Fun Adventures in the City of Townsville

the city of Townsville
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Adventures You Must Experience in the City of Townsville

Adventure junkies cannot sit at home without experiencing an adrenaline rush for too long. Whether they are at home, offices, or outdoors they would always be seeking out to venture into something exciting. For all such people, the city of Townsville in Queensland is one of the must-go-to places.

Located in the Northern-Easters Coast, adventure enthusiasts can drool in various kinds of activities that are going to uplift their spirits. Townsville is one of the best holiday destinations for those kinds of travelers who love to live their life on the edge. Apart from the touristy places, one can indulge in doing a lot of offbeat things in Townsville.

We bring to you some of the must-try adventure activities during your action-packed holiday with our friends or solo. 

the city of Townsville
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1. Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef

snorkeling in the great barrier reef
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Going underwater and experiencing the colorful marine life and vibrant corals can be one of the best things to do when you are in the city of Townsville. Words probably fall sort to describe the lovely feeling that one would go through when they are inside the water. Going deep inside the sea and witnessing the vibrant world hidden inside is going to give you heebie-jeebies.

The Great barrier Reef is one of the best spots to snorkel. A lot of water lovers have this location on their wish-lists, for sure. That being said… Don’t be surprised if you happen to spot a giant shark crossing your path, while under water. You’re in their world! On a brighter note, may also see schools of fishes that may immediately remind you of the movie ‘Finding Nemo.’ They’re there, too!

2. Explore the Undara Lava Tubes

Undara Lava Tubes
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Would you not be surprised to know that a continent like Australia is home to one of the best volcanic sites? Yes, you read it right! The Undara Lava Tubes in Queensland can be quite an exciting thing, isn’t it? The lava Tube is world famous because of its formation. 

It is a sort of cave formed by low-viscosity lava that is hard and flows continuously. Taking a walk inside this lava tube can be really thrilling and can be one of the best adventurous activities that you can do when you are in Queensland.

Well, Undara is an abode to 164 such volcanoes, vents, and cones, and visiting this place with a group of friends can be really fun. If you want to experience some real solitude, then a solo trip to this place can be even better.

3. Let Yourself Loose at the Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads
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Burleigh Heads, located on the Gold Coast, is one of those places that can make you fall in love with at the very first sight. Bask in the rays of the sun perched on a clifftop looking at the serene nature at this amazing place.

You can simply laze around the whole day watching the mesmeric turquoise blue water and the surfers living their life every bit. This is one of the best places to experience surfing in the city of Townsville.

This place is slightly far away from the city of Townsville but, your trip to Queensland would remain incomplete if you fail to explore these rainforest regions. The national park here is one of the major attractions and is open to the public.

The magnificent eucalyptus forest, the eerie mangroves, and the tussock grassland can all make you feel thrilled. This place also has a lot of beaches that you can explore where your excitement would reach another level when you catch a glimpse of the hunchback whales. Literally, you would have an “Alice in Wonderland” sort of experience at the Burleigh Heads.

4. Get Attracted to Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island
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Located at just 8 kilometres away from the quaint Townsville, Magnetic Island is one of the best places for nature-lovers. You can simply take a walk and bask in the sun, watching the endless sea on this Island. Horse-riding is one of the most commonly found activities on this Island.

Looking at those horse-riders trot, we are certain that you would also feel like trying. You can simply spend time galloping from bush to beach on the back of ponies for a wonderful experience. Apart from this, you can go snorkeling because the magnetic Island is also part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Be prepared to capture some photographs of the cute Koalas perched on the trees staring at you with their eyes rolling.

5. Horseshoe Bay – House of Water Sports

Horseshoe Bay
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If you are just not satisfied with Snorkelling then, just head straight to the Horseshoe bay. This is one of those places in the city of Townsville that is going to make you go gaga with the choices of water sports activities they have. You name it, and they would have it arranged for you. There are a lot of water sports companies that operate in this region as it is quite a touristy place.

Explore the ocean on tubes and enjoy the sight of the crystal-clear water from the beaches. Well, if you are inspired by the character of Chris McCandless from ‘Into the Wild,’ hire a Kayak and go kayaking on this Island. Some of the other activities that you must experience here are the jet skis, sea kayaks and also other water sports. Well, Fishing is one of the other activities that are just too fun and equally thrilling to do when you are here.

6. Trek to Castle Hill

Castle Hill in Australia
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How about stuffing your backpacks and going on a hike to a nearby hill? Well, the definition of the hill doesn’t hold good to the Castle Hill of Townsville. It would also not be an exaggeration if we called it a mountain because of the amazing views it offers.  Walking up to a castle that is situated at 300m above the sea level isn’t definitely an easy thing.

It can be tiring but, as you go up and take a peek of the surroundings, you are going to thank yourself for the efforts you took.  The skyline of Townsville can be captured from this spot. You can also get to speak to a lot of people at this place to know about the history of this monolith.  This is one of the iconic landmarks of the city of Townsville.

7. Skydiving

skydiving in Townsville Australia
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The Australian continent is a skydiver’s paradise, and Townsville has several such skydiving spots. It would be completely an enthralling experience to jump off a flight with wings like parachute attached to your backs. For all those people who have dreamed to experience the life of a bird, this is your chance—experience one of the best skydiving experiences in Townsville.

A lot of tourists go to this place only for this, and there are certain courses that you could take up to become a certified skydiver as well. However, you may have to extend your trip to complete this course.

8. Billabong Sanctuary for Animal-Lovers

Billabong Sanctuary
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The sprawling beauty of Billabong Sanctuary is a haven to the animal-lovers. This is one of those sanctuaries where you would get to see all the native animals of Australia. The sanctuary also encourages tourists and travelers to pet the animals. Billabong sanctuaries also organize a lot of interactive shows like petting, feeding the animals throughout the day.

Do not freak out if you are asked to hold a python or a Koala. Well, you would also see people holding a small alligator with great love, and that’s pretty common here!

The sanctuary houses Emus, Koalas, Pythons, Crocodiles, Rock wallabies, etc.… You can indulge in feeding activities or just take part in the interactive sessions. Most of the animal lovers come here and spend time with these animals by holding them and pampering.

You might as well choose to volunteer at the sanctuary. Well, this yet another place where you can unleash your adventurous side completely.

9. Traveling around ‘Topless’?

Barbie Cars in Townsville
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Topless does not mean that you roam around ‘TOPLESS’! You can hire some cute Barbie cars that are topless and go around the city on an amazing ride. Experiencing the wide streets of Townsville can be quite adventurous. These cars are available at nominal prices and can be hired by some of the car companies. Traveling in these convertible barbie cars can be a wonderful way of touring around Townsville.  These cars can be hired at the Magnetic hills.

10. Make Time for

Scuba Diving Townsville Australia
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Apart from Snorkelling, you must also try too. There are a lot of places here which offers to tourists. Some of the companies on Magnetic Island have been functional for a couple of decades now. So, when you are hopping islands here, diving is one of the activities that you could try. Experiencing the corals and the marine life of the Australian reef can be fantastic.

These experiences would make your travel to Townsville a memorable one. The S.S. Yongala Wreck is one of the best sites for diving in the world.

11. Enjoy a Townsville Boat Tour

Townsville Australia boat tours
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Sailing is yet another adventurous thing that attracts a lot of people. Though not as adventurous as the scuba diving and sky diving, sailing has its own plus points. Rowing your boats and taking a circumambulation of the Magnetic Island recording the melodious sounds of the birds can be a fantastic thing to do in Townsville. Admire your reflection as you sail through the crystal-clear waters of the beaches here.

Taking a tour of some of the most isolated beaches and islands definitely is an adventurous activity. You can choose to hire the boats from the companies at the Magnetic bay and go sailing either during the day or evenings to catch the lovely view of the sunrise and sunset.

12. Rejuvenate Yourself with River Walks

Townsville Australia River Walk
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Townsville has several river-walk trails, and this can again be one of the lovely things to do. These trails can make you feel blissed out with every step you take. Spotting various species of birds and taking their photographs can also be one of the best life experiences. The Riverwalk offers a classic view of the Ross River, and you can simply take a stroll in the evenings with your friends and companions and spend time under the starlit sky as well.

13. Go Cycling on the Gabul Way

Gabul Way
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Don’t just go walking when you are in Townsville! This is an amazing place for cyclists as well. To experience the true beauty of this place, you could simply choose to cycle down the Gabul Trail. You might as well choose to walk but, cycling can be really thrilling. The elevation at the Nelly Bay towards Geoffrey can really make it hard even for the ace cyclists. Catch a glimpse of the pristine vistas and mountains that surround this region as you go cycling down the Gabul Way. This is pretty adventurous, isn’t it?

14. Hike to Hinchinbrook

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To experience the prehistoric time, Hinchinbrook is one of the best places to go to. This spot transports you back to the era of the stone age with its rustic beauty. This place is filled with abundant waterfalls and winding creeks. The Thorseborne at this place is one of the best hiking trails in the world.

You can first hike up to the mountains and take a dip in the gigantic waterfalls to experience the true wilderness of Australia.

You at least need to park 4-5 days to hike up and explore everything in and around this region! Well, this is too exciting, and we are sure that this place is going to surprise all the adventure seekers.

15. Witness the Wallaman Waterfalls

Wallaman Waterfalls
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If you are boasting of having witnessed a gigantic waterfall in your life, you would certainly zip up the moment you see the Wallaman. The water her plunges from a great height amidst the lush green forests. You need to climb 4,224 steps approximately to reach the waterfalls. 

The 2km trail that you trek to reach the base of the waterfalls is even more thrilling. The sound of the gushing water can be heard at a very long distance. Watching this massive beauty plunging from the height of 268 m isn’t a joke at all!  

16. Talk to Nature at the Booroona Trail

Booroona Trail
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This is one of those trails that is made exclusively for people who love to walk long distances enjoying the views of the surrounding landscapes. When you are exhausted, you do not have to ponder for a seat; the Booroona Trail has it all.  The view of the effervescent Ross river and the lush green environment can have a healing effect on your mind and soul. This is a perfect place to experience the co-existence of man with nature.

With the natural forests, rivers, and other elements of nature, there are a few things that are man-made here. The bridges, the seating arrangements to create a perfect ambiance makes it a walker’s paradise.  Taking a walk through this wetland trail can make you feel elated. Well, we have listed all the adventure activities that very brave-heart must try when they are roaming around the city of Townsville.

Now, it is your duty to jot down the things that you want to experience. Add these items to your bucket list and make sure to check them off when you travel to the city of Townsville.

the city of Townsville
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