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Venice Italy Beaches
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Mention Venice and the first thing that often comes to mind is a romantic boat-ride along the floating city’s crisscrossing canals that are decorated with arched under-the-bridge tunnels, serene waters, and a lovely townscape. Indeed, the city of Venice in Italy is a picture-perfect destination not only for honeymooners and love-struck hearts but also for the hopeful or, even the hopeless romantics. Its marvelous castles, ancient museums, cathedrals, art galleries, churches, and public squares all contribute to its overall charm that attract many tourists all year round. For others, the first thing that may come to mind, are some of the breathtakingly beautiful, .

Aside from a walk in the sunset along its narrow and picturesque streets, there are also many beaches to wade or swim in around Venice. In fact, there are many fine beaches and seaside towns in Italy, all throughout its 4,723 miles of coastline. Amazing scenery of white sand, limestone cliffs, and clear blue waters characterize many of its shorelines. So, in case you’re visiting Venice, try to explore the beaches around it. There’s a lot of good ones that it’s hard to name the best. But here’s a list of three beaches near Venice, Italy that have had good reviews from many.

Best Beaches Near Venice, Italy

3. Rosolina Mare Beach

Just a one-hour bus ride away from Venice Marco Polo Airport, the Rosolina Mare beach has over 8 kilometers long of clean, fine sand. Because of its length, the beach it is rarely overcrowded, except for the peak months August or on weekends in July. And with over 100 meters of width, Rosolina Mare, is not just one of the longest but also the widest beaches in the region, rarely crowded except on summer holidays and most of August.

Just around 60 kilometers from Venice, this miles upon miles of sandy shoreline called, Rosolina Mare, is certainly worth a visit. The beach has something for both those looking for adventure and those who are after relaxation.

Horseback riding, sailing, and cycling are among the activities that can be done in this beach near Venice, Italy. The seaside bike paths here are flat and easy to navigate. There are also volleyball courts around for some spiking action. In the local seafront hotels, some have swimming pools and tennis courts.

Visitors who are up for a food trip, there are also plenty of restaurants and bars.

2. Bibione Beach

Bibione Beach
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Less popular than other beaches near Venice, Bibione has its own unique charm. The breeze along the beaches here is said to have a pine-fresh smell combined with the aroma of a sun-cooked forest. You can lie here under umbrellas and chairs that can be rented. Bibione can be reached by train from Venice. Even if you’re not up for some beach fun, you can still troop to the town of Bibione and treat yourself with a long, lazy lunch.

1. Sottomarina Beach

Sottomarina Beach
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Sottomarina is simply a lovely summer getaway destination ideal for families. This huge, sandy, and spotless beach has wide stretches of lush, clean sand and warm, shallow waters (especially during low tide) that are safe for children and non-swimmers. But it also has diving sites off the shore for the adventurous who want to explore some natural reefs and wrecks (be sure to have a good full face scuba mask if you need one).

The fastest way to go to Sottomarina from Venice is to take the bus that leaves every 30 minutes from Piazzale Roma, a slight right turn from the exit of Venice Santa Lucia station. The bus ride is usually 70-minutes long.

The catch is that most of the beaches in Sottomarina are private. Think first-class beach front hotels where you can get your own spot on the beach.

Aside from strolling by the waters, other activities include volleyball courts, canoeing, windsurfing, and more. There are also plenty of restaurants near the beach that offer good food selections.

What to Expect at a Private Italian Beach

Private Italian Beaches
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Italy’s beaches are subdivided into two: the public beaches that are free of charge and the private beaches called stabilimenti or bagni that can be accessed with a day fee. These private beaches are more prominent in the country as compared to free beaches which can be found at the end of private beaches; they are not as neat and complete with amenities. When you travel in Italy without bringing any beach towel or sun umbrella, then Italy’s private beaches are at your advantage. An entrance fee would typically let you access amenities such as showers and changing rooms. Meanwhile, other items like lounge chairs require an extra charge. A lot of these beaches also have restaurants, bars or pizzeria for your refreshment needs.

Best Beach Hotels with Private Beaches in Venice, Italy

To get the best with private beaches, have a look at these three beach hotels with private beaches in Venice, Italy.

3. Hotel Panorama

Hotel Panorama
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Sitting in the 11-kilometer long barrier island of Lido di Venezia (or Venice Lido) is the quaint Hotel Panorama. It houses 100 lush, modern-style furnished rooms, of which are categorized into Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple, Suite, and The Family. Each room is equipped with basic amenities such as bathroom with shower or bathtub, ADSL and TV, and with large bright windows overlooking the Venice lagoons.

From the hotel, it only takes about a ten-minute walk to the beach, inclusive of a free public beach and a private one. What sets Hotel Panorama apart is that it provides its customers a discounted voucher for access to the private beach. 

Hotel Panorama is located in Viale Diaz, 231 09126 Cagliari, and is reachable through their e-mail ( and telephone number +39 070307691. For more information, you may visit their website at

2. Marea Le Ville del Lido Resort

Marea Le Ville del Lido Resort
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Taking pride of its aesthetic, antique themed rooms and spacious gardens, Marea Le Ville del Lido Resort is a residence composed of luxury suites perfect for families. It is set within only ten meters from the famous beach of the Lido Island, an ideal place to relax with the family, or for the athletic, to spend the day with activities such as golfing, tennis, or cycling. This hotel offers 22 rooms, a swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi.

Marea Le Ville del Lido Resort isn’t far away from restaurants and attractions as well. If you wish to explore around Venice, simply take a 15-minute boat ride from Saint Mark’s Square to reach the main attractions of the city.

The hotel’s address is Marcantonio Bragadin, 38, 30126 Lido VE, Italy. For more details and reservations, you may contact +39 041 526 7123.

1. Ausonia Hungaria Wellness and Lifestyle

Ausonia Hungaria Wellness and Lifestyle
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Living up to its name, the Ausonia Hungaria Wellness and Lifestyle features the Lanna Gaia wellness center that offers sauna, Turkish bath and a vast range of massages. Its exteriors blanket the aura of a 110-year-old building with touches of the early 1900s Liberty style, while its interiors take on a contemporary design. A five-minute walk (250-meter distance) to the beach, the Ausonia Hungaria Wellness and Lifestyle hotel is also a five-minute walk away from the Vaporetto water bus stop.

With its high-quality customer service, freshly served Italian cuisine and other facilities, this hotel truly deserves its five-star rating as a luxury hotel in Venice, Italy. The Ausonia Hungaria Wellness and Lifestyle is located in Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 28, 30126 Lido VE, Italy. You may contact their phone, +39 041 242 0060, for reservations and inquiries.

Main Takeaways

beach Venice Italy
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Venice, Italy is indeed a gem not only for its canals and beautiful cityscape but also for its beaches. Here’s a quick summary of some of Venice, Italy’s best beaches and beach hotels with private beaches:

Best Beaches near Venice, Italy

3. Rosolina Mare

2. Bibione

1. Sotttomarina

Best Beach Hotels with Private Beaches in Venice, Italy

3. Hotel Panorama

2. Marea Le Ville del Lido Resort

1. Ausonia Hungaria Wellness and Lifestyle


Table 1.1 | Top 3 Beaches near Venice, Italy

RankTimeout (The 10 best beaches in Venice)ItalyMammaMia (Venice Italy Beach Guide)MapQuest Travel (The 7 Best Beaches Near Venice, Italy)
1CavalinoSottomarinaLido di Jesolo
2Lido di JesoloCaorleBibione
4Santa CristinaBibioneIsola delle Rose
5Isola delle RoseRosolina BeachRosolina Mare
6Punta SabbioniAlbarellaAlbarella
7Alberoni Caorle
8Rosolina Mare  
Website:Retrieved on November 2020 from on November 2020 from on November 2020 from

Table 1.2 | The Averaging of the Top 3 Beaches near Venice, Italy

RankBeaches near Venice, ItalyAveraging
1SottomarinaTop 3 + 1 + 3 = 7/3 = 2.33
2BibioneTop 10 + 4 + 2 = 16/3 = 5.33
3Rosolina MareTop 8 + 5 + 5 = 18/3 = 6

Table 2.1 | Best Beach Hotels with Private Beaches in Venice, Italy

RankTrip Advisor (Hotels with Private Beaches)Expedia (Top Venice Lido Beach Hotels) (Hotels in Venice-Lido)
1Marea Le Ville del Lido ResortOasis Lagoon and ResidenceAusonia Hungaria Wellness and Lifestyle
2Venezia 2000 Hotel & ResidenceAusonia HungariaHotel Atlanta Augustus
3Hotel RivieraMarea Le Ville del Lido ResortHotel Villa Pannonia
4Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido ResortHotel Villa StellaHotel Panorama
5Hotel PanoramaHotel Villa PannoniaHotel Sorriso
6Hotel SorrisoHotel Excelsior VeniceHotel Rigel
7Hotel La MeridaniaHotel PanoramaHotel Villa Cipro
8-nothing follows-Albergo Quattro Fontane – Residenza d’EpocaHotel Petit Palais
9 Hotel Residence Venezia 2000Hotel Villa Orio e Beatrice
Website:Retrieved on November 2020 from on November 2020 from on November 2020 from

Table 1.2 | The Averaging of the Top 3 Beach Hotels with Private Beaches in Venice, Italy

RankBeach Hotels with Private Beach in Venice, ItalyAveraging
1Ausonia Hungaria Wellness and LifestyleTop 2 + 1 = 3/2 = 1.5
2Marea Le Ville del Lido ResortTop 1 + 3 = 4/2 = 2
3Hotel PanoramaTop 5 + 8 + 4 = 17/3 = 5.67
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