5 Great Ways to Spend Your Time in China

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5 Great Ways to Spend Your Time in China

Do you want to know about some really great ways to spend your time in China? I’ve got you covered! Please continue reading. China is increasingly becoming one of the most sought-after countries for tourism in the world. This is because of not only the growing economic prowess of the country, but also the increasing awareness of its many ethnicities and their distinct customs and traditions.

Because of all this, many visitors and tourists flock to China each year to explore its vibrant culture and rich history. Given the number of things that China has to offer to its visitors, it’s only natural for tourists to feel overwhelmed by all that they might want to see and do while staying in China.

Chinese water lanterns
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We have done quite a bit of research to categorically understand all the ways you can efficiently spend your time in China. Our priority while looking for things to do and places to visit in China was to pick out those experiences and places which offer full cultural, linguistic, and spiritual immersion, allowing you to make the most of your stay in China. Following are the results of our research regarding the top 5 ways to spend time China.

1. Embrace Cultural Immersion

culture of china
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There is nothing more exciting or invigorating than fully immersing oneself in the culture of their travel destination. China has a stark culture which stands out distinctly apart from those of the rest of the world. There’s so much to learn about its many different vibrant cultures and traditions, delicious cuisines, different ethnicities, and fascinating customs of each ethnicity that it would be a pity to leave China without actively pursuing the cultural treats it has to offer.

Therefore, the best thing that you can do to make the most of your time in China is to look out for experiences and tours that will allow you to take a look into the very soul of the region and discover the lifestyle of the people that inhabit it.

Visit Lhasa

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One great way of spending your time in China through cultural immersion is to head over to Lhasa which is the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Lhasa is where Tibetan culture’s roots grow long and strong. It’s the focal point of everything Tibetan, from its Buddhist religion to its numerous social and cultural attractions. The sense of spirituality one feels while exploring the many streets and temples of the city and hearing stories of Tibetan traditions from the locals is unparalleled and truly awe-inspiring.  Literally translating to “Buddha Place”, Lhasa really does live up to its name.

You can draw out something truly unique out of your time in China by visiting the Potala Palace in Lhasa, the single most esteemed site in Tibetan culture and Buddhist religion. It stands as a testament to Tibet’s theocratic past and was also the spiritual abode of the Dalai Lama. Today, it’s also the resting place for many Dalai Lamas who have passed away.

The Palace is full of relics of the past and preserved pieces of importance. You can view numerous paintings of Dalai Lamas and explore the exuberant frescoes that depict scenes from many important events in the history of Buddhism and also portray images of numerous historical figures. It stores nearly 2,500 volumes of important Buddhist scriptures including those written with gold ink.

There are also many detailed sculptures and statues along with a large variety of aesthetic carvings and engravings that fully capture and boldly exhibit the scared aura of Buddhism and its place in Tibet. However, Potala Palace is not only a place for you to relish in the religious and spiritual Tibetan past. Rather, it’s also a significant architectural achievement of the ancient times.

It’s massive and expansive, with 999 rooms and 13 floors made entirely out of wood and stone. The individual stupas are all studded with gold and gem, making the place both valuable and precious. Hence, if you truly want to witness the Tibetan culture, one of the best ways to spend your time in China is by exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site found in Lhasa.

Potala Palace, however, is not where your cultural immersion in Lhasa has to end it. There are many more sites that you can visit to dig deeper into the roots of Buddhism. Jokhang Temple is another such religious site where you can actually witness the pilgrims working hard to cleanse their minds and souls. Similarly, you can make your way up to various monasteries such as Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery to not only see thousands of preserved statues but also see how Tibetan Monks lead their lives.

Visit Chengdu

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As mentioned earlier, China’s different ethnicities boast a wide range of different cultures that will all equally pique your interest. Just like Lhasa offers plenty of opportunities for you to fully immerse yourself in Tibetan culture, Chengdu will give you an insight into the culture of Taoism that is clearly visible in the city.

With two UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its name, Chengdu is flush with culture and makes active effort in keeping it preserved and intact. There are about 150 museums that you can visit while in Chengdu to enhance your understanding of the city’s traditions and where they stem from.

While visiting Chengdu, you will recognize the importance of nature which lies at the very core of Taoism. There are many nature and wildlife tours that you can book for yourself to get closer to nature and experience the relaxation and tranquility which is central to Taoism. It’s also quite fortunate that Chengdu is home to the Giant Pandas which are also symbolic of China’s culture of peace and tranquility.

Visiting the Chengdu Panda Base is often one of the most favorite highlights of the visitors’ time in China because for many it’s the first time that they see these cute and cuddly creatures in their element. Chengdu Panda Base is a dedicated site for research regarding conservation of Giant Pandas and also serves as a breeding facility for rare species of pandas such as Red Panda.

The Base offers a number of different exhibits which provide interesting and important information regarding these Giant Pandas and observing them will keep you fairly engaged and entertained during whatever time you decide to dedicate to this cute animals out of your total time in China.

Another good thing about visiting Chengdu is its proximity to Leshan Giant Buddha which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and something you must take out time to visit. Just the ferry ride to the Leshan Giant Buddha is a fun journey on its own but you can also explore the site on foot and get up close and personal with the world’s largest statue of the Giant Buddha.

A great number of pilgrims visit the sculpture every day to pay their respects to this iconic statue, so visiting the Giant Buddha is one of the great ways of spending time in China.

Learn Mandarin

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If you’re truly a travel enthusiast who does not want to leave any stone unturned in discovering China to the fullest, then you can actually take on the highly challenging yet deeply rewarding task of learning Mandarin. Learning how to speak this abstruse yet utterly beautiful language and familiarizing yourself with the script of this language will not only keep you engaged during your time in China but will also open up avenues for you to meet new people and interact with fellow Chinese enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Mandarin is also the most widely spoken language for business so this take away from your time in China will definitely be one which will benefit you long after you have departed the country.

More interested and curious travelers will prefer to have a handle on the basics of the language before they arrive in China but even those who want to fully throw themselves into the deep end while surrounded by the Chinese culture will find many opportunities to do so. Depending on how much time in China you will be spending, you can enroll yourself in private courses offered both online or in private institutions established in China.

Most of the private language centers in China will afford you excellent courses in Mandarin which will be personalized to your skills and needs. One excellent example of such institutions is Live The Language (LTL) Mandarin which has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengde and also offers culturally immersive activities along with linguistic lessons. Keats School and That’s Mandarin are also other examples of private institutions where you can enroll to learn Mandarin.

After all, is there any other way to connect with the locals better than by learning to speak in their very own tongue?  We don’t so. So, if you want to forge that deep connection with China and its people, then you might as well start gearing up to learn about their culture in their very own language.

2. Travel Back in Time by Exploring History

history of china
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There are thousands of years of history to thank for what China is today. All of this history is evident in some of the oldest cities of China such as Xi’an which boast numerous sites of historical significance. With sculptures and statues standing as a testament to the spiritual past of the country and the ancient architecture being home to preserved beauty and skills of the past builders, you can spend a significant part of your time in China by simply exploring the sites of historical importance.

Delving deeper into the past of the country will not only enhance your understanding of China’s past culture and traditions but will also help you in making sense of its present. There are a lot of tours that you can book for yourself to see all the significant sites that China has to offer. Following are few of the places that we find most interesting in terms of the glimpse of history they allow the visitors to have.

Explore the Mogao Caves in Gansu

Mogao Caves
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Mogao Caves or Grottoes in Gansu are one of the most famous sites in China which is frequented by curious visitors to marvel at the incredible Buddhist past. The Mogao Caves boast a history of more than a thousand years and feature amazing statues and sculptures that stand as a bold statement of the artistic capabilities of the followers of the Buddha.

In total, there are nearly 600 caves out of which you can only visit 30. But even then, the Buddhist art in the form of preserved statues, murals, and scripts in those caves will transport you back to the ancient times and let you witness the leftover products of nearly 10 different dynasties that rules China.

To understand the full magnitude of how incredibly significant the Mogao caves are to the history of China, you can look over some statistics which will completely blow your mind. These caves span across for nearly a mile and are home to over 2,000 statues and 45,000 square meters long murals.

Even if you forget the number of statues and sculptures and manuscripts stored in these caves, the sheer artistic quality and their intricate design will have a lasting impact on your mind. If you want to spend your time in China exploring its rich yet complicate history, starting by booking a guided tour to the Mogao Caves is definitely a good idea.

Explore the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang Prefecture

Longmen Grottoes
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Although the idea of visiting caves to view the numerous preserved Buddhist sculptures is something encouraged by our recommendation of the Mogao Caves already, the Logmen Grottoes in the Luoyang Perfecture are slightly different from the Mogao Caves. These caves date as far back as the 490 AD and would perfectly suit your hunger to learn everything about the Buddhist history.

Like the Mogao Caves, the Longmen Grottoes are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and also include a couple of temples namely Fengxian Temple and Qianxi Temple as well as a tomb of a poet which are all open for visitors. They are a product of more than 400 years and house over 100,000 pictures and sculptures related to Buddhism including a 17.14 meters tall Buddha statue.

All the relics of the past are excellently preserved in the Longmen Grottoes, as can be judged by the fact that there are 2,500 stone tablets full of engravings kept in these caves.

Today, Longmen Grottoes stand as a tribute to the amazing artistic capabilities of the people of the past and are a source of awe for all enthusiastic visitors who climb nearly 99 steps to reach the statues of Buddha.

Explore the Historic City of Xi’an

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Xi’an can be called the single most historical city of all in China. The time you spend exploring this ancient city will definitely be one of the most effectively used time of your stay in China. Particularly when it comes to history, Xi’an is a treasure trove of all things related to China’s grand past.

The prime example of this is the famous Terracotta Army which was unearthed right here in Xi’an. It speaks volumes about the beliefs and history of ancient China. According to numerous studies, Terracotta Army was built and buried to protect the very first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang. Apart from a bunch of non-military statues, the Terracotta Army consists of 8,000 soldiers and 130 chariots as well as nearly 520 horses and covers an area of 22,780 meters square.

The best part of visiting this Terracotta Army is that every single one of the soldiers erected are incredibly detailed, so much so that each one bear a distinct expression and have different facial features. Being life-sized, standing amongst this Terracotta Army will be a breathtaking experience for you as you will feel like you have been transported to the time of Emperor Qin’s burial. To further emphasize on the significance of the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, it’s worth mentioning that it’s largely considered as one of the top contenders for the title of the “eighth wonder of the world”.

But the museum housing this Terracotta Army is not all that you can do when it comes to exploring the history of China in Xi’an. One of the easiest ways to bask in the ancient charm of the city is to visit the Xi’an City Wall and go on a stroll around it.

The construction of the city wall is remarkable in terms of its strength and preservation. This city wall runs for 14 kilometers and biking atop this strong Chinese fortification would make for a thrilling ride through the time of the Ming and Tang dynasties and is definitely something you should try while spending your time in China.

Explore the Three Confucius Sites in Qufu

Three Confucius Sites
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Confucius played a significant role in the history of China and his impacts on Chinese traditions, culture, and civilizations are clearly visible throughout China. The Three Confucius Sites in Qufu stand as a testament to this fact and has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Three Confucius Sites include the Confucius Family Mansion (Kong Fu), Confucius Temple (Kong Miao), and Confucius Cemetery (Kong Lin). Although they are called “Three” Confucius Sites, they offer a lot more than that and it can very well take more than a day for you to fully explore the history behind them. In fact, the Confucius Temple alone covers the full area of 218,000 meter squares and consists of 100 buildings while the Kong Mansion has 152 buildings.

The Confucius Cemetery includes the eternal resting place of Confucius and is also the place where nearly 100,000 disciples are buried. This cemetery dates back to the era of the Zhou dynasty which means it’s nearly 2,340 years old.

Overall, the Confucius Temple is so large and expansive that it’s considered the second largest ancient architectural complex after the Forbidden City in Beijing. It covers a total area of 95,000 meter squares and houses numerous stone tablets which closely relate to the teachings of Confucius. In essence, Three Confucius Sites in Qufu is a historically and culturally significant place to visit but also a symbol of the architecture prowess of the ancient followers of Confucius.

3. Explore Beijing

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If you want a sure shot way of having the best time in China, then you must not leave without staying in or at least visiting Beijing. Not only is Beijing the capital city of China, it’s also the epicenter of all economic, political, and culture activities in the country. The most interesting thing about this city is that it’s a mixture of imperial past of China but also an emblem of the contemporary progress of the country.

While visiting Beijing, you can both explore the history of the country and relish in the modern offerings of the city. From the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City to the Yandaixie Street and the Olympic Park, the city has a lot to offer which will keep you sufficiently engaged and entertained for the entirety of your stay in China.

We have compiled a list of some of the places that you must visit and the sights you must see which will all make sure that you are spending your time in China in the best way possible.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China
Image Source: radissontravels.com

The Great Wall of China is something we all grow up listening about. After all, no geography teacher likes a student who does not know about all Seven Wonders of the World. But, if you ever get a chance to see this Great Wall of China for real and you miss out on the opportunity, it will be simply tragic. Great Wall of China is the single most important attraction that you must visit when in Beijing.

Although you might have believed otherwise, the Great Wall of China is not one continuous monument. Rather, there are many sections of the Great Wall around Beijing and you can choose the one which is the most convenient for you to visit depending on how adventurous you are feeling. With all sections taken into account, the total length of the Great Wall of China is 21,196 km. It makes its way across rugged landscape of both mountains and undulating planes as it was originally built to fortify the city against Mongolian invaders.

The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China is the easiest to visit as you can easily go for a stroll around it. The Jinshaling and Simatai sections of the Great Wall of China require a little bit of more effort as you will have to hike up to reach the wall. Whichever section you choose, it’s given that your pictures at the Great Wall of China will capture your favorite memories from your time in China. The scenic beauty all around is, of course, a bonus and you will surely love the rugged background of the never-ending Great Wall of China as you start climbing it.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City
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The Forbidden City in Beijing is one of the most important cultural sites that you must visit during your time in China. City by our modern standards but simply a palace during the times of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Forbidden City was the happy abode of the emperors for nearly 500 years. A simple walk through the Forbidden City might not cut it for most visitors who seek to have a more intimate travel experience, so you can always book a guided tour to dig deeper into the beauty and history of the Forbidden City.

Considered the best preserved and the most imperial palace of the world, the Forbidden City consists of 8,703 rooms all of which are constructed with wood and fitted with marble. From its numerous gardens such as the Imperial Garden to the many halls once dedicated for the Emperors to handle state affairs in, there’s a lot to visit and see in this Forbidden City.

While touring this Palace Museum you will come across many preserved artifacts and decorated ornaments that would afford you an incredible look into the traditions and lifestyle of the Chinese Emperors of the past. Visiting the Forbidden City will definitely be a good use of your time in China. After all, if you’re in the capital city of modern China, might as well fully explore what was the political capital of the region for many, many years.

Summer Palace

Summer Palace
Image Source: amazingchinatrip.com

Nearly not as old as the other historical places in the country, the Summer Palace was built in 1750 as a summer house for the then Emperor of China. It’s considered one of the prettiest attractions of the city, and rightly so. It was purpose-built with the best resources by the most skillful architects of the time.  The architect of the Summer Palace is the prime example of what the Chinese architecture in the ancient times looked like.

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Summer Palace is a combination of many gardens and palaces set in the middle of hills and lakes. The general atmosphere of the Palace is that of peacefulness and tranquility and this is exactly the reason why it’s called “The Garden of Tranquil Harmony” in Chinese. If you want to visit some place quiet and beautiful during your time in China, then you must visit the Summer Palace in Beijing and maybe even catch a boat ride down the Kunming Lake.

Beijing Olympic Park

Beijing Olympic Park
Image Source: adamsonsystems.com

A refreshing break from all the history that you will be exploring in China, Beijing Olympic Park is a symbol of China’s place in the annual Olympic Games. Specifically constructed for the Olympic Games of 2008, the Beijing Olympic Park consists of 10 venues for different sports. These include the Yingdong Natatorium, Water Cube, Bird’s Nest, National Indoor Stadium, the Olympic Green Archery Field, the Olympic Green Tennis Center, and the Olympic Green Hockey Field.

Beijing Olympic Park is now a cultural venue where many sports and social events are held to keep the public of the city effectively engaged. You can visit the park to participate in an exhibition or you can simply decide to take a walk in the Olympic Forest Park which is also the largest park in Beijing. However you may decide to spend your time exploring this attraction, Beijing Olympic Park is amongst one of the most popular sites of the city.

Beijing Opera Performance

Beijing Opera
Image Source: kiinalainenuusivuosi.fi

Another great way to spend your time in China is to actually go and watch one of the traditional Chinese theatrical performances. Beijing is the best place to take part in this precious cultural activity as Beijing Opera is considered an essential part of the Chinese identity. Being in the audience for this theatrical mix of music, dance, mime, and acrobatics will surely be an experience you will not regret undertaking during you time in China.

Li Yuan Theater in Beijing is the most famous stage for Beijing Opera performances. Sip on some world-famous Chinese Tea while enjoying the shows. Apart from the Li Yuan Theater, Beijing Opera Theater, and Mei Lanfang Theater are also excellent places where you can go to watch the famous Beijing Opera performance.

4. Explore Shanghai

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Shanghai is the largest city of China and also perhaps the most modern city of the country. It fits the bill of a contemporary, metropolitan city but at the same time has enough historic sites which afford it an almost languid charm. No matter how long your visit to the country is, you should definitely take some time out to visit Shanghai. Exploring this city is one of the best ways of spending your time in China.

We have looked over numerous attractions and beautiful places that Shanghai has to offer, and have chosen the ones which will allow you to make the most of your time in China.

Walk around Fuxing Park

Fuxing Park
Image Source: faredepot.com

Sure, Shanghai has everything that you can demand from a city. But, it’s not completely devoid of the natural connection so essential to a healthy lifestyle. The Fuxing Park situated in the old French Concession of Shanghai is the perfect example of a place where you can hide away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Popularly known as the go-to spot for the elderly members of the community, you will find many adults having the time of their life in the lush gardens of this park. Along with the people in retirement relaxing and playing traditional board games with their friends, you will also find plenty of musicians practicing their craft in the nooks and crannies of this park. Generally, the aura of Fuxing Park is laidback and quite relaxing. This attraction is the best place for spending your downtime and unwinding after a long day of sightseeing in Shanghai.

Visit Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland
Image Source: cgtn.com

Disneyland is always a favorite amongst the kids, but the adults equally look forward to fully immersing themselves in this theme park. If you are traveling with family, Shanghai Disneyland should be near the top of your priority list. It’s the first Disney Park in Mainland China and also the park with the largest Disney castle and the longest Disney parade.

From the Fantasyland to the Mickey Avenue, Shanghai Disneyland will take you an entire day to enjoy fully. Spending a fun filled day in this Disney Park populated by the numerous characters from your favorite Disney movies will definitely be one of the most worthwhile ways of spending your time in China.

Visit Qibao

Image Source: chinatravel.com

If you visit any place, especially China, and do not expose your tastebuds to the local cuisine, did you even visit the place? The most important thing to seek out whenever on vacation is the perfect place to eat, a place which will not only allow you to dig deep into the authentic local cuisine but also enchant you with its ambience. In Shanghai, the best way to tastefully spend your time in China is by visiting Qibao.

Qibao is one of the many water towns which surround the city of Shanghai, except it’s well within the reach of anyone in the city and popular for its excellent street food. Qibao itself is a quaint little town erected over a canal with tiny shops and a few attractions of its own such as the Bell Tower. It’s frequented by tourists who enjoy not only the street food of there are abut also indulge themselves in cheap and affordable window shopping.

If you’re in Shanghai, a day trip to Qibao will be a great way of spending your time in China.

Visit Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Image Source: forrec.com

Staying true to its identity as the most modern of the cities in China, Shanghai is home to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum which spans over an area of about 68,000 square meters. Exploring this expansive museum at one of your more relaxed days in China will make for a fascinating educational experience for you and your family.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is based around the theme of “Nature, Mankind, Technology” and following this theme, the museum is divided into two wings with one devoted to nature and the other dedicated to all things artificial and technological. With 14 exhibitions open for public, this museum is where you will find everything you need to know about the cutting-edge technology and even the history of science in China.

Along with this, the museum also has four cinemas including two IMAX theaters so that you can learn all about the technological advancements in a fun and interactive manner.

5. Explore Shenzhen

Image Source: cdn.i-scmp.com

A coastal city in China, Shenzhen is a competitive, metropolitan city spearheading innovation and economic progress in China. Recognized as the City of Design by UNESCO, Shenzhen is as inventive as China gets. Like other cities of the country, Shenzhen offers a long list of fun and impressive things to its visitors. We have compiled a list of some of the best things to do in Shenzhen to make sure you make the most of your time in China while visiting this city.

Explore the Window of the World

Window of the World
Image Source: YouTube.com

One of the places in Shenzhen that you must visit is the Window of the World. As the name suggests, exploring this expansive theme park is just like taking a stroll around the world. It houses amusing and quite accurate miniature models of all the famous places of the world.

From Asia to Australia, Window of the World has at least one place which is characteristic of each continent. You can swerve your way around the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then make your way towards The Palace of Versailles all the while staying firmly in the busy city of Shenzhen. There are not just replicas of monuments built by humans in this park, there are also quite a few attractive natural sites of the world that are reconstructed here in a miniature form such as the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore.

Furthermore, this theme park also features an exciting indoor ski slope for children who like to get a bit more hands-on with the things they do and even offers nightly firework display for the pleasure of kids and families. Ideal for people traveling with their children, exploring the Window of the World is the perfect way of spending your time exploring not only Shenzhen but also the world itself!

Head Over to the Coco Park

Coco Park
Image Source: tripadvisor.com

Coco Park is the place which has truly imbibed the innovative spirit of Shenzhen. Essentially a shopping mall, Coco Park is the prime location for shopping and entertainment and Shenzhen. True to its fame as the corporate city of China, Coco Park is home to over 200 different International and Chinese brands. If you want to go on a shopping spree or prefer window shopping only, Coco Park is the place to go.

Apart from being a modern market for getting all your favorite products and then some more, Coco Park also feature some excellent dining options catering to all sorts of diners. The wide variety of restaurants means that not only Chinese cuisine is available for you to dig into, you can also find a number of different options catering to your fast food desires.

From watching a movie to grabbing your favorite clothes and even catching a tasty bite of your favorite snack, Coco Park is the place you will find yourself most happily occupied.

Camp at the Nanshan Mountains

Nanshan Mountains
Image Source: 578xj.com

Shenzhen is surely the technological city of China but it is also quite fortunate because of its proximity to the scenic hills. The Nanshan Mountains near Shenzhen are the perfect place for the visitors and locals of the city to escape to at the end of the week.

Surrounded by green hills and greener forests, camping at Nanshan Mountains provides the perfect opportunity to be both healthy and adventurous at the same time. Since the mountain is also located by the Yangtze River, the views that you will get to see while camping will be absolutely breathtaking and almost meditative.

Nanshan Mountains are also home to the Nanshan Botanical Garden which spans across nearly 500 hectares and houses over 5000 different species of plants, both those native to China and those brought from abroad. Camping at Nanshan Mountains will give you plenty of time to roam around and explore the Nanshan Botanical Gardens which would yet again be a beautiful experience the aesthetics of which will last a lifetime.

Shenzhen has a lot to offer in terms of modern entertainment spots and places of cultural and social exchange. The innovative center of the country, however, can sometimes be too loud or too busy for people on vacations and at such times, getting away to pleasanter and quieter places of the city will be all you want. Therefore, going camping and joining in experiences which will bring you closer to nature will definitely be amongst the highlights of your time in Shenzhen. It will offer you to time to reflect and reconnect with nature, and once you’ve recharged your natural battery, you’d be ready to hop all over Shenzhen and other parts of China for even more thrilling adventures.

Visit OCT Loft Creative Culture Park

OCT Loft Creative Culture Park
Image Source: YouTube.com

Shenzhen might be the economic and technological giant of a city, but that does not mean it lacks culture and taste. One proof of this fact is the Creative Culture Park which is home to a number of art galleries and music venues. This is the place where all the “hip” events take place in the city. While staying in Shenzhen, you can check out one of the many exhibits and concerts which are hosted in this Creative Culture Park. 

OCT Loft is one of the most colorful and flamboyant places of the city and the time you’ll spend here will not only be fun, but also culturally and socially enriching for you.

Laze around at a Shenzhen Beach

beach in Shenzhen
Image Source: shenzhenshopper.com

As mentioned earlier, Shenzhen is a coastal town. This means that it’s a city which has beaches and shorelines and the bright blue water of the ocean to offer. If you’re staying Shenzhen, one of the best ways to spend your time is to head over to a beach and get that much-needed sunscreen on your face. There are quite a few beaches that you can choose from, 23 beaches to be exact. Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beaches are the most popular beaches amongst all 23 that Shenzhen has to offer.

If you are planning a perfect sunny day in Shenzhen, then Dameisha Beach is the top contender in the list of beaches. The views it affords to its visitors are simply breathtaking, and quite unusual for a city like Shenzhen. With bright blue water in the foreground and lush green hills in the background, Dameisha is one of the most beautiful beaches of the city. Because it’s under the radar for tourism development, Dameisha Beach offers plenty of sport activities for beachgoers. These include but are not limited to climbing and camping.

Similarly, Xiaomeisha Beach is another popular spot for locals and tourists chasing a bit of sun. Cleaner and fresher than the Dameisha Beach, Xiaomeisha offers both aesthetic landscape and numerous entertainment activities to its visitors. You can hop onto a jet ski or choose to swim your way into the ocean. You can even decide to strap yourself to a boat and soar high while participating in Thai parasailing. This beach also offers numerous activities as the sun sets, including but not limited to barbecue, dance, music, and magic shows.

Since Shenzhen is a coastal town, it only makes sense to exploit its natural offerings to the fullest and head over to one of its many beaches for a relaxing and sunny day by the shore.


Image Source: thetimes.co.uk

China has it all. It has cities bustling with modern markets and cities holding stringently to the past. It’s full of places which stand as a testament to the strength of its ancient history and then places that proclaim it to be at the forefront of technological advancements. Plan your visit accordingly. Gain the ultimate Chinese experience by properly dividing up the way you will spend your time. Experience it all, from Disneyland to the preserved Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin.

According to what we researched, we found that the best way of spending time in China was to divide it between cultural immersion, historical exploration, and visitations to the top three cities of the country. In doing so, every single branch of culture and entertainment that China has to offer is covered. And by putting these suggestions into practice, you’re sure to have an exhilarating time in China that you will not soon forget.

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