Where to Stay in Bangkok – Top 5 Budget and Top 5 Luxury Hotels

where to stay in Bangkok
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Where to Stay in – Top 5 Budget and Top 5 Luxury Hotels

has always been a famous destination amongst tourists. Every year, people flock to this city from all over the world to explore the beauty and lifestyle of the best that Thailand has to offer. There’s no doubt that Bangkok is one of the most beloved travel hot-spots in the entire region of Southeast Asia. Bangkok is called the “City of Angels” and has an extremely vibrant lifestyle with markets, malls, nightlife, and riverside adventures. Bangkok is also rich in heritage with notable landmarks and historical sites. All these features make Bangkok an extremely lively city for tourists to explore.

Before you make a decision to tour any city, it’s important that you consider all the factors such as the budget, expenses and lodging. Same is the case for visiting Bangkok. Before planning your vacation or trip to Bangkok, you will need to take everything into account among which your lodging will be one of the most important things. Bangkok, being a tourists’ paradise, offers a wide array of hotels and lodging options all across the city.

However, the hotel you will choose will eventually depend on your preference and budget. For example, if you prefer luxury and comfort and are not restricted by your budget, then you will look for boutique hotels or luxury lodging options. But if you are experiencing a budget constraint, you will probably look for a cheaper accommodation. Bangkok, fortunately, has a plethora of options in both the cases. Following we will explore some of those.

Top 5 Budget Hotels in Bangkok

1. Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel:

Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel
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One of the cheapest accommodation options in Bangkok, Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel is considered a very cozy, historic, and casual lodging place which is family friendly with a relaxed aura. The exterior and interior of this hotel is dream for a bohemian artists and lovers of bohemian style. Situated in the northwest near a back alley, this lodging option is best known for how well-designed and unique its rooms are. Each room has colorful, handcrafted pieces of art.

This hotel has a small number of rooms i.e. 31, however, this makes it more of a communal space for the guests and families that choose to stay in it. It’s also exciting to note that the hotel offers activities like cooking classes, and tie and dye workshops.

The amenities provided by this hotel include a restaurant, laundry facility, a round-the-clock helpdesk, WiFi and computer station. Also, Phranakorn-Nornlen is a smoke-free property which makes it even more appealing to families with young children. The feel of this hotel is very vintage and bohemian. If you want to experience the true taste of Southeast Asian décor and lifestyle, this hotel serves the purpose. It’s a perfect choice if you are tight on budget yet want a nice, cheerful space to spend your holidays in Bangkok.

2. River View Guest House

River View Guest House
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This is a small yet a very resourceful three-storey guest house. It’s situated in Talad Noi, Chinatown and has a very cute and chic rooftop restaurant featuring comfortable and cozy cushions, beers and a fantastic views of the Chao Phraya River, Che Cin Khor Temple, and Pagoda. The rooms are very comfy along with a minimalistic interior. If you pay a little extra, you can upgrade your room with an air conditioner and an en-suite bathroom.

The guest house claims to offer hospitality to all its guests with a high quality service that sets it apart from other hotels in the vicinity. The Chinatown area also has many attractions for you such as bars and cafes along with country famous shopping and street food options. It’s a perfect place if you do not want to spend so much on your lodging and want to explore more about the simple yet exciting lifestyle of the city with street bazaars and food stalls. It’s truly an enriching experiences for anyone who wishes to witness the culture and tradition of the city reflected by fashion and food the area offers.

3. Ma Hotel Bangkok

Ma Hotel
Image Source: booking.com

Ma Hotel Bangkok is located in an area which is not very packed with tourists. It’s a boutique lodging space in the neighborhood of Bang Rak giving the tourists an escape and respite from the hustle and bustle of the main city. This lodging space can be considered as a dorm too since it’s partially one. Ma Hotel has this unique option for you where you can choose to stay in one of the dorm rooms that has up to seven accommodation spaces. The rooms are decorated with headboards that are splattered with paint while floors are made of hardwood which give you a feel of how hostel rooms are. There is also an indoor pool and cardio machines to take care of your fitness.

Moreover, it also has halal restaurants in the vicinity which are a bonus for Muslim tourists. Even if you are a non-Muslim, you can still try the amazing food these places offer such as Kuruma Gai and Mataba gai. Ma Hotel also offers a free-of-cost shuttle service to the Skytrain station nearby easing the transport hassle for you. Thus, if you are looking for a cheaper accommodation that has the basic amenities, Ma Hotel is an option to not miss.

4. Buddy Lodge

Buddy Lodge
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Situated within the walking distance of several attractions, Buddy lodge is a light on pocket accommodation space for a tourist on budget. It’s a hostel space located at the Khaosan Road which is famously known as a hang-out space for backpackers. The entire area is laden with chain restaurants, spas and massage parlours, and shops offering tattoo services.

It’s also true that you will find many cheap accommodation options in the vicinity. Buddy lodge, however, will stand out to you. A dorm with a rooftop pool area, Buddy lodge has an outdoor bar along with a nightclub that give this space an edge over other cheaper accommodations. Moreover, Buddy lodge has some very comfortable rooms for you to enjoy while you enjoy your stay in the city.

It’s even more attractive due to its central location. Since it has many attractions nearby, it’s a place that will help you save travelling costs within the city. You can easily access the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and the Bangkok National Museum, three of the biggest attractions of Bangkok. In addition to all these cool amenities, you can also a book room with a balcony to experience the true lifestyle and madness of the area.

5. Triple Two

Triple Two Silom
Image Source: hotelscombined.com

This is a boutique hotel with an array of rooms and suites to choose and book from. The unique thing about this hotel is that staying here makes you feel like having the access to two hotels. This is because the hotel right next to it, the Narai, is its sister property thus allowing the guests of Triple Two to enjoy its pool and gym facilities. The hotel overall is very chic in terms of its interior and exterior and consists of bathtubs made of marble and bright coloured couches. The neighborhood where this hotel is situated is famous for Patpong streets and the variety of restaurants it offers including Nahm which is popular across the world.

The best space for dining at this hotel is The Mint. It consists of indoor and outdoor spaces that are joined or linked together. The restaurant serves very good cocktails and tapas which is an amazing delight for the tourists staying in the hotel. Being easy on pocket, Triple Two Silom is a cheaper yet comfortable accommodation space for anyone willing to vacation in Bangkok.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

1. Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental
Image Source: cntraveller.com

The hotel was built in 1876 and since then has been one of the classiest hotels in the city. The Oriental, as it’s called, is a sanctuary for travelers who can afford luxury and love extravagance. It exhibits the cultural icons while also has a very contemporary and cosmopolitan Thai touch to it. What sets this hotel apart from other luxurious accommodation spaces is the service and quality of hospitality that this hotel offers its guests. This makes it one of the top hotels in the city.

It’s situated three minutes away from the Sathorn Pier and the skytrain station connecting it to downtown Bangkok. This extravagant lodging space is located on both the sides of the Chai Praya River. The hotel enjoys a great flair and provides its guests with warm and welcoming service. It has been regarded as a cultural institution by the locals and the tourists alike in the city.

Among the facilities that this hotel offer is a huge pool, spa, and sports classes along with a tennis court. With a very luxurious Thai touch to each room, The Oriental is a place for those who wish to spend generously on their lodging while soaking in the tradition of the country.

2. Siam Kempinski Hotel

Siam Kempinski Hotel
Image Source: asianhotelandcateringtimes.com

Built with a capacity of some 400 fancy rooms, this hotel is a splendid choice for those looking for family friendly lodging spaces. The hotel features a relaxing garden spot in the middle with the rest of the lodging area built around it. It also possesses four pools and is situated right in the center of downtown making it a prime choice for those wishing to have an easy access to shopping places and restaurants.

The style and character of Siam Kempinski Hotel is very unique and outstanding with a blend of contemporary and Thai touch. The lobby is also quite impressive with a high marble ceiling and a pianist who plays melodies like no one else. This entire scene will give you very elite vibes and the grandeur throughout the hotel is filled with elegance. Even though the hotel is a huge accommodation project, yet the staff tends to remember the guests.

The service, therefore, is very professional, formal and personal too in some sense. Apart from the pools and the garden there is a spa, a bar and a high class restaurant that this hotel offers its guests.

3. Sala Arun

Sala Arun Bangkok hotel
Image Source: booking.com

This hotel is a glamourous boutique lodging area and is a riverside property which is based in an ancient Chinese shop house. The rooms, however, in this hotel are only a handful i.e. nine. Yet, the service and quality of hospitality is clearly amazing. With a roof terrace, Sala Arun is a space that is very much liked by the tourists who enjoy city’s cultural and historical heritage.

The hotel is situated in Ratanakosin Island and allows you to explore the city’s historical attractions on foot. Therefore, on a short walking distance you will find Wat Pao, and the Royal Palace. The ghetto, , is also very close to the hotel. The airport is an hour away from this hotel while the downtown can be reached using a ferry and a sky train.

You will find classical Thai interior that will tell you the stories of Thai culture and tradition. Laden with Thai furniture, designs and art, the hotel has an exquisite interior particularly for those who want to have a taste of tradition and heritage during their stay in Bangkok. The place is definitely an amazing choice for you if you wish to stay in a small yet luxurious and comfortable hotel.

4. Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit
Image Source: agoda.com

This is a yet another huge hotel which is located in downtown area of the city. The entire place stands out due to its elegance and luxury that its 345 rooms bear. Offering its guest two delicious eateries, a huge pool and a nearby sky train station, Sofitel is definitely a tourist’s dream come true. With several shopping hubs and bars in the vicinity, the hotel stands tall in the midst of Bangkok’s famous nightlife.

The lobby style of the hotel speaks of the fine Thai colours and designs along with the French touch due to Sofitel being one of the international franchises. Everything from glass to floors to furniture is of splendid quality and design. The hotel offers many great facilities to its guests such as a pool with a sun lounge, a bar, a gym and a very relaxing spa.

Sofitel also offers its guests a very exquisite gallery that has several masterpieces of art by various local and international artists. Truly, the hotel is one of a kind in its vicinity with a unique touch of extravagance.

5. The Sukothai Bangkok

The Sukothai
Image Source: pinterest.com

Situated in the downtown, the hotel is a luxury lodging space for tourists who occasionally and seasonally visit Thailand. The Sukothai is very good at offering a very conventional charm along with the suites that remind one of the colonial era. Due to its prime location, the hotel is able to please it guests with the variety of restaurants nearby. It also facilitates them with a pool, a gym, a spa, and a relaxing and attractive garden area.

The hotel consists of some 214 rooms and the entire interior gives one a feeling of a balanced lifestyle. You will find very gracefully styled lobby containing Khmer style carvings. Moreover, you will also hear khim, which is a Thai dulcimer, across the corridors of the hotel. The thing that makes garden an extremely relaxing delightful spot for tourists is the abundance of lotus ponds that add so much charm to the overall style and ambience of the hotel.

The hotel rooms are very unique in terms of their interior. They give one a sense of what rooms would look like back in the colonial era. The entire design of the rooms is very charming and balanced making The Sukothai a perfect spot for you if you are looking to spend quality time with your loved ones or colleagues while being in Bangkok.


where to stay in Bangkok
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It’s sort of very evident that Thailand is a hub of tourists. Bangkok, being its capital city, hosts several tourists each year. Being famous for its several historical attractions and nightlife, Bangkok is a city where there are abundant options for lodging. Due to its popularity among the travelers, you will find a wide range of hotels, dorms, guest houses and other boutique property lodging spaces within the city. However, your choice of stay will depend on several of your preferences such as budget and how you want to spend your time in the city.

People who are not looking to spend a lot of time in hotels and want to explore the city more tend to stick to hotels and places that are not very heave on pocket yet are comfortable. While people who are visiting Bangkok for their honeymoon or other getaways may want to spend quality time with their loved ones staying mostly indoors and relaxing.

Thus, while budget determines where you want to stay, your individual taste and preference about what you want to do in the city also influences the choice of your hotel. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top five cheap and luxurious hotels that will suit your budget and other preferences equally. It will help you pick the right lodging option for you while you explore Bangkok.

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