If you consider yourself a traveler or just thinking of getting into the life of adventure for a long-deserved vacation, Africa should be one of the places to consider.

The second-largest continent in the world has tons to offer from beautiful wildlife to blue beaches. What’s even better is visa restrictions aren’t that strict if you’re moving between the same regional blocs.

Things to Try in Africa

1. Book a Safari Getaway

If you love wildlife and adventure, why not book a safari to the wilds to Botswana. The Okavango Delta is one of the most famous places to visit for animal lovers. You’re sure to see some gorgeous wildlife. 

2. Turtle Tracking in the Depths of the Balmy Ocean

For people planning to travel to Africa between November and February, they can experience turtles in the sea. You can find these creatures on the KwaZulu-Natal coast in South Africa.

3. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Experience savannah-like never before. Hop on a hot air balloon to experience a once and a lifetime experience over Lake Nakuru. 

4. A Safari to Remember

Africa, among other things, is known for its diverse wildlife. Here are some of the must-see animal:

1. Lion

Majestic and powerful, many of us have seen lions in zoos. However, nothing quite compares seeing one in the wild in its natural habitat.

2. White Rhino

Tough and resilient, these creatures got their name from a slight mistranslation. That does not make them any less awe-inspiring to look at though in Southern Africa.

3. Thomson’s Gazelle

Thomson’s Gazelles are truly a sight to behold. Majorly found in the desserts of savannah these small and agile creatures are as beautiful as they are shy.

Historical Architecture

Many say architecture preserves the history and for the case of this continent that is very true.

1. Jardin Majorelle

A display of beauty and vibrant color, this blue and magnificent feat of architectural design stands proud with its vibrant blue tones that are only complimented by the clear skies above. Find it in Marrakech, Morocco.

2. Great Mosque of Djenné

Ever wondered what can be achieved with constructions of mud. You will have to visit Djenné in Mali to find out. The Great Mosque of Djenné is the largest earth brick building standing today.

3. Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

The largest church in the world also happens to be standing where Christians are the minority.

Flavors of The Continent

1. Kafteji

A popular food in Tunisia, the Kafteji is a fried vegetable dish often served with fried eggs. Great for adventurous vegetarians.

2. Maafe

Popular throughout West and Central Africa, this supposedly Mali originated dish is a delicious concoction of roasted peanuts sauce and delicious meat or fish.

Lifestyle & Culture

The culture and lifestyle of Africa are as varied as the wildlife and cuisine. People with an appreciation of rich arts and crafts with a stunning design will be right at home.

From vibrant garments with distinct designs and patterns, it’s a truly sensory experience for all. 

In Morocco, you’ll find elaborate henna traditions and an affinity for soccer in Egypt. Experience ‘Moraingy’, a martial art style of Madagascar of pure skill.


From beautiful safari lodges and luxurious hotels to budget-friendly motels, there’s a place to stay for everybody. 

You can stay at The One Above, a luxury hotel in South Africa if you want to experience Africa the high-end way. Want a beautiful view to go with your meal? Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater Lodge has got you covered.

Morocco also has convenient lodging facilities for the apt traveler. Price can range from $60 to $90 for a moderate hotel.


If you’re all about the life of the party, these are some of the best destinations for the nightlife in the continent.

1. Marrakech, Morocco

One of the most popular destinations in Africa. Marrakech in Morocco entertains all sorts of travelers. From the modern nightclub to belly dance performances if you want to experience something more traditional.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Start with the sunset trip on Campus Bay where you can start an unforgettable night watching the sunset South African Sunset.

3. Feel at Home in Kenya

If you want to experience African culture up close and personal and still want to feel close to home, Nairobi in Kenya has some places that offer international experiences for its foreign guests.

There are modern nightclubs that you can visit for a taste of the Kenyan party life.

Travel Tips

If you are going to make a trip to Africa, make the best of it with these first-hand tips and tricks.

1. Book Accommodation in Advance

If you’re planning to go to a popular place in Africa, booking a trip in advance is going to relieve a lot of headaches. Sometimes the lodging can be limited in certain areas.

2. Talk to Your Doctor and Pack Some Meds

Pack some meds and antibacterial creams. You can pack anti-malarial medicine, painkillers, and such.

3. Travel During Day

You will find plenty of places that you would want to visit when you find yourself in Africa. Always travel at day. If you have booked a bus ride or a flight, be punctual.

4. Research and Plan Your Trip Beforehand

Since you are reading this article, we would say you’re already doing things the right way.

Before trip research as much as you can and plan out your trip thoroughly. This will account for a smooth, enjoyable, and purposeful visit.


Africa is a great place to visit with some of the most awe-inspiring sights and mouth-watering food. The diverse wildlife and the nightlife combined has something for everyone.

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