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Barcelona wine bar
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Discovering the Best

A gem in the crown of Europe, the city of Barcelona is known for the many captivating and breathtakingly beautiful attractions it houses, alluring visitors from all over Europe and the rest of the world. The richness and sheer magnificence of Spanish culture, food, and society that Barcelona has to offer, is the perfect concoction for all backpackers and tourists who are searching for some of the most brilliant places to satiate their wanderlust. While there, you may want to visit a . Maybe visit at least two of them. We’ll help you find some of the great ones, as you continue reading. Also, to be sure that you don’t have to travel to far to get to these great wine bars in Barcelona, you may want to check out our article about the best areas to stay in Barcelona.

From miles and miles of pristine white sand beaches, to the plentiful rich and strikingly beautiful pieces of art, and some of the most unique and stunning architectural masterpieces in Europe, the cosmopolitan capital city of Spain’s Catalonian region, Barcelona, is primed and celebrated all around the world. It’s also known for its inimitable and grand collection of cultural artifacts and offerings, all throughout – be it the stunning and seemingly magical Sagrada Familia Church or other numerous modern landmarks curated by the renowned and famed artist and architect Antoni Gaudi, which dot the cityscape with stunning high-rise cultural symbols such as cathedrals, galleries, and museums.

Other mesmerizing museums and world-famous art galleries, such as Museu Picasso and Fundació Joan Miró, house some of the most striking and beautiful modern artistic offerings by their famed Spanish art patrons. Barcelona is also blessed with spectacularly magical Roman archaeological sites that till today offer the perfect history and culture trip to all visitors and backpackers looking for some educational adventure, and also wanting to be astounded and enthralled by the well-preserved, living architectural masterpieces.

Other attractions in this enticing city include the finest beaches and pristine white sands offered by places like Bogatell Beach and Sant Sebastia. However, one main attraction that visitors to Barcelona never fail to enjoy and make most of, are the iconic Barcelona wine bars.

Admirers of wine will be enthralled to experience the sheer brilliance of Barcelona’s wine bars which offer the ideal and most stunning ambience with their charming and quaint aura to complement their inimitable, unrivalled collection of various wines you will be dying to taste and then waiting to return to try. Whether you want to delve into the rich flavors and tastes of red wine, or white wine or even pink wine, these wine bars offer the best that Spain has to offer to relax and enliven your spirits at the same time.

Whether you prefer your tasting by glass or bottle, there are great arrangements made to ensure that this experience is one that makes you fall in love with the rich cultural and flavorful scene of Barcelona. The extensive and never-ending menus of Barcelona’s iconic bars offer everything you may be looking to try from local wines to fine exclusive collections to tantalize your taste buds and make you fall in love all over again with wines and with Barcelona.

Anyone visiting Barcelona’s fine bars need not be an expert or qualified in the different types, tastes and flavors of wines, because these places offer the finest experience needed to try your favorite wines ranging from all colors and flavors. From magnificent, huge seating areas offering the best experience to try Barcelona’s fine wine collections to rustic, little cellar-style bars which boast more than 3000 types of bottles, the number of different wines you can get your hands on is endless.  To inspire your next visit to one of the many fine and grand places that offer inimitable tastes and flavors of a diverse mélange of wines, we have put together the ultimate collection of places you must visit to make your culture trip to Barcelona even more grand and memorable.

1.      Monvinic

Monvinic wine bar
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The jewel in the crown of Barcelona’s active and rich wine scene, the Monvinic is an iconic and stunning place to get into the wine scene right off or just get a taste of the rich cultural scene that Barcelona’s characteristic wine cellars and bars have to offer to all visitors, locals and tourists alike. The dramatic and charming entrance of the Monvinic bar is complemented by the looks of a cellar space which is complete with a library, a gothic dining room and the perfect vibe for anyone looking to take a culture trip wine tasting in this stunning ambience, which speaks volumes about Barcelona’s iconic and thriving wine bars. The cellar-style bar is blessed with more than 3000 wine bottles and offers you a tablet on entry to make you choose between the various different wines it has to offer to all visitors.

The vibe of this place is one that is a rich fusion of cultural, rustic character and the modern aspect of using tablets and televisions projecting the wide and expansive menu. Visitors can choose their favorite wine through filtering through country of origin, grape types and year of brew to ensure they have their favorite, tailor-made wine from the ultimate home of wine bars in the heart of Europe. Visitors can also choose their favorite type of drink divided by the type of glass (glass, half-glass, or a complete bottle) depending on their plans for the night with their friends and loved ones.

The Monvinic makes for an ideal spot to hang out and relax with your significant other or even with your friends and loved ones experience the finest riches of Barcelona’s fine bars and wining spots. The soft lighting and sleek vibe of Monvinic bar makes it the ideal spot in all of Barcelona for all those looking to spend some great time with their loved ones. This prime venue is also famed for making all visitors fall in love with the rich and varied tastes of its wine collection. Visit once and you won’t just develop a favorite wine but will also be willing to visit again and again to experience the ambience and cultural vibe of Monvinic. The bar also offers a stunning restaurant which is blessed with the richest and varied, creative traditional cuisine with different twists and takes. Fine dining and wining go hand in hand at Monvinic which makes it the number one wining spot in all of Barcelona. For everyone looking for some sophistication in their palate, Monvinic, the infamous brainchild of Sergi Ferrer-Salat is an iconic spot to visit once at least. Experience the rich and exquisite dishes and the many different wines you can taste as you revel in a relaxing aura of lounges and libraries. 

2. Can Cisa / Bar Brutal

Can Cisa wine bar
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Another famed favorite in Barcelona’s wine scene is the stunning and splendid Can Cisa Bar, also known popularly as Bar Brutal. The Can Cisa bar specializes in natural wines and natural flavors and boasts a collection of more than 700 options on its never-ending, expansive menu.

The bar itself has a very relaxing, placid and comforting feel which is accentuated by its great, charming interior which consists of a long communal table which is used to serve all guests and a splendid, artsy wall that is embellished and bedecked with wine cages that house some handpicked wines from its massive 700-wine collection. All those looking for a chilled out and relaxing mood will find the Can Cisa Bar a stunning location to experience the best of Barcelona’s wines and flavors all in one place.

The adjoining Bar Brutal is also known to offer the most creative cuisine options and serves scrumptious and delectable courses to make you fall in love with the city’s iconic flavors and tastes, from rich wine options and delicious food all under one roof. The pleasant and cool interior of Can Cisa extends cheerful and comfortable vibes in a neighborhood, charming setting for a Barcelona wine bar. Perfect for couples, solo travelers and groups of friends looking to enjoy the cheery vibe in a splendid, casual setting, the bar is an iconic wining spot in Barcelona.

The classic bodega at the entrance of this spectacular setup and the wine bar in the back makes for the perfect traditional spot for enjoy your time with wonderful food and wine. Revel in the traditional and cozy atmosphere of this tavern-like setting as you choose your favorite wines from their assorted collection and call it a day relaxing in this quaint setting in the heart of Barcelona’s wine scene.

3. Vila Viniteca

Vila Viniteca wine bar
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The iconic and characteristic Villa Viniteca is divided into two stunning sections. One of the sections is a huge and massive wine shop which is bedecked with a wide assortment of more than 8,000 bottles spread on shop shelves, chests and boxes and a stunning and striking mezzanine. Near to this iconic spot is the next-door delicatessen which is filled with a range of scrumptious offerings such as flavorful cheeses, hams and delicious and luscious canned good for all those looking for a taste of the flavors of Barcelona along with a great wine tasting experience.

A quaint bar area is also filled with several bottles and wines attracting enthusiasts from the locality and all of Barcelona to this iconic and characteristic setting. This ideal, charming bodega in the heart of the Born region is known for its international and national range of wines and is one of the central distributors in all of Europe’s wine scene. Revel in the experience of wine tastings and try the many luscious cheese and meat options that are offered at this stunning setting.

Vila Viniteca is famed for being a confluence for the various tastes of Europe and the world, from splendid types of wines, rich meats, cheeses and hams all melding and marrying together to give you the ideal wine tasting in all of Barcelona. The vibe and feel of the Vila Viniteca are basically a mix of high-end deli and the allure of a tiny ambitious Barcelona wine bar. Revel and rejoice with their curious looking mixed range of bottled wines and artisan quality food platters which offer the richest and most interesting options for foodies and wine-enthusiasts. A third-generation business in the wine trade the Vila Viniteca is known all across Spain for being a center to try and taste different types of wines since 1932 and offers a rustic and charming vibe.

Those looking to spend some more cash can also linger with their ideal, assorted and well-edited collection of luxury spirits and wines. Enjoy the taste of assorted Swedish vodkas or the fine deli with their delectable platters in picnic-style, the Vila Viniteca is the home of wine in all of Barcelona. The knowledgeable staff are also splendid and will guide any visitor and guest with respect to their budget the options available to them.

4. Zona d’Ombra

Zona d'Ombra wine bar
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A powerhouse in Barcelona’s wine scene, the Zona d’Ombra is known for its rich and extensive collection of wines of all types, flavors and mixes. A huge signage outside the bar proclaims that any meal without wine is only just a “breakfast”, perfectly reinforcing the importance and significance wine pays to this place and to the cultural scene in Barcelona. Walls within this exciting and charming location are bedecked and decorated with displayed wine bottles, endless wine lists and old bottles, creating a grand and rustic allure around this stunning, quaint location in the heart of Barcelona’s cultural character. Maps of famed vineyards and photographs documenting the various, diverse wines offered in this wine bar further add a sense of exclusivity and allure to this spectacular spot.

Set up by a couple of friends after visiting the wine bars in Venice, this Barcelona establishment offers great nibbling food and grand collections of assorted wines for all those looking for a charming and relaxing spot to unwind after the hustle and bustle of everyday life with their significant others or even a group of friends looking to rest. Get a taste of neighboring Venice’s iconic spirit as you nimble and munch on some scrumptious goat cheese croquettes or ham with your luscious handpicked wine to immerse yourself in a perfect culture trip in this Barcelona wine bar.

5. El Diset

El Diset wine bar
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Situated just next to the grand Passeig del Born, the El Diset wine bar boasts an inimitable and unique assortment of wines from all over Europe. Taste the luscious and mesmerizing flavors of the Spanish bottled wines or even the tasteful wines of France, Italy, Germany and other countries like Portugal. Get the perfect experience in this Barcelona bar which offers the tastes of Europe’s roaring and raging wine and dine scene. Be surrounded by an extensive collection of wines from red and white wines to rose and sparkling, all of which are bound to ensure that your romantic dinner date with your significant other or a casual group hangout with your pals is blessed with the European vibe and a rich, cultural ethos. To add the cherry on the top, this is one of the very few and exclusive bars in Barcelona which offers visitors the chance to taste champagne by glass without having to purchase a whole expensive bottle.

This is one of the many things that draws in hordes of tourists to this grand Barcelona bar which offers the perfect value for dining and has a great snack menu to ensure your appetite isn’t left insatiate and unfulfilled and that your wining experience is one that is free of all wants and needs. Relish and revel the scrumptious taste of artisanal cold cuts and cheese, hams and even luscious octopus to make sure you are on track with the many delicacies this gem of a bar has to offer in Barcelona.

The El Diset bar is bound to impress all visitor with its quaint setting and value for money menu and amenities in wine tasting to all guests. The sleek and opulent interior makes it one of Barcelona’s top and coolest neighborhoods and nightspots which are frequented by most people to get a taste of Barcelona’s wine tasting and nightlife scene. The dim lighting gives the bar a unique allure which is complemented by the pale wood, low-lit, low hanging lamps to ensure you make most of this magical European vibe with your friends or significant other. Although the staff is proficient with wine guidance, there are always options to go with the general choices of cocktails and beers. However, the crown jewel in this bar setting is most definitely the grand wine selection which promises to offer you the best bottles from all of Spain’s wineries.


Barcelona wine bar
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So, should you visit a Barcelona wine bar? Well, that’s entirely up to you, but they are absolutely worth checking out!

Barcelona’s iconic wine scene is blessed with numerous eateries, rustic characteristic cellar-style bars and courtyards which provide the ideal and most magical setting to enjoy the taste of different forms and colors of wines from all of Spain and Europe. Whether you’re looking for a sleek setting to spend time with your group or unwind with your significant other in a charming and quaint setting, wine tasting and enjoying numerous delicacies such as assortments of goat cheese and hams and meat. So, what are you waiting for, heed our advice and head out to one of these splendid and stunning spots in the heart of Barcelona which offer the best of the country’s splendid and iconic wine scene.

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