Where to Stay in Amsterdam: Best Ideas

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the gifts, the beauty, the culture, the elegance that the golden era, or the 17th century brought to us? And which other country visualize them more than the capital of the Netherlands? Taking a walk in the alleys of Amsterdam is like the serenity, the calmness that your mind requires!

The colorful houses, the cobbled streets, the intricate canals boast another level of magic in the city! Despite having the best dining places, the wild nightlife, the finest transportation, this city is quite like a mouse.

Now, who wouldn’t want a bustle-free life and enjoying these facilities at the same time! And what’s there to say about the occasional canal tours that you get? So, don’t forget to skip Amsterdam from your awaited Europe tour! 

Transportation Route

The transportation system in Amsterdam is just okay, not excellent. Some trams are best known for being late, and buses are really rare! On the other hand, taxis from the airport can be really expensive. If you reached Amsterdam by Schiphol Airport, I would recommend taking trains despite their arrival times. It would take about 15 minutes to reach your destination and no doubling of taxi fare rates! 

To get on trains, you’ve to buy tickets with Dutch currency or Dutch banking cards. Just for £2.90, you can enjoy unlimited rides for one hour. It’s better to have an OV Chipkaart or an all-day pass for £7.50! You can always cash out your extra amount from the OV Chipkaart as it requires a minimum of £20! But the best part is, bicycles are the main transports. So, traveling can be pretty cheap! 

Where to Stay in Amsterdam: Best Neighborhoods

Amsterdam is not a very big city. Still, the neighborhoods for the newbies could be pretty confusing! There are neighborhoods for all types of travelers. No matter what you’re looking for, a place catering to kids, for adults, for lovebirds, for families- there’s just something for everyone! Check them out!

For the first-timers:

If it’s your first time in Amsterdam, then Old Centrum can be your top pick! No matter how cool we try to be, there’s always a small part in us that wants to attach to historical stuff. To be honest, this is one of the oldest areas in the whole of Amsterdam! There’re spots for eating, ample collection of antiques, comfortable and cheap places for lodging, etc.

By the way, if you’re interested in the best places to visit in Amsterdam, then please click here.

If you’re a little tight on budget, then this neighborhood can be for you! And if you just want to enjoy the scenery of the sub-sections of this neighborhood then just get on a boat! Night Owls do not think the place isn’t for you! You get the best, loudest nightlives and nightclubs in Leidseplein.

Don’t miss out at the Tuschinski Theatre in Rembrandtplein. Do try it out because of the 1921 establishment! You can find the best lodgings in the Waterfront. Besides, do pay a visit on the greenest area of Amsterdam, Plantage and try the kibbelings! 

Accommodation Options:

  • Hotel De L’Europe (Luxury)
  • NH Carlton (Moderate)
  • The Flying Pig (Hostel)
  • Condo Hotel One (Apartment)

Friendly Environment for families:

After a lot of regeneration process, now Noord is one of the most prominent attractions. What I love about this part is how the industrial structures were converted into bucolic dining areas! Representing the ancient side of Netherlands and being one of the safest places, Noord can definitely b your top-pick neighborhood for your kids and family!

Also, did I forget to mention about A’DAM Toren? Guess what? It’s the tallest edged swing in the whole of Europe stuffed with observation decks and dining areas inside.

And another interesting part is the Botel which provides well-furnished lodging in a boat! But if you’ve seasickness, stay away! 

Accommodation Options:  

  • Faralda Crane (Luxury)
  • Hotel Café Modern (Moderate)
  • ClickNoord (Hostel)
  • The Amsterdam Apartment (Studio)

For the lovebirds:

I would definitely recommend the Zuid part of Amsterdam. This picturesque scenery, the fashion streets, the museum, the urban vibes, the cafes, the street foods, the friendly atmosphere is what you and your mate require for that dreamy tour! Once you get here, do not forget to miss The Oud-Zuid!

The museums show the Dutch golden era. The chic boutiques and markets have so many things to offer to you people. And of course, don’t forget your girl a floral arrangement from Menno Kroon.

Also, Menno Kroon is something that brings Christmas decorations to life. To spice things up to don’t forget ice-skating at the Olympic Stadium. Now that I think of it, it’s not a bad place for kids either!

Accommodation Options:

  • Okura Hotel (Luxury)
  • The Muse (Moderate)
  • Paul’s BnB (Apartment)
  • Bicycle Hotel (Budget)

For the Bubbly:

Western Europe or simply the western part of Amsterdam, is not something that you would like to miss out on! And if you are into photography, western Amsterdam is definitely your pick! Where else are you going to find the typical Dutch Architecture and such photogenic houses and gardens? Now when I say it for the fashion-lovers.

Just go around the streets and get dissolved in the trendy, ethnic options that the Netherlands has for you to offer! Especially on De Baarsjes! If you are the type of person who likes to communicate a lot and loves to get introduced to people from different cultures, I would say just spend 2 days in this posh Bos en Lomer area!

The western part is also famous for its food, bakeries, and so on! So, if you’re a foodie like me, just dig in on the delicious dishes in cafes and restaurants and that too at a low price! Don’t forget to pay a visit to De Pizzakakkers for a sumptuous treat!

Accommodation Options:

  • Meininger Slotrdijk (Luxury)
  • CityHub (Moderate)
  • The Student Hostel (Apartment)
  • StayOkay (Hostel)

For the Explorers:

There’s just a part in Amsterdam that is rarely visited. Oost is very near to Old Centrum, but somehow it always skips the minds of the tourists! But the museums, ethnic neighborhoods are something that should be visited on and explored further! There’s also a fun-packed zoo.

To me, the architectures, there is a treat to the eyes! The fresh environment, the green scenery, no hustles, blends in the form of serenity! Do remember to visit the Park Frankendael on a bright sunny day. Trust me, it will be a pleasure for you and your kids! And remember to try out the organic food from De Kas situated near the park!

Accommodation Options:

  • Mercure Amstel (Luxury)
  • The Student Hotel City (Moderate)
  • Cityden Museum Square Apartments (Apartment)
  • StayOkay Oost (Hostel)

For Nature Lovers:

There’s a town just in the south of Amsterdam called Amstelveen. You can see it as a suburb, but there’s just plenty of more things to do here! This is where you can have a good hike or cycling in the forests Amsterdam! Besides, you can also enjoy the innumerable canoes and kayak.  I would say this as the best place for nature lovers.

Accommodation Options:

  • Grand Hotel (Luxury)
  • Amsterdam Forest Hotel (Moderate)
  • Cityden Up (Hostel)
  • White Moon Apartment (Apartment)

Told you, Amsterdam really has something for everybody to offer! There you go with the friendliest and suitable neighborhoods!

The above-mentioned lodgings were something that I thought would be the best. But go-ahead booking lodgings of your own choice through:

For other queries check out Netherlands Travel Guide

Places to Avoid:

Most parts of Amsterdam are safe, yet you can’t expect something to be super perfect! What’s a Europe tour without some restrictions? Similarly, in Amsterdam, there’s a Red-Light District named De Wallen in Old Centrum that you should avoid especially with kids!

These places are more prominent around Oudzids Voorburgwal and around De Oude Kerk church. Beware of dealing with locals there if you ever stumble on this district! The drugs, the prostitutes are not something that a tourist should deal with!

When to plan Amsterdam Tour?

You might be like I am going to avoid the rainy season! But sadly, it rains occasionally on the Netherlands. Trust me, Amsterdam doubles up its beauty at the times of rain! Here’s a list of other times when you can visit this part of Europe:

  • March-April: Blooming Time of Tulips
  • 27 April: King’s Day
  • June-August:  Warm and picnic vibes
  • November-February: Winter and ice-skating time

But it’s better to avoid Amsterdam on public holidays. Because in this European part, prices triple up for tours, lodgings!

Important Note:

You need to issue travel insurance before you travel to Amsterdam! You never know what sort of calamities comes in your way. Get the best from Safety Wing.


These were the basic things about your stay in Amsterdam. Hope you catch these on your next trip. Genieten Van!

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