North America

North America is massive. There’s something of interest and some adventure to be had around almost every corner. This is the place of the Big Apple – New York City located in the United States of America!

You also have Canada with some of the friendliest people, poutine and maple syrup, and gorgeous sites to see.

Buckle up because there are tons of things to do here around this part of the world. Adventures to be had and cuisines to be tasted. 

What Adventure Awaits

North America offers an activity for every kind of traveler out there. Whether you want a laid-back adventure or adrenaline-filled swim with sharks – it has it all.

1. Swim with Whale Sharks

Let us start with one of the most exhilarating and exciting things you can do in North America. Catch a trip to Mexico to experience swimming with one of the fiercest predators.

2. Visit the Alaskan Glaciers

Alaska has a couple of beautiful glaciers and the best part is most of them are easily accessible. You can visit the Denali National Park for a refreshing experience. 

3. Take a Hike! In Yosemite Park

If seas and glaciers aren’t your things, you can hike up Yosemite park and enjoy the serene sounds of the environments. It’s one of North America’s most visited places for pretty obvious reasons.

4. Scuba Dive in Hawaii

Hawaii is not just good for laying back and relaxing. You can indulge in a scuba dive adventure in the large coral reef gardens.


Moving on from what to do, here are some beautiful wildlife you can see in North America.

1. Jaguar

Majestic and nimble creatures, these cats are gorgeous to look at and admire. If you manage to see one in on a trip, most of the action is going to be taking place in the ground. These big cats seldom climb trees, but so occasionally.

2. Bald Eagle

USA’s national bird, the bald eagles have a menacing look and look truly magnificent soaring high up in the skies. These birds of prey can grow to be quite large as well with an average wingspan of 6 – 8 feet.

3. American Bison 

Powerful and muscular, these brutes are the largest mammals in North America. Don’t let the large size fool you though.

These can run at quite a quick pace. The earth trembling sounds of a herd of bison is as awesome in real life as you would think.


Architecture or North America is diverse and inspired. In earlier times, the settlement consisted of people from all different nationalities. They have influenced the designs in their own unique way.

1. University of Alaska Museum

Designed by Joan Soranno, this modernist museum is one of them striking marvels of modern architecture. It houses millions of objects that hold significance In the region,

2. Thorncrown Chapel

A chapel made from glass and wood – this a true beauty that stands tall and proud after being named Design of the Year in 1981.

3. Habitat 67

One look at Habitat 67 located in Montreal and there are no words needed why it’s included in our list. The unique design has made it one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.

The North American Diet

Fast food isn’t the only thing you can gobble up here. 

1. Buffalo Chicken Wings

An explosion of flavors, buffalo chicken wings are tossed in cayenne pepper hot sauce and also melted butter.

2. Poutine 

A staple in Canada, poutine originated in Quebec in the 1950s. The great thing about poutine is the sheer amount of variations that are possible.

3. Hamburger

A North American food roundup can’t go without hamburgers now, can it? A meat patty with toppings, cheese, placed between two buns, what’s not to love.

4. Apple Pie

Apple pie is as synonymous with America as poutine is with Canada. This sweet delicacy is the comfort food for many Americans.

Neighborly Love 

The lifestyle of North America is a melting pot of all different cultures around the world coming together. Having said that, North America does have its own very rich culture and way of life. 

People love food and family outings. You can hear the roar of the city during big game events. The place is fashionable and classy. Love thy neighbor! Your neighbors are sure to make you feel welcomed.


Getting a place to stay won’t be a problem for most. There are many hotels from famous chains to affordable motels you can spend the night in. Do you want a fancy hotel? There are bed and breakfasts as well and hostels too!

Rates can vary between rural and city areas. For a hotel in a rural area, it can be around $45/night and can go up to $85 in cities. The great thing is you won’t be facing many problems finding accommodation.


The nightlife scene is buzzing here. We mean Las Vegas is here in the USA. The parties here go long and hard in places like Las Vegas, Miami Beach LA, and New York.

Places like Montreal and Sydney and Mexico can also show you a good time after hours. From clubs to bars there is something for all.

Travel Tips

Make sure to follow these tips for a safer and more enjoyable trip:

  1. Get a TSA Approved Lock – You will thank us for this one. Sometimes bags need to be checked by security. A TSA approved one can be opened without breaking the lock.
  2. Know the Transit – Make an effort to know the transit. It is also always a good idea to book a flight with one airline to know they are transiting. 
  3. Make sure to tip – Tipping is a big deal in North America. The unofficial standard is tipping between 15-20%. So, go ahead make someone’s day, tip well.


North America’s attractions are just as vast as its area. With so many things to do and explore the only regret, you’ll have not enough time to do it all.

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