South America

It’s quite impossible to stop yourself from falling in love with South America has to offer when it comes to traveling. Beautiful wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, food, and many more.

Adventure Spots

The choice of adventure in South America will leave your spoiled.

1. Hiking in the Beautiful Trails in Peru

The Inca trail hike is hailed as one of the most famous and iconic activities one can do in South America. It 27 miles of just pure awe-inspiring sights. This is one hiking trip that you will not forget.

2. Bolivian Death Road

What can get more adventurous than riding on a road that has ‘death’ in its name? It gets its name from a rather sad claim – the road takes the lives of around 200 people every year.

3. Whitewater Rafting

Fancy water sports? You can do whitewater rafting in Argentina with class V or and even class VI rapids. Pay a visit to rivers like the Atuel, Corcovado, or Alumine for this exhilarating experience.

South American Wildlife

Here are the must-see animals during your time in South America:

1. Sloth

These lazy laid creatures can be spotted in the jungles or rain forests of South America. They’re adorable – although all might not agree with that sentiment. 

2. Guanaco

Native to regions like Chile, Peru, and other South American countries, these are of the camelid family. They also the largest mammals of the said family. 

3. Capybara

These semi-aquatic creatures can be found in dense forest areas and water bodies in South America. Capybaras are internet famous. They’ve garnered quite a reputation for being able to get along with all animals. 


It’s said that the indigenous people of South America had its unique architecture and traditions. Here are some famous modern-day architectural examples of the region. 

1. Gran Torre Santiago

This tall building stands at a stunning height of 300m and is the tallest building in all of Latin America. Beautiful and majestic, this marvel has up to 64 floors.

2. Rio Sul Center

The Rio Sul Center in Rio De Janeiro is hard to ignore. A trip there without experiencing the majesty of this giant structure is an incomplete trip.

3. Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

As you can probably tell from the name, this is an art museum. And what fitting design this building has for an art museum. It’s sleek and modern and has become a landmark for Rio De Janeiro.

On your next tour to Rio, plan to visit two of these places, you are not going to be disappointed.


Apart from landmark buildings, South America has loads to offer for the taste buds. 

1. Empanadas

A delicious pastry that comes in a half-moon shape. The savory filling compliments the outer crust perfectly.

2. Pastel

The pastel is almost like the empanada but it’s a bit thinner. These also come with a crispy crust with a filling of either meats or, fried peas or cheese.

3. Brigadeiro

Native to Brazil, this bonbon is a chocolate lover’s dream. Sweet and very Brazilian, a trip to Brazil isn’t complete without having a Brigadeiro.

4. Chorizo

If you happen to find yourself in Argentina, make sure you try chorizos. This Argentinian sausage is widely available and also made its name in other parts a well. 

5. Ceviche

From meats to seafood. Ceviche originated in Peru and became widely adopted alongside the coastal regions of South America. 


The indigenous lifestyle in parts of South America is truly enlightening. The cultural traditions are influenced by native traditions and even European traditions.

There is also rich art to be found here. Influences a lot by the Spanish, Portuguese, and even French. 

The cultures and lifestyles here are vibrant and inclusive.

Though some negatives have been seen in the streets of Brazil where crime can be a big issue, with proper planning and safety precautions a trip can be an unforgettable experience.  


As for lodging hotels are the way to go. They are safe and luxurious. You can find high-end hotels to even budget-friendly ones that start from $40 and can go all the way up to even $600.

If you want a truly different experience, hotels such as the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel in Peru is just serene and beautiful. There are also places like Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador and Belmond Hotel das Cataratas in Brazil. 


If you are looking to party, the nightlife in South America is plenty. Cities like Buenos Aires in Argentina has live music playing in many places from a different type of bands.

Medellin in Columbia, Mancora in Peru are also buzzing places with a superb nightlife where you can get your groove on.

Do not forget Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Rio is known for having the most elaborate carnivals in the world. The nightlife is also as legendary.  

Travel Tips

South America is a culturally rich and vast area with many countries that offer its own unique experience. Here’s how you make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

  1. Try the street food – one of the best treats you will find in South America is from the street food vendors. Don’t miss out on trying these foods as they may surprise you as to how delicious they’re. 
  2. Look at travel guides – Hey guess what, you’re already doing this! Good job. Before you booking a trip look at travel guides to get a sense of what are the best destinations and activities to do.
  3. Follow the people when ordering food – You might always know what you’re ordering in a foreign land. A good idea is to see what others are ordering.


For many, backpacking across South America can be intimating. Don’t let the reputation deter you though.

The place is full of life with loads to see and experience. And once you do, it is hard not to fall in love with the place.

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