The Shenzhen Climate & When to Visit?

Shenzhen climate
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How is the and When Should I visit?

You will discover all you need to know about the . A true gem of Asia, Shenzhen is a stunning and modern metropolis that lies just across the Hong Kong border and is today a bustling vibrant city in Southeastern China. Shenzhen is famed for its many shopping malls that offer visitors numerous opportunities to go on the ultimate shopping spree while exploring the modern city center. A mammoth mall in Shenzhen is the Luohu Commercial City which is endowed with an array of boutiques and designer destinations. The beautiful metropolis is also home to numerous sleek contemporary buildings including the Ping An International Finance Centre which is known for its towering 600-m tall skyscraper front. Lose yourself in a futuristic dream as you walk through the streets of Shenzhen.

This UNESCO-awarded city of design is filled with more than 20 million citizens across its bustling bright ten districts. For all visitors, Shenzhen is a sanctuary that offers mainland China’s finest culinary delights, shopping abodes, and historical structures dating back to antiquity. The modern cityscape is dominated by the rapidly growing technological hubs it houses. The gleaming modern city is dominated by several tourist attractions which draw in hordes of tourists from all over the world to this Asian metropolis.

The Meridian View Centre is one of such places that attracts throngs of crowds to take in the beautiful and stunning views of the border. View the sprawling glorious cityscape from telescopes at the Meridian center and you will fall in love with Shenzhen’s architectural wonder.  The city is also known as China’s creative capital and hence has numerous rich cultural offerings for visitors. The city is a hub of designers, innovators, and artists, and creative centers such as the OCT Loft host regular art exhibitions showcasing the finest art pieces that pique all visitors’ curiosity.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Shenzhen’s a concrete jungle, for the stunning city is also home to a beautiful hilly countryside that is bound to take your breath away. The Nanshan mountains, in particular, are the perfect place to reconnect with nature and enjoy a pleasurable experience. Breathtakingly beautiful views of the clear blue waters and tranquil vibes greet every visitor to Shenzhen’s countryside. Those looking for an escape into a futuristic world can visit the economic heart of Shenzhen, Futian CBD, a trove of bold, impressive, and modern architectural wonders.

However, for all travelers heading out to this Asian wonder, one thought always comes to mind: Am I visiting at the right time? Troubled with the same question, we have put together details of this modern metropolis’ climatic conditions to give you a better idea about when you should visit next. Here’s what we found about this stunning Asian wonder. 

Shenzhen’s Climate

Shenzhen Climate
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Shenzhen enjoys mild weather which is abundant with sunshine and rainfall all year long. The city is characterized by a subtropical climate and has mild seasonal variations. Summer in the city spans as long as 6 months but there is never extreme heat or heat waves in the summer. Winter in the city is very short and is barely cold even during peak months. Shenzhen lies in a humid subtropical zone with wet and warm summers and mild chilly winters.

The yearly mean temperature is 22°C (72°F) and the yearly average precipitation is 1,933 millimeters (76 inches). Shenzhen can also experience a couple of typhoons each year during summer and early august and is prone to torrential rainfall. Situated at about the Tropic of Cancer, Shenzhen is dominated by a humid climate.

Shenzhen’s monsoon season peaks during Summer months when the city experiences hot and humid atmospheric conditions. January experiences the lowest temperatures in Shenzhen with the average temperatures at 15.44°C/59.72°F, and July sees the highest peak temperature, with an average temperature of 28.9°C/84.02°F.


Summers in Shenzhen span from about 21st April to 2nd November each year. Summers are dominated by a subtropical high temperature and the city is always hot. Shenzhen’s summers experience abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall. Some July temperatures can also peak over  30°C/86°F. All those traveling to the city must carry t-shirts, hats, shorts, skirts, light clothes and sunglasses, and sun cream.

Raincoats, umbrellas, and multiple waterproof shoes are also great to carry in case it rains. Although typhoons in the city aren’t that common, since it lies at the estuary of the Pearl River of China, the susceptibility of typhoons still exists. Typhoons usually hit the city from May to December with the strongest winds and rains in July. Summer in Shenzhen is long and spans from early June to October.

The scorching and wet aura dominates the city’s climatic conditions. The summer season averages around a high of 32°C (90°F) and the average low temperature is 27°C (81°F). Owing to its hot and humid climate, the city’s high temperature can sometimes even reach 40°C (104°F). Travelers visiting Shenzhen are also advised to avoid going out at noon when temperatures peak and make sure to recharge themselves with lots of water.

A popular local herbal mix is also a great choice to soothe and recharge yourself. Visitors are also advised to book flights in advance for reaching on time. Spending summers in Shenzhen though means lots of indoor fun and activities during the daytime especially.

The Shenzhen museum is an amazing option for those looking for some interesting getaway and looking to stay away from the heated outdoors. The museum is an important cultural icon and is filled with lots of treasures dating back to the city’s development and history. Visitors can also head out to the Pingan Financial Center which is one of the world’s tallest buildings and enjoy the glorious panoramic views of the city.

For more fun to escape from the summer woes, visitors can also head out to the Splendid China Folk Village and jump in the festive frenzy of the Water Splashing Festival. Cooldown yourself while splashing water at each other and forgetting about all the stressful woes of the day! For those looking for more fun and frenzy, the International Beer Festival is also celebrated with full zeal and zest at the iconic Window of the World monument.

While summers can be extremely hot, Shenzhen’s iconic cityscape has wondered for all those looking to let loose and join in the fun!


Spring in Shenzhen spans from 6th February to 20th April and is dominated by cool and dry climatic conditions. The weather is prone to changes on different days. Therefore while some days of Spring might feel warm others will be quite chilly and cold. But spring, in general, offers a more temperate climate of Shenzhen to all visitors and is comfortable for all visitors and tourists. Spring in Shenzhen is also a perfect time to recover from the frosty cold days and these months from February to April are great to visit.

The weather of Spring in Shenzhen is susceptible to changes due to its subtropical climatic conditions. Those looking for a welcome getaway from sunny days and scorching heat should head to Shenzhen for its temperate and mostly cool days. Early spring is dominated by foggy days and rain can also occur throughout early February.

In Spring the average high temperature is 27°C (81°F) and the average low temperature is 21°C (70°F). Those visiting Shenzhen during Springtime are recommended to wear light and casual clothes as most of the months of Spring are warm. However, since the weather is very changeable and the early months are pretty cool, a couple of long-sleeve shirts, jackets, and windproof cardigans should also be kept before visiting.

T-shirts and light sweatshirts are wonderful options when heading out in the outdoors for Shenzhen’s many attractions. There are many seasonal activities one can join in when visiting Shenzhen. The iconic Shenzhen Bay Park is a wonderful place to reconnect with the outdoors and enjoy the green lively spirit of the city and its many outdoor gems. Explore the local’s cultures and traditions while you take a stroll along the park’s pathways and revel at the sight of live music on the street sides. Marvel at the beautiful lake and the cultural trip the city offers as you visit the park.

Visitors can also frequent the Splendid China Folk Village which offers stunning iconic miniatures of China’s 82 iconic wonders and beautiful cultural experience. Acquaint yourself with the numerous rich cultural traditions and ethnic customs of the country at the Village. May also marks the beginning of the rainy spell in Shenzhen and so umbrellas must also be carried by visitors. The wonderful weather of Spring makes it the ideal time to visit Shenzhen as you can save yourself any bad weather and blocked roads due to typhoons.

However, since Spring is the tourist season, all those visiting are recommended to confirm their flights and bookings weeks in advance. Springtime also provides visitors the best opportunities to head to Shenzhen’s iconic and fun-filled amusement parks and centers. 


Autumn in Shenzhen spans from 3rd November to 12th January and is dominated by dry and cool weather. The temperature remains around 20°C (68°F) which makes it an ideal time to visit due to the comfortable temperate environment. The calmest and comfortable season, Autumn in Shenzhen is the best time of the year when looking to explore the city’s cultural centers, scenic outdoor wonders, and even the mighty skyscraper-filled city center.

Sunny days dominate the autumn season but there are never extremely hot days which could mar your experience of Shenzhen. The temperatures remain cool throughout the Autumn season. However, dry winds blow all through October and November which can be quite a problem for skin. Therefore, all those visiting must keep this in mind and pack moisturizers to fight the dry air of Autumn.

Late autumn in Shenzhen also gets cold and hence, people visiting must pack appropriate clothing. The pleasant aura and cool weather of Autumn is the best time to visit the city. Temperatures range from an average low of 23°C (73°F) and an average high of  28°C (82°F) in October, 19°C (66°F) and 24°C (75°F) in November, and 15°C (59°F) and 21°C (70°F) in December. Those visiting are recommended to pack with them light clothes and sweaters or cardigans to stay comfortable even during the chilly parts of the season.

Long-sleeved shirts also work as they can be quite comfortable during the warmer parts of the day and warmer months. The season of Autumn in Shenzhen is suitable for traveling to almost any tourist destination in the city. Visitors can head out to the iconic Dafen Oil Painting Village and lose themselves in between the replicas of world-famous paintings. Enjoy the cultural trip as you immerse yourself in the artsy aura filled with stunning oil paintings and canvases.

Autumn is also a great time to shop on a budget at the Luohu Commercial City where one can buy almost anything they want without spending a lot of money. Visiting an observatory to explore the city’s great views is also a great way to have fun in Shenzhen.

For those looking for some scrumptious and authentic Asian delicacies, the Dong Men Pedestrian Street is a great option to fill your appetite with finger-licking snacks and get the perfect taste of China’s flavors. All in all, Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Shenzhen as it is characterized by cooler temperatures and less rain or heat.


Winter in Shenzhen usually spans from 13th January to around 5th of February. Winters in Shenzhen are mild and dry and usually don’t even last around one month. With about 24 days on average, the winter days experience more than half of the cold wave in the year. On some days, the temperature may fall to about 3°C(37°F) but that cold wave only lasts a day. Most days are warm and continuously sunny and will remind you of the summer warmth. The short winters of Shenzhen are dominated by mild dry weather and are also a good time to visit Shenzhen.

The average low and high temperatures are 14°C (57°F) and 19°C (66°F) in January, and 15°C (59°F) and 19°C (66°F) in February. There is usually no rainfall during winter days so the atmosphere is mostly humid and dry with barely any windy days. The 23-day season is also suitable for travelers looking to head out in the outdoors and explore the cultural and modern sights of this metropolitan area.

For those visiting, it is recommended that at least one thick jacket or overcoat be packed so that any chilly days can be dealt with. Packing some long-sleeved shirts and light sweaters or cardigans will also be enough to deal with the city’s mild and dry winter weather. Winter though brings home tens of millions of workers for the Chinese New Year in January or February, hence, there is a lot of traffic on airports and other connection points. Winter is the best time to visit any attraction in Shenzhen.

Delve yourself in the richness and uniqueness of the Chinese Spring Festival and celebrate the many different colors of this ethnic festival and its festive aura. Those visiting Shenzhen during the winter season can also head out to the Long Gang Dragon Parade which is held with fine pomp and pageantry in the city streets. In particular, the Splendid China Folk Village is a great place to witness the colorful bright lanterns and feisty festivities of the season. Relish the scrumptious Chinese foods and shake a leg to the music as you join the celebratory season in Shenzhen’s stunning and colorful streets.

The city of Shenzhen is blessed with numerous iconic places for indoor and outdoor fun and provides visitors the best opportunities to delve into the rich cultural scene of the city while getting a taste of the modern futuristic vibe it exudes. The economic heart of the city Futian CBD is a great place to explore and admire the city’s iconic gleaming skyscrapers.

The iconic and impressive mini-globe, Window of the World is also a stunning place to enjoy the replicas of some of the world’s many wonders such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Eiffel Tower, all in miniature. Be it the stunning Nanshan Mountains or the beautiful coastline in the east which is filled with abundant reefs, coves, Shenzhen has something for everyone.

While most of Shenzhen’s seasons are moderate and temperate for visitors looking to explore the vibrant city and its wonderful skyscrapers and cultural attractions. Spring and Autumn are perhaps the best times for people to visit Shenzhen when the weather is neither too hot nor rainy and the temperatures are appropriate for tourists and travelers to spend the day outdoors.

Therefore, the ideal months to visit the city are from mid-march to mid-April and from mid-October to late November just before the start of the dry chilly season. Visitors are also recommended to check the forecast before planning their trip in case any torrents or typhoons might mar their stay.

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