5 of the Best Ways to Spend Your Time in Phuket

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5 of the Best Ways to Spend Your Time in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most sought after beach vacation spots in Thailand. A vast number of tourists flock every year to Phuket to experience the some of the best excitement and fun that Southeast Asia has to offer. Phuket has a vivid assortment of activities like cabaret shows, delicious Thai food, nightlife, watersports, and the list goes on. On this page, you will discover some pretty amazing ways you can spend your time in Phuket.

1. Sightseeing in Phuket

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Phuket has some attractive sightseeing spots that you would not want to miss. Starting from shrines, to museums to islands, every place is a sight to sore eyes.

  • Big Buddha of Phuket: The giant statue of Lord Buddha squatting on the crown of Nekkerd Hill is a sight to behold. This sacred site speaks of the divine art and culture of Phuket and gives you a mesmerizing panoramic view of the town. The sparkling Burmese marble of Buddha statue with jingles of bells and dharma sounds will surely captivate your soul.
    • Wat Chalong Temple: For some spiritual experience while on your Phuket trip, drop by this aesthetic temple built in the 19th century. The captivating temple architecture is filled with Buddha idols and stupas. Inculcate some valuable life lessons by interacting with the monks while you let the positivity of the place fill your being.
    • Phang Nga Bay: Phang Nag Bay is famous as James Bond Island, and is a must-visit site. The bay houses 40 small islands with lagoons, caves, and mangroves that gives it a picturesque view. Seize the magical air of this place during sunset while treating your taste buds with exotic Thail delicacies.
    • Phuket Tricky Museum: For some brain wracking experience, keep this museum in your bucket list for your time in Phuket. This 3D museum is a perfect blend of modern art and paintings. The illusion here will keep you transfixed on everything you see, and is one of the best places in Phuket. It is an excellent place for both children and adults to stimulate their creative brain cells.
    • Jui Jui Shrine: If you are in Phuket with family, make sure to visit this holy Chinese shrine devoted to Tean Hu Huan Soy. Jui Jui is a perfect example of local culture and brilliant craftsmanship. The vivid color of the monument attracts tourists besides the firecracker house that is guarded by four major dragons. You can also test your fortune with bamboo sticks in this exotic temple.
    • Baan Telanka: This place will turn your world upside down. No!! It would not put you in trouble; rather, it gives you a chance to become spiderman. Baan Telanka is a fantastic piece of innovation and imagination laid down in the form of an upside-down house. The entry is through the roof that touches the ground, and various unique games will add to your fascination for this place.
    • Chalong Bay Rum Distillery Your: Want to quench your rum appetite while attempting to learn a few tricks to whisk a perfect cocktail, then you will love this place. A tour through the distillery will unveil many rum secrets while you get a chance to peek in the rum-making process. Soak in the town view while sipping samples of rum or your self made cocktail.
    • Koh Panyee Floating Village: The floating village is an extraordinary fishermen village built on stilts. The village is dipped in tradition with a slight modern whiff of restaurants and internet facilities. The floating football stadium is a great attraction for soccer fanatics.
    • Old Phuket Town: Old towns are the hidden gems that speak of the rich cultural past of a place, and Old Phuket Town is no different. While strolling down the lanes of this old town, you can witness a unique charm in the architectures, and the hustle and bustle of the original Phuket. Soaking in this ancient essence of the town is one of the best ways to spend your time in Phuket.

2. Adventure Activities in Phuket

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Phuket is known for adventure water sports in the Andaman waters. If adventure is your thing, give these activities a shot during your time in Phuket.

  • Scuba Diving: Your trip to Phuket is incomplete without Scuba diving in the ocean waters. Embrace the unexplored world of underwater filled with colorful coral reefs and mesmerizing aquatic animals. This fun-filled thrilling adventure will unfold a delightful underwater journey for you.
    • Standup Paddling: This is an add-on to your list of watersports in Phuket. The activity is quite fun as you gently row your board in the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean. While the paddling is done while you stand, you can sit or lie down to balance yourself on the board.
    • Snorkeling: The most rewarding underwater activity in Phuket is Snorkelling. Explore a whole new world of rich flora and fauna plummeted in turquoise waters of the Andaman sea. Racha Island is heaven for Snorkelling enthusiasts with crystal blue waters and warm sand to unwind.
    • Surfing: Enough of playing Subway surfers on your screen, now experience real-time thrill-filled surfing on the rolling waves of Andaman. The beautiful view of the water and beaches makes surfing an unusual experience in Phuket.
    • White water Rafting: If you love water sports, do not miss the white water rafting in Phuket. Row down your rubber tube with a group of cheery faces down the current. This stimulating and amusing water sport is worth your time in Phuket.
    • Zipline: Always wanted to sway from tree to tree effortlessly like Tarzan, here is an activity for you. Hanuman Zipline in Phuket gives you a chance to fly between the canopies of old trees with soothing jungle breeze calming your senses. Walk on the wooden sky bridges while you explore the wild closely.
    • Parasailing: If your heart craves for a dose of the soul-stirring expedition, parasailing in Phuket is an electrifying activity. Lose yourself in the winds as you glide over the blue waters with a lovely view of the beach beneath you.
    • Zorbing in Patong: Zorbing is sure to tickle fun cells of both adults and children. This exciting activity at Phuket gives an adrenaline rush as you roll down a 190 meters hill inside a flexible plastic zorb.
    • Bungee jumping: Adventure lovers are familiar with bungee jumping, and the picturesque locations of Phuket make it a memorable and thrilling experience. Vanquish your fear of heights by jumping from a cliff as adrenaline courses through your body.

3. Nightlife in Phuket

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  • Simon Cabaret Show: Spoil yourself a bit with the extravagant Simon Cabaret Show. This show features ladyboys moving their bodies swiftly to the beats of music with impressive lighting and props. The actors from across the globe will provide you a plunge in the glamorous nightlife of Thailand. Do not miss this intriguing experience at any cost.
    • Fanta Sea Show: This cultural theme Park show is sure to make your heart skip a beat. The grand scale extravagant cultural entertainment showcases the mysterious and mythical folklore of Thailand. Enjoy the performance of brilliant artists with glittery costumes, makeup, and vibrant music while digging in a mouth-watering buffet of Thai and international cuisine.
    • Naka Market: Naka market commonly goes by the name Weekend Night Market. It amplifies the active nightlife of Phuket where you can rummage through hundreds and hundreds of stalls. Besides, you can also soothe down your craving for some authentic local Thai food here. If you are not on a shopping spree, just relish in the weekend vibes and energetic crowd.
    • A night out at Bangla Road: As the sun goes down, Bangla Road vibrates with life. This is a must on your to-do list in Phuket. After sightseeing and enjoying the thrills of sports, get on the streets of Bangla road to experience the thrilling nightlife. The whole area is bathed in neon lights with bars and music buzzing at every nook and corner. Ditch your sleep and hop on from bars to bars and spend a cheerful evening in these streets.
    • Siam Niramit Show: One more show to add on your bucket list while in Phuket is Siam Namrit Show. If you have enjoyed historical tales and ancient roots, there is no better show than this one. A perfect amalgamation of history, art, and culture with modern visual effects, technology, and music; it is a marvelous way to both entertainment and enlightenment.
    • Beach party at Patong: Besides, Bangla road the next nightlife destination in Phuket is Patong Beach. The calming beach at daytime turns into a flashy, full of life party experience with loud music and quality liquor flowing through the crowds. It is the best bet for the beach parties on the island.

4. Shopping and Dining in Phuket


A trip is incomplete until you bring some memories back home with you. So, unleash your shopping-maniac self and explore the local markets in Phuket while savoring luscious Thai foods.

  • Thai cooking classes: If you love Thai food, why not try your hands on some easy recipes under the guidance of expert chefs. There are various cooking schools that acquaint you with essential tips and tricks to cook appetizing and authentic Thai delicacies. This is an interesting activity with bounties of learning about spices and local food.
    • Dine-in at Mom Tri’s Kitchen: A fine dine-in experience should top your bucket list if you are a foodie. What more one can ask than dining in an elegant setting with miles and miles of blue Andaman waters stretched before your eyes. Mom Tri’s Kitchen gives you such exceptional dining experience being equipped with an award-winning wine cellar, and an assorted range of various Thai and continental dishes.
    • Karon Temple Market: As the night approaches, you can take a stroll in the Karon Temple Market. To explore one of the busiest night markets in Phuket is far better than sleeping the night away. Rejoice the bustling crowd of the market that offers a close peak in the local life and culture of Thailand.
    • Chillva Market: Chillva Market is another hit spot of the night market. The market springs to life as the clock struck 4 in the evening. You can come across a myriad of stalls selling traditional clothes, sea-shell accessories, local handcraft products, mouth-watering regional food, shoes, and other items that you can gift to your loved ones as a memoir of your tour.

5. Relaxing in Phuket

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Phuket is bustling with life; however, if you want an escape from the din and bustle to relax and rewind, the beautiful and serene beaches in Phuket are your go-to stops.

  • Surin Beach: Soak in the tranquil atmosphere of Surin beach while gazing at the mesmerizing view of turquoise blue waters. This coastal village provides a serene escape in the lap of nature. With palm trees swaying in the breeze, take a dip in the crisp water, and enjoy the authentic Thai seafood.
    • Karon beach: Bask in the sun on the shining white sands of Karon Beach. While the blue water soothes your eyes, the sound of rolling waves crashing the shores fills you with calmness. Witness your stress evaporating in thin air, while you gape at the vivid hues splattered on the horizon as the sunsets.
    • Kata beach: Prepare yourself to get awestruck by the mesmerizing scenic beauty with soft sand and blue waters of Kata Beach. While in the day, you can enjoy the calm waterfront beholding the sight of the unending sea; at night, the beach comes to life. Delicious food, fine restaurants, and bars become the point of attraction.
    • Sail in Phuket’s waters: A romantic trip with your partner can be one of your most memorable times in Phuket. After an activity-packed day, sail on a traditional wooden boat in Phuket waters. With a background of love-filled melody, enjoy the evening with your partner and a lavish spread of barbecue and crisp champagne.
    • Laem Ka Beach: Laem Ka Beach is a hidden gem in the islands of Phuket. It is the most exotic beach with stunning views of offshore isles. It is like a private beach away from the cheerful crowd and is quite sidetracked from the main town. The shining blue waters and clear sky is ideal for going for a refreshing splash in sea waters.
    • Phi Phi Island: Phi Phi Island is blessed with exquisite natural beauty and the biggest attraction being the Maya Bay lagoon, encircled by rocky cliffs. Set your sail to explore the emerald waters of the bay enriched with exotic marine life. You are sure to get smitten with the breathtaking surroundings of the Andaman waters and tropical islands. You can also ride on a speed boat to get to Phi Phi islands on a solo trip.
    • Khao Rang viewpoint: If you are seeking a retreat from the humdrum of a busy market and beaches for a few hours, drive off to Khao Rang’s viewpoint. Watch the surrounding beauty of green canopies and the whole view of Phuket town from the top. The best time to hop on the viewpoint is during sunset as you can click some nice shots and also indulge in a small family picnic.

From this exciting list of activities, pick your favorites, and fly off to Phuket! It’s a great place to be, whether as simply a tourist, or for someone who may even be looking to retire in Southeast Asia. In either case, happy Travelling!

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