If you want a trip that’s a little bit different than all the other ones, Antarctica is a great destination. You might be thinking about what one would do in Antarctica. 

Well, turns out there are quite a lot of activities. Cultures to be discovered and delicious food. One thing is for sure, you’re going to have to prepare for a chilling lifetime experience that you won’t forget.

Snowy Attractions

The attractions and adventures here revolve around two central themes. Exotic animals and chilling temperatures. 

1. Western Peninsula Voyage

The journey itself is one of the most adventurous things you can do. The thrill begins even before you are there. You can take a voyage on your way to the Antarctica Peninsula starting from Ushuaia, Argentina. 

2. Elaborate Cruises

One of the best things about visiting the place has to be the elaborate cruising options. A cruise through the Weddell Sea is an unforgettable experience. Plus, you get to see emperor penguins. 

You can also book a whale-watching cruise. Humpback whales swimming freely in the cold waters of Antarctica with the bonus sight of the large glacier will make you appreciate the place in a very different way.  

3. Birdwatching

There is just something very serene watching the birds in Antarctica soar through the skies. If you fancy some bird watching, this is a great place to do it.

There are many different birds as well – albatrosses, cormorants, petrels, and more.


Life thrives even in a place like Antarctica. Visit the place and you’ll be blessed with a chance to see some of the most beautiful creatures of mother nature.

1. Leopard Seals

They get their name from the spots and marking on them. These are predatory animals that can grow up to be 500 kg!

2. Penguins

Penguins roam in large groups here. You can catch a glimpse of King Penguins along with Emperor Penguins. Both of which are majestic and beautiful. 

3. Orcas

People who have visited SeaWorld definitely have seen orcas, sometimes called killer whales. But watching these creatures in the waters of Antarctica is a whole new experience. 

State of the Art Research Centers and Glaciers

Antarctica is home to beautiful research centers and humongous glaciers that are just simply jaw-dropping. Buildings and structures here do not face the same conditions as in other places.  

They need to withstand hard climate conditions. There’s the SANAE IV, a station built in 1997 and operates to this day. With a red undercarriage, it stands proud in the icy continent.

There are many aspiring buildings and stations that are technological marvels. What’s most impressive is the glacier.

The Thwaites Glacier can be found alongside the Pine Island Bay. It’s broad, very broad and a beautiful one at that.  

Food Suitable for The Climate

Just for the nature of the climate, you can expect that not all food and vegetables will be readily available here. Those which are available, are surprisingly delicious.

1. Bannock 

Bannock is a bread recipe made with flour, baking powder, and butter. Packed with calories, this originated in the UK but has been incorporated in the cuisine of Antarctica.

2. Chocolate

We are sure this one put a smile on your face, didn’t it?

Expect to indulge in plenty of chocolate in Antarctica. It can withstand the cold and provides for a good boost in energy. 

3. Pemmican

A delicious mix of ground dried meat and fat, Pemmican is a staple in Antarctica. 

The Antarctic Lifestyle or Lack Thereof

Fun fact, Antarctica has never had a native population. There are no Antarcticians. The population there comprises scientists and tourists. Tourists of course do not stay that long. 

The only group you would find staying for long periods of time are the scientists where stays can range from 3-6 months.

As for tourists, they spend the shortest time and most of the time spent on cruise ships. When tourists do come ashore the scenery is as breathtaking as you would imagine.


There are no hotels in Antarctica, as you would expect. So, what do tourists and travelers do for lodging and accommodation? Well, they camp and spend time on the cruise ships of course.

Camping is another option for a short while. You have the WHICHAWAY Camp as the sole luxury accommodation in the white desert. It is pretty modern and one of a kind.

These are included options for some voyages. What you can do though is some cruises will have a pre-tour stay in hotels before you set sail.

Cruises can range from $5000 on the low end for a 6-10 day cruise. The average is $10,000.

A Different Nightlife

As you may expect by now, the nightlife in Antarctica is not the same as other places. There are a couple of nightclubs and pubs though. McMurdo Station is where you want to go for a taste of the Antarctic nightlife. 

These are more like laid back and relaxed places to get to know the people and have some light conversation. If you visited with a close-knit group, there’s the Scott Base Pub, if you want someplace cozy.

Travel Tips

You have read the article and you can’t wait to visit this one of a kind place. Wait! There are some things you should know.

  1. Pack the right clothing – Trust us, it’s cold out there
  2. Pack the right gear – You would want to get some appropriate gear as well
  3. If you’re going to be having a pre-departure for Buenos Aires, bring lighter layers
  4. Pack meds for seasickness


A trip to Antarctica is sure going to be a very memorable one and a very unique one. You’re sure to leave the place with a sense of accomplishment and a new outlook on travel itself.

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