January and February, the bar is shifted on the middle tier to provide the unique amenities. Don’t miss the chance to visit the bar at night.

Tropical Bar:

Tropical Bar is situated on the periphery of the caldera in Fira. It’s a romantic place for couples with a fabulous sight from the balcony. Tropical Bar has designed a complete menu of cocktails, and frozen drinks, such as blue lagoon, strawberry delight, and lemon squash. The bar has hired a vibrant Californian bartender who serves impressive cocktails made with lemon, tequila, and orange liqueur. The bar has happy hour discounts from 9 PM to 11 PM to attract customers. The ambiance is relaxing, and you should give it a try.

Casablanca Lounge Cocktail Bar:

Casablanca is a lounge cocktail bar and is a magnificent spot for nightlife in Santorini. The balcony induces a romantic vibe and allure newcomers to the bar. The Guardian, a prominent English Newspaper, named Casablanca as one of the ‘best 25 bars in Europe.’ Talented bartenders prepare exotic cocktails such as Tropicana, daiquiris, and champagne. The entrance fee is dependent on the influx of customers. It is free in the off-season months but rises to sixteen euros in the high-season months. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends at night in Santorini.

Franco’s Bar:

Franco’s Bar is a historical place and is named after its former owner, Franco Colombo. It is located at the top of a cliff in Fira and has a spectacular vision of the caldera. Serving a wide variety of wines and cocktails enhance the magical atmosphere of the bar. Franco’s Bar is a cult-classic and promises a lifetime experience to the tourists. After partying the whole night, don’t miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the sun rising in full glory.

The nightlife experience in Santorini is incomplete without these lounge and cocktail bars. These are the best bars on the island. However, there are other bars that should also be on your bucket list. Give yourself some time and explore the bars on this mind-blowing island.

2. Visit the Best Nightclubs:

Santorini nightclub
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Nightclubs are an essential feature of Santorini Island. They have a vast collection of music such as rock, jazz, and pop. Usually, the dance floor is the liveliest spot in the nightclubs, with dancers performing beautiful dance steps. During the high-months season, famous DJs perform in many nightclubs to entertain the audience. The tour to Greece is incomplete without rejoicing dance parties in the nightclubs. The question is, how can you find perfect nightclubs in Santorini? We have made a selection of the finest Santorini nightclubs.

Koo Club:

Koo Club is the most admired night club in Santorini. The club has a two-tiered building and is established in a tropical framework with palm trees. It has a spacious outdoor courtyard and a breath-taking indoor dance floor. The stage is decorated with subdued lightings and comfortable sofas.

The night begins with mainstream RnB tunes and is turned into Greek pop at five in the morning. Koo Club provides free entry to the customers for your night entertainment. So, brace yourself to spend a thrilling night at the club.

Town Club:

Town Club is the most popular night club in Santorini. The club offers main dance floors to the groups and private rooms for the couples. Town Club has well-acclaimed DJs and transfers dancing energy to the spectators. The management at the club offers a happy hour discount from time to time. They organize special events to allure the tourists throughout the year. It is a fine place to hang out with friends and dance the night away.

Enigma Club:

Enigma is one of the oldest clubs and was established in 1979. It offers an incredible atmosphere with peaceful music and tasty drinks. The DJ lightens up the mood of the public through energetic songs. They offer complete party packages such as birthday party packages and customized deals to save your time and money. Enigma Club is an ideal choice to spend a memorable night with your friends in Santorini.

Mamounia Club:

Mamounia Club is located on the main street in Fira. It is stretched over a quarter of a mile with substantial indoor and outdoor spaces. Aesthetic palm trees enhance the beauty of the club. The lively DJs are always ready to light up the dance floor, and the party is continued till the sun rises in full glory. Greek music is played as the crowd mainly consists of locals.

The club has established itself as the best nightspot in Santorini due to premium ambiance and friendly service. You can avail of fantastic dancing and drinking opportunities at a reasonable price. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate a night of star-filled sky of Santorini with your loved ones.

The nightlife experience in Santorini is incomplete without visiting these nightclubs. They are the best clubs on the island with top-notch facilities. However, there are other dance clubs in the town that you must visit. These things depend on your financial budget and time availability. Obviously, the quality of service fluctuates based on the monetary package. But we can tell you that a nightclub experience in Santorini is one you will not regret. 

3. Have a Late Night Dinner at some Amazing Restaurants:

Santorini restaurant
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In recent years, several restaurants have been built across the island. They serve a wide variety of food from Greek to Italian and Asian to Spanish. Many seafood restaurants are popular that offers an authentic taste of the Cyclades with superb views. The beauty is on another level at night. It would help if you went to any famous restaurant in Santorini at night. It will be a lifetime memory for you. To avoid any hassle, we have composed a list of restaurants that you should check out on your next tour to Santorini.

Oia Vineyart:

Vineyart is situated on the northern edge of Oia. It is considered as the real wealth of the island and provides an unforgettable experience to the trippers. The restaurant’s administration organizes art exhibitions and musical performances to entertain the audience. They have a delicious menu and caters to the preferences of the customers. It’s the best restaurant to have dinner in Santorini. Indeed, it will be the best moment of your life.

Aktaion Restaurant:

Aktaion Restaurant was inaugurated in 1922. The restaurant is situated in one of the privileged locations of Santorini. The spectacular view of the Aegean Sea creates a magical atmosphere for the customers. It’s a family-run business and has been serving the visitors for three generations. Though it opens up in the afternoon, the place is worth visiting at night. They offer traditional recipes that are served with profound love. Moussaka is the famous dish of Aktaion Restaurant and drops by with your loved ones to taste it.

Selene Restaurant:

The restaurant is built in the ancient village of Pyrgos. It is a dream destination for food lovers in Greece. Instead of focusing on French cuisine, the owners of the restaurant adopted a unique approach. They used local products grown in Santorini, such as cherry tomato, wild caper, and white aubergine to prepare delicious food. They revived old recipes and hired local cooks.

The food won the hearts of Greeks and foreigners. Later, the management expanded its operations and started serving at night as well. We really do think that a dinner at Selene Restaurant will be a mesmerizing nightlife experience for you in Santorini.

Roza’s Restaurant:

Roza’s Restaurant is set up in the village of Vourvoulos. It’s run by Roza and her daughter. The restaurant offers a small and classy setting. However, the customers are concerned about the sitting place as they are crazy about its homemade food. The famous dishes of Roza’s Restaurants are fresh cheese, hand-cut fries, and Greek yogurt. If you are craving for homemade food in Santorini at night, Roza’s Restaurant is the place you should visit.

 Excellent restaurants are hallmarks of nightlife experience in Santorini. They offer a wide variety of food options to the clients. These are the best restaurants for dinner on the island. There are other beautiful hotels, but they are not operational at night. You should go to these restaurants and taste your choice in the glittering sky of Santorini.

4. Enjoy a Movie in an Open-Air Cinema:

Santorini open air cinema
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People are accustomed to indoor cinema theatres, but Santorini has introduced an open-air cinema in Kamari Village. The cinema is about a 12-minute drive from the island capital, Fira. Open-air cinema is a unique concept and an ideal thing to do on a pleasant night. The cinema functions four to six months from May to October. The cinema management releases the movie schedule two months before the commencement of the movie season.

The price of the tickets is fixed at 8 euros and has to be paid at the bar. The cinema is opened at 8:30 PM, and the movie starts at 9:30 PM. You can reach the venue by car, taxi, or bus. However, a taxi is not advised as it can be challenging to arrange a taxi late at night. The famous English movies are displayed with Greek subtitles on a large projector. It has a tropical setting with elegant wooden chairs for the viewers.

Kamari Open Air Cinema has a bar and concession stand that serves cocktail, wine, soda, popcorn, and chocolate bars. The weather remains hot and dry in the movie season, but it can get chilly at night. Bring your light jacket and relish a new experience of open-air cinema at night.

5. Attend A Greek Wedding Show:

Santorini wedding show
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Greek weddings are widespread across the globe for their fun and excitement. You should definitely attend a Greek marriage ceremony to experience entertainment. If you don’t have any Greek person on your friend list who is getting married, you can still enjoy the Greek Wedding Show in Santorini. The theatre is operational for six months from May to October. The play is a signature piece of White Door Theatro.

The theatrical art is performed at night in the central courtyard of a historic building in Fira. The show starts at 9:30 PM, and the performance continues for approximately 90 minutes. The audience is portrayed as guests in the show, which depicts a traditional 1940s Greek wedding. It features singing, dancing, and plate smashing along with a dinner of Greek food.

Guests are served with wine, snacks, and can join in marriage rituals. White Door Theatro charges 55 euros per person for the show, including a divergent selection of Greek appetizers, water, and local wine. You can purchase tickets at the door during the low season, but advance booking is required during the high summer season.

You should subscribe to packages that include transfers as public transport is infrequent at night in Santorini. In this way, you can relish wine without worrying about driving. Watch the show on your next visit to Santorini to admire a new nightlife experience. 

Santorini is a slice of heaven on the Earth. The island is a true masterpiece of nature and offers magnificent views. It’s a perfect escape from the hectic routine and has been termed as a dream wedding destination for couples across the globe. The experience of nightlife in Santorini is terrific. You can’t forget top-notch facilities with frozen drinks and cocktails in the bars. Tourists show some dance moves on the dancing floors of the clubs.

In Conclusion

Santorini nightlife
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The restaurants serve delicious dinner to the customers. The experience of open-air cinema is new and has been the hallmark of nightlife in Santorini. Lastly, the Greek Wedding Show highlights the traditional marriage setting in Greece. The island offers unlimited opportunities, and you should enjoy it according to your taste. Don’t try to overburden yourself and only visit the places that suit your taste. If you are a party animal, don’t miss the chance to rock on the dance floor. Otherwise, feel no shame in simply relaxing and enjoying a flavorful dinner in Santorini.

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