Budapest Nightlife: Top 12 Best Nightlife Spots in Budapest for Party Animals

There are not many places on the planet that can rival Budapest nightlife. It’s nothing short of legendary. Always busy and fun with added Bohemian style makes its bar culture the coolest in the world. Not to mention its unique ruin bars. But there are a few things you need to know of before heading out to enjoy the night.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the most popular nightlife spots in Budapest, along with some of our tips and advice to follow to have the best experience in the party-capital of Europe.

1. Mazel Tov

Decorated with trees and fairy lights, Mazel Tov is a perfect spot for dine-out in the beautiful Budapest. Since it has a touch of nature, it can be a relaxing place for you after a hectic day. Its stylish interior will give you all the Instagrammable pictures.

Location: Akácfa u. 47, 1072 Hungary

2. Akvarium Club

Akvarium is one of the most famous night clubs in Budapest. It’s a great place for you if you want to enjoy late-night concerts. You can also sit and relax in their central room while enjoying the music. There is also a beautifully decorated terrace. It’s like you can go there for both relaxations and also having a blast at the same time.

Location: 12 Erzsébet tér

3. 360 Bar

360 bar is a rooftop café that gives you a 360-degree view of the entire city of Budapest. This place offers not only a beautiful view but also amazing food and drinks.

So if you’re someone who wants to enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by a mesmerizing view, then you should go and check this place out. It will make your Budapest nightlife experience a memorable one. You can also take your partner with you to enjoy a romantic dinner.  

Location: Andrássy út 39, 1061 Hungary

4. Fogas Haz

You’re going to have one of the unique Budapest nightlife experiences if you visit this place. It’s not only a place for loud parties at the ruin bar, but it also has a cultural art center, thrift shop, cocktail terrace bar, and an open dance floor with another bar. If you’re in Budapest, the places are likely to have a bohemian touch to their interior designs.

Fogas Has is no different. Its colorful interior will make you feel more energetic. This place is considered one of the pioneers of ruin bars in Budapest and was renovated in 2010 to upgrade its already existing beauty.

Location: Akácfa u. 49-51, 1073 Hungary

5. Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert was established back in 2002, and it’s one of the busiest ruin clubs in Budapest. This place has multiple dance floors and serves great drinks too. The food is also good, and you can get it at a fair price. You simply have to visit this place even for once when you’re in Budapest.

Location: Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary

6. Instant

Instant is the biggest ruin bar in Budapest. They have four dance floors and their restaurant. Plus, it’s in the same building as Fogas. It has a different ambiance because each room opens into several other rooms, which might make you feel like you’re lost in a maze, literally. This is 10/10 a must-visit place if you want to enjoy a great party and food at the same time.

Location: Akácfa u. 51, 1073 Hungary

7. Sparty

Sparty is known for its most giant thermal bath in Budapest. This place not only sparks excitement among the tourists but also the local people alike. Its loud music and lit dance floors are all you need to enjoy your Budapest nightlife with your friends or all by yourself. You’ll instantly like the vibe of this club and remember the night for a lifetime.

Location: 9-11 Állatkerti krt

8. Otkert club

Otkert club started in 2010 in a nineteenth-century building situated between the St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Chain Bridge. This place is famous for it’s gleaming party experiences, amazing beats played by famous local DJs, and an awesome crowd. The club regularly hosts themed parties. So if you are a themed party lover, then you should definitely pop in.

Location: Zrínyi u. 4/A, 1051 Hungary 

9. Racskert

Located in the 7th district of the Jewish quarter in Budapest, Racskert is one of the most popular ruin bars in the city. It is built on a car parking-lot. This place hosts amazing Hungarian folk nights and gypsy nights. So, whenever you plan on enjoying your Budapest nightlife, save this place on your checklist.

Location: Dob u. 40-42, 1072 Hungary

10. Covin Club and Roof Terrace

This place will give you a great view of the streets of Budapest. Unlike other clubs, it portrays a rather down-to-earth side of Budapest. The club has a special vibe in its interior with colorful walls and interconnecting doors. It’s located in the old Soviet block of Budapest.

Location: 1-2 Blaha Lujza tér

11. Kobuci

This is not a night club but an event-hosting place. Famous local DJs and bands come here to host different events. Because of its overgrown trees and enchanting courtyard, Kobuci gives a secret-garden vibe.

This place will take you away from the noisy streets of the urban life and bring you a little closer to nature. You can have a great time being here with friends or a romantic partner.

Location: 1 Fő tér

12. Doboz

Doboz means “box” in English, and this place has been designed in a way that will give you an experience of walking into a labyrinth. It has one central room which is connected to its different dancefloors and bars. This place is suitable for partying in summer and winter alike. For summer parties, the backyard is opened to give an indoor-outdoor festivity feel.

The stylish indoors and unique music styles make it an attractive place for party lovers. You will also get to enjoy delectable food and drinks.

Location: 10 Klauzál utca

The Budapest Nightlife Survival Guide

Here are a few tips from us that will help you survive a night-out in Budapest if it’s your first time there. There a few things to keep in mind before heading out for a party in a new city and enjoy its ruin bars to the fullest.

1. The Travel App

Exploring an unknown city is extremely fun, but no one likes to get lost while being out on their adventures. That’s why a travel app is a must-have. If you’re a traveler, you already know what a travel app does.

But still letting you know that there are certain travel apps such as “Have Fun,” which will give you ruin bar recommendations and also take you on tour to the best ruin bars. You can stay there as long as you can and enjoy the best party night.

2.  Choose an acclaimed place

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to ruin bars in Budapest. But if you’re a first-timer, then try to choose places like Fogas Haz, Szimpla Kert, or Otkert. Because these will give you a guaranteed great experience.

3. Drink with Caution

Hungary is famous for its wide wine assortment. But some of the drinks served in the bars of Budapest are quite strong. One such popular drink is Palinka, with 50% alcohol. If you’ve had such drinks before then, you must try this delicious fruity drink.

But if you’re trying it for the first time, then it might get a little heavy on your stomach. There are other drinks with 35% alcohol content in it, which is also quite high. The safest bet is to stick to beer for the first time.

Budapest Nightlife FAQs:

1. Can I transact with Euro in Budapest?

Ans: Euro is not widely accepted in Hungary. It is only accepted in the main tourist spots in Budapest. So, it might be better to change your money to Hungarian currency.

2. Do they speak English in Budapest?

Ans: Yes, they do. You will also find English translations on menus and public transports.

3. Is it safe to stay out in Budapest at night?

Ans: Yes, it’s safe. However, it is better to avoid dim-lit places, and also, it’s advised not to go on the outskirts of districts 7,8 and 9.


We hope this article was helpful for you to get to know about the different versions of Budapest nightlife you can enjoy. The ruin bars, the clubs, and party centers have something to offer for all kinds of people irrespective of their music taste or food choice.

That is why Budapest has become very popular as a travel destination among many party lovers across the world. If you have any plans to go on a vacation to Budapest anytime soon, then you should try and explore the night culture of this spectacular European city.

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