Discover Why the Seychelles Islands Should Be Your Next Vacation

Seychelles Islands
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Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life can get to be too much, so it’s important to be able to break away from the mundane routine of life, hop on a plane, and visit places that make your heart beat a little faster. We were in search of places that we could escape to as well, and then ended up looking over the breathtaking beauty and majesty of the , located just shy of 1,000 miles east of Kenya, in the Somali Sea.

Of all the 115 , the following 10 are the ones that pulled at our heart strings the most. Here is a compilation of many of the things we found interesting about these 10 islands.


Mahe Island (one of the Seychelles Islands)
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Mahe is the largest of the Seychelles Islands, and also where the capital of the country situated. It’s also where one-third of the Seychelles Islands’ total population lives. It offers excellent cultural diversity, thanks to its many colonizer sand settlers. With lush green forests scattered everywhere between its many white sand beaches, Mahe is where most of the tourists to the Seychelles Islands go. And rightly so, the beauty is mesmerizing.

Mahe Island Adventures

Being the most populous of the Seychelles Islands, Mahe is also a hub of countless adventurous activities. There are so many exciting things that you can participate in with your friends and family and make memories for a lifetime.

Mahe is all about beautiful white sand beaches that take your breath away. There are so many of those, that you can spend a major part of your vacations just relaxing on each one of them. Amongst them, the Petite Anse, Anse Intendance, Anse Soliel. And Anse Royale are the most popular beaches.

Because the weather at the Seychelles is always summery, sunbathing or relaxing at the beach is never out of the question. Add to it the stunning granite views, clear water, and the scattered sea shells, and you’ll have yourself the perfect Mahe Island beach.

However, there is so much more you can do when you are at Mahe apart from just hopping from one beach to another. You can actually go scuba diving or snorkeling, and get a first-hand experience of swimming with the fishes.

Hiking at the Mahe is also quite adventurous. From Copolla Trail to Morne Blanc Trail, there is so much of the beauty that you can try. When hiking, however, remember to go fully prepared – as you might not always find the best facilities along the way.

You can also go on a catamaran tour which begins in Mahe and takes you around the Moyenne  Island to see the breathtaking St. Anne Marine Park.  While at it, you can also get to know more about the history of the Seychelles Islands and wonder at the marvelous nature of the sights you see.  

Mahe Island Animals

While visiting Mahe Island, do not forget to explore the unique species of animals that reside there. Apart from the giant tortoises that Mahe is famous for, also look out for its many unique birds such as the Kolibri (Seychelles sunbird), the bulbul (Seychelles merl), and the Seychelles scops owl. You can even go bird watching in one of the many botanical gardens of Mahe.

Mahe Island Architecture

Since Mahe is where the capital of the country is also situated, you can visit a lot of preserved historical sites. Rich with culture and influences of various nations, there is so much about the country that you can learn while on a tour of Mahe.

One of the most frequented architectural sites of Mahe is the Clock Tower situated in the capital city of Victoria. It was actually built as a replica of the Big Ben of London in the early 1900s and definitely something you should see – you’ll be surprised at how alike the two monuments in completely different continents are.

Another architectural site to visit is the Seychelles National History Museum in Victoria. From documentary archives to preserved historical articles, this is a place to be for all history nerds.  

If you want to visit some monuments more natural, there are plenty of preserved gardens that will help you satiate your curiosity. Le Jardin Du Roi Spice is one such famous monument owned by an elderly lady where you can explore the many indigenous spices and also enjoy a flavorful meal.

If you are particularly interested in the flora of the Islands, you must also visit the Morne Seychelles National Park or the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens where you will find plenty of indigenous species of plants which are both rare and fascinating.

Mahe Island Food

Gorging yourself on delicious, regional meals at Mahe is actually very affordable and easy. With seafood, particularly Tuna, being a staple food for the islanders, there are many cheap restaurants that serve cheap yet flavorful meals. If you are on a budget, choose local bars and café over fancy hotels and you will be more than just fulfilled with red snapper, prawns, Tuna, and a variety of different salads that are so popular on the island.

At Mahe Island, you will find great value for money when it comes to food. If you are just two people, getting one meal will be pretty fulfilling for you both. This means that you will not end up eating a major chunk of your travelling budget, and can instead use it to visit an extra tourist spot or two.

Mahe Island Lodging

Finding affordable lodging is pretty easy in Mahe Island. From cheap 3-star hotels that cost about 3,000 SCR to 5-star hotels costing almost 30,000 SCR, there are plenty of options whether you are on a budget or fancy getaway. Some famous hotels include Constance Ephelia, Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. In conclusion.

Mahe Island is an excellent island to start your tour of the Seychelles from. It’s great for both adventurers wanting to explore remote areas, and those who want an exotic experience but do not want to do too far. There are just too tourist spots, affordable accommodations, cheap restaurants, and exuberant beaches for you to not miss out on Mahe.


Praslin Island
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Praslin Island is the second largest of the Seychelles Islands. Not very far from the main Mahe Island, you can easily get to Praslin in just fifteen minutes if you choose to travel via air. Otherwise, there are also ferries that run between the two islands which can take you from Mahe to Praslin. Even though it’s visited by many couples enjoying their honeymoons, Praslin Island is particularly attractive for families because a lot of the activities it offers are family-oriented. 

Praslin Island Adventure

Praslin Island, like Mahe, is also famous for its sunny, stunning beaches. The one beach that you must visit while in Praslin is the Anse Lazio beach. Many people claim it to be the most beautiful of the beaches anywhere in the world, and rightly so. This is where the turquoise water and the soft white sand meets the lush green forest. What contrast of nature! The best part of visiting this beach is that you do not need to go far beyond to snorkel. You can do it right there, by the coast. Other fun beaches to visit include Anse Georgette and Petite Anse Kerlan.

Apart from the necessary beach visits, you can also play golf in one of the many lush green golf courses, such as Lemuria Golf Course. The view while playing golf, needless to say, is exuberant. You will not only have the view of the ocean, but also the view of the granite mountains while you play golf nestled in the forest.

There are also a lot of opportunities for certified drivers to go and swimming with the fishes. Saint Pierre Island by Praslin, also known as the Marine National Park, is a popular snorkeling spot. You can also find multiple diving centers which specifically cater to certifies divers.  

Praslin Island Architecture

Architecture at Praslin is mainly in the form of natural reserves. If you want to get to know more about the flora and fauna of the island, you must visit Valle de Mai Nature Reserve and Ford Ferdinand Nature Reserve.

Valle de Mai is what Praslin is famous for. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also popularly known as the Garden of Eden. This is where the Coco de Mer trees grow and you can even bring one hoe if you want to.

Ford Ferdinand Nature Reserve is particularly interesting because it is more peaceful than the popular Valle de Mai. It’s home to a grand forest of large Coco de Mer trees that cover a very large region. The best thing about this reserve is that the trails are not as crowded, so you can explore and enjoy at your own pace.

The entry fee for these reserves is also quite affordable, so that means you don’t need to spend a lot of money to go sight-seeing.

Praslin Island Animals

Along with its signature Coco de Mer trees that only grow on the Praslin Island, there are some interesting animals found there too. When at Praslin, you can come across the unique green Geckos and the Fruit Bats. Furthermore, you might even be able to witness the many Rays that swim in its beaches.

Praslin Island Food

Like at Mahe, you can get your hands on some really good Creole street food in Praslin too. This does not mean that you cannot get anything fancy on the island, there are plenty of options for that too.

Compared to Mahe, Praslin is a bit pricier when it comes to food. A normal meal for two in a local restaurant might cost around 800 SCR.  But then again, there is value of money at Seychelles. So whatever you buy to eat, you know it be worth the money.

Praslin Island Nightlife

The social scene at Praslin is different than that of Mahe. It’s primarily focused on family, and many people prefer to go on a “long” drive with the sunset in the backdrop then head to a party. This kind of lazing around can be easily done on one of the many beaches and it will make for a great time with the loved ones.

Even then, if you want to have something more exciting, Praslin will not disappoint. There are quite a few bars around town that you can go to for a drink or two. Grand Anse and Baie Ste Anne are particularly famous for having an exciting nightlife where you can find places like The Jungle and Oxygen to have let your hair down.

Furthermore, Praslin also has a casino. Casino des Iles is a place where all the gaming tourists go to play either slots or blackjack or roulette. You can head over there too in case you miss the bar back home.

Praslin Island Lodging

Lodging at Praslin is slightly cheaper than that of Mahe. There are plenty of great options that you can choose from such as the affordable Berjaya Praslin Resort or the fancier Le Relax Beach Resort.

On average, a normal 3-star hotel costs about 3,000 SCR but the fancier options are not far ahead costing only about 8,000 SCR. 

Praslin Island Travel Tips

Praslin Island is a pretty easy place to explore. Although getting to the island is not particularly challenge, because of the growing popularity of the Seychelles Islands, it is highly likely that you might not be able to find the flight on your desired date during the peak summer season. It will definitely be useful to book ahead of time and plan your vacation accordingly.

Once on the island, getting around is also very easy. The shuttle service runs for a major part of the day and getting around by walking is also not that hard. Apart from buses and taxis, you can also rent a bike and make your way around the city. Just make sure to dump your luggage in the hotel before you decide to go around though, as many transportation services do not allow the passengers to carry bags with them.

In conclusion, Praslin is perhaps the most visited of the Seychelles Island. This is because it has one of the two UNESCO Heritage Sites and excellent nature reserves. Along with this, it is very suitable for families as well as couples to visit, making it all the more attractive for people travelling for different reasons.


La Digue Island
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Whether you have landed on Mahe or Praslin, visiting La Digue is incredibly easy. You can either hop onto a catamaran from Mahe or get on the jetty from Praslin to easily reach La Digue. Like the other two islands, La Digue is also frequented by tourists in search of a tropical getaway. In fact, it is very much a part and parcel of the Seychelles experience. Anyone who visits Mahe or Praslin, is almost certainly going to visit La Digue too.

La Digue Island Adventure

You must have already heard a lot about the beaches at the Seychelles Islands. It’s all true, they are incredible and very much the heart of each island. Like Mahe and Praslin, La Digue also has many beaches that you must visit if you want to feast your eyes on beautiful sceneries.

The top three beaches at La Digue include Anse Source d’Argent, Grande Anse and the Anse Reunion.

Anse Surce d’Argent is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles Island but it does come with a price. An entry fee of 120 SCR is applicable to whoever wants to visit the beach but many would say it is worth the money. Apart from being one of the best snorkeling spots in La Digue, the beach is surrounded by green hills and coral reefs.

You can also go out and about and explore many coves and caves left behind formed by the granite boulders. Similarly, although you cannot swim at Grande Anse, you can most definitely surf and partake in other water sports to have fun.

Apart from visiting beaches, you can also go crystal water kayaking or get one of the boat guides booked. Being on a glass kayak is an entire experience of its own. While at it, you can also snorkel in the calm, shallow water of the Indian Ocean.

Riding a bike around the island is also always an option. Because of the presence of so many caves, you can also go around exploring them. Or alternatively, you can simply hike on famous trails to get closer to nature.

La Digue Island Animals

La Digue is the most exciting island because of the unique species of animals that inhabit it. Particularly fascinating animal that is found there is the Aldabra Giant Tortoise. They are quite an attraction for people who visit Seychelles because they are so large and unique.

Furthermore, La Digue is home to incredible marine life reserves. From Seychelles tree frog to white fairy tern, there is a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, and fish that you can explore while visiting Seychelles.

La Digue Island Food

Food and drinks at La Digue are particularly cheap, with a normal, mid-range meal costing about 200 SCR. The price will fluctuate depending on where you choose to eat, but it will still be comparatively cheaper than at Mahe or Praslin.

If you are on a look out for some great places to eat creole food at, you might want to visit Chez Jules Restaurants which is actually a roadside shack by the beach. There are also some great international options available such as Le Repaire and Le Domaine’s Combava where you can enjoy both good food and good ambience.

La Digue Island Lodging

Lodging at La Digue is also significantly cheaper than lodging elsewhere in Mahe or Praslin. The most commonly booked hotels range between 2,000 to 5,000 SCR. Some common, affordable hotels include Chez Marston and Hotel L’Ocean.

The fancier options, of course, cost a lot more than that but then the facilities those hotels provide are also better than the average 3—star hotels. If you want something fancy, you might want to consider Moonlight Beach Villa or Villa Authentique.

La Digue Island Travel Tips

When planning your trip to La Digue, keep in mind that there is no airport on the island. You will have to land on the international airport at Mahe and then get on a catamaran to visit La Digue. Similarly, you can reach La Digue via a speeding ferry from Praslin. You can catch the ferry of your choice from the Praslin jetty. Getting to the jetty itself will take almost 20 minutes depending on where you are in Praslin. However, remember that these ferry only run during daylight hours so you will have to plan your trip accordingly.

We also think that because of the nature of La Digue, it is best if you save it for the end of your trip. You can begin by visiting Mahe and Praslin and make your way to other islands before spending a day or two at La Digue. Island hopping can be a bit tiresome, but La Digue is a laid-back place so it is a good stop right before you head home. At the end of the day, if you visit Seychelles but do not go La Digue, you will probably regret your decision.

Whether you are in Mahe or Praslin, do not miss out on La Digue. It is cheaper and more affordable than the two, and is richer in terms of wildlife than the rest of the islands.  Furthermore, it is very calm and serene. So, if tranquility is what you are looking for, you might very well find it at La Digue.


Fregate Island
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Fregate is one of the many private islands in Seychelles. It is locate djust below the equator, so it appears as it is summery all year along. Unlike the three major islands, it is fairly more luxurious and well-kept. Fregate is an entire city on its own as it gives its visitors a uniquely exotic and relaxing experience.

You can get to Fregate via both sea and air. Since there is no airport at the island, you wil have to land at the Seychelles International Airport on Mahe Island and then get on a chartered airplane or helicopter. Alternatively, you can reach Fregate on a catamaran or a boat.

Fregate Island Adventure

Fregate is home to 7 beaches in total, so there is plenty of white and golden sand as well as azure waters for you to visit. Being private, if you choose to visit the island or rent it, all the beaches will exclusively be yours, almost like a sanctuary away from the rest of the world.

There is a lot of stuff that you can do while at a beach in Fregate. You can swim and snorkel at Victorin beach and laze around at Marina Beach. Even getting to the beach is an adventure of its own because a couple of them are accessible via jungle trails through the forests. The best thing about adventure in Fregate is that it does not come without facilities, unlike other islands. For example, even at the beach, you will have all the luxuries of a posh city.

Apart from the beaches, there is a yacht club where you can hire boats to sail around the islands. Since this is also a private harbor, there are waiting lines to indulge in water sports. You can not only snorkel but also fish and have your catch cooked for you.

If you are more towards soul-searching adventure then being at Fregate is just perfect for you. Not only will the forests and the sea bring you under a trance, but heading over to the Rock Spa will give you almost an entirely magical experience. This is where you get your personal yogi to help you clear your head and get that essential cleansing of the body and the soul.

Thrill seekers must also visit Mount Signal, the highest point at Fregate. Once you have hiked all the way up, you can take in the breathtaking sights of the forests, the sea, and the granite hilltops.

Fregate Island Architecture

 One special place to visit if you are a history enthusiast is the Plantation House & Museum. It is actually a preserved home of a plantation owner and is now dedicated for special events. It has preserved historical records of the island’s history and marine wildlife. If you want to delve deeper into the character of the of the island, and want to find out more about its colonial past, then this Plantation House and Museum is  must see place for you.

Another place that you can go sightseeing at Fregate is the Tropical Island Chapel. This is where the weddings and religious ceremonies take place and is a great place to see if you want to discover the creole architecture.

Fregate Island Animals

Seychelles is famous for being one of the world’s most conserved sites. This means that the island of Fregate is also scattered with rare animals that you cannot find elsewhere. In fact, you can even participate in the conservation projects and get to see the wildlife up and close while also saving it from extinction.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will find yourself excited at the site of endangered Magpie Robin or the giant tortoises that roam freely all over the island. Seychelles is actually home to over 100 different species of birds, and you can actually witness them take flight or nestle in their nest while bird-watching. Some of the most exciting species of birds include Fairy Terns and Noddies which can almost certainly be viewed at sunset.

Furthermore, Fregate is also a safe haven for marine life. At beaches, you can actually see shoals of fish while when on a boat, you might get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a ray or a dolphin or a whale.

Fregate Island Lodging

Fregate is a luxurious island. This also means that it is scattered with luxurious residences. In fact, Fregate has a total of just 16 villas, making sure that every single family occupying the island has complete privacy.

The villas at Fregate are designed for small families, typically 2 adults and 2 children. In total, 44 adults and 15 children can stay at the island at any given time. Private Pool Villa and Banyan Hill Estate are two such residences where you can get all he luxuries that one might possibly want. The views from these houses alone are enough reason for anyone to want to visit Fregate.

Fregate Island Food

Part and parcel of being at a private island is the luxury of dining literally anywhere you want. When at Fregate, the entire island is your home. So you can eat at the beach, in the forest, at the top of the hill, or at the Fregate House.

You can even choose your own produce and catch your own fish. From BBQ to traditional creole style food, you’ll have your own personal chef whipping out whatever cuisine you desire. In conclusion, Fregate is the epitome of a luxurious getaway. Tucked in the midst of the Indian Ocean, you can hide away from all your worldly problems at Fregate.

The ease and luxury is precisely why people rent out this Island. Food, lodging, adventure – everything will be taken care of.


Ile Du Nord
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Literally translating to the North Island, Ile du Nod is another private island in the Seychelles. It is currently owned by a Russian steel tycoon known as Mikhail Prokhorov and managed by Wilderness safaris, which explains its standard of preservation.

Ile du Nord is just 30 km to the north of Mahe and is a relatively small island.

Ile Du Nord / North Island Adventure

On a private island, everything that you do can be deemed an adventure. With so much of exclusive space at your disposal, Ile du Nord is a perfect getaway for couples who want to spend time together.

In total, there are only 11 villas and 4 beaches on this Ile du Nord, making it a place to relax more than a place to seek adventure at. However, whatever you want to do out here, you can have it customized your way – be it the cleansing of body and mind, something to do with your family, or showing your love to your partner.

East Beach is the primary beach of Ile du Nord and can be accessed from any of the 11 villas. West beach is the one where you should head to if you want to experience an exuberant sunset while the Honeymoon Beach is the prime spot for romance.

The adventure at Ile du Nord is very organized, so all you need to do is to pick an activity for yourself. You can begin by heading over to the Dive Center where you can go with a certified PADI diver. Furthermore, you can even undergo training yourself and emerge as a fully certified PADI Diver. The same Dive Center also offers longboards and kayaks in case you ever want to go rowing with your partner.

Like on other islands, you can go fishing too. However, you will not be on your own and will be supported by trained fishermen instead. The best experience of fishing, of course, is getting to eat what you catch. And you can absolutely do that when at Ile du Nord.

Another activity that Ile du Nord offers is stand-up padding. This is a particularly interesting activity as it gives you the thrill of an exciting sport too. You can easily get a paddle board from the Dive Centre and head out right into the ocean to paddle over the sea waves.

Apart from these main activities, you can always take either cycling or walking tours. These tours are largely guided so while you will be taking in the breath taking beauty of the island, you will also be learning about its hidden treasures. Sunset cruises also offer adventurous ways to set out to the sea and party with your friends on the boat.

Ile Du Nord / North Island Animals

Flora and fauna of the North Island is as diverse as that of any other in the Seychelles, thanks to years of effort put into restoration and conservation of the native species.

As of now, you can find rare species of birds such as black parrot, Seychelles warbler and the coveted Seychelles Magpie Robin at Ile du Nord. Apart from these, you might even be lucky enough to spot the tiny Seychelles tree frog or the hanging fruit bat.

Ile Du Nord / North Island Food

Like everything else on a private island, the food that you want to eat at Ile du Nord is also incredibly customized. The kitchen of the island works on a system of daily menus that depends on your preference, the available produce from the forest, and whatever other dietary requirements you might have.

There are many different dining venues at Ile due Nord which can be personalized according to your mood and occasion. The primary dining venue is the Piazza Bar & Lounge which is just by the ocean. There is also a pizza place at the Sunset Beach where your culinary experience will be particularly casual and laidback.

Apart from the restaurants, room service is provided in each villa where you can get dishes cooked up upon request. All in all, the culinary journey at Ile du Nord will be a rich and flavorful one.

Ile Du Nord / North Island Lodging

As mentioned earlier, Ile du Nord has 11 private villas which are all very exclusive and luxurious. Out of these eleven villas, 10 are small beachfront residences perfect for couples and small families. Privacy, like elsewhere on the Island, is optimally maintained by the nature itself. When in one of these villas, you will be nestled in the forest by the sea for about 130,000 SCR.

Ile du Nord also features one exclusive, large North Villa of about 750 sq. meters. It is elegantly-designed and fully-furnished. If you choose to stay in it, it will surely become your own away from home in a hefty price of 200,000 SCR. Ile du Nord is yet again an incredible place to take refuge in from all the worries and stresses of life. It is a lot like being in a hotel, except the hotel is the entire island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and you are surrounded by forests.

The luxury of being at a private island is the ability to do things your way – no timings to abide by, no hunting down to do. You can simply book your program, customize it, and have yourself a rejuvenating vacation.


Bird Island
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Bird Island is one of the smaller private islands in the Seychelles. It is situated in the northernmost region of the Seychelles and is not very far from the main island of Mahe. It is just three degrees south of the equator, so the weather is always warm and pleasant. The Bird Island itself is not very expansive, so much so that you can actually walk around it in about an hour.

Although the Bird Island also has its fair share of white sand beaches and lush green forests, it is particularly famous for wildlife. Birds, as the name suggests, are the true selling points of this island in the Seychelles.

Bird Island Adventure

Bird Island offers the usual drill of activities like on any other island.

You can go fishing, snorkeling, and diving like on any other island except it is more picturesque here. This is because Bird Island has a wider variety of fish and coral reef for you to be in awe of. Apart from sea diving, you can also go cycling, hiking, and kayaking and even get to see the tortoises and turtles up close.

However, the most important activity of all at the Bird Island is bird-watching. Bird Island is famous for its birds, and it would be a pity if a considerable amount of time is not spent observing their fascinating nature. You can just sit with a pair of binoculars between the trees and explore their various nesting spots and try to discern their songs from each other.

Bird Island Lodging

Like other private beaches, Bird Island is an exclusive space for couples and families to enjoy a getaway vacation in. There are only 24 bungalows on the island, so it is never too crowded and privacy and peace of mind is maintained at any given time of the year.

These bungalows are a part of the Bird Island Lodge. All these bungalows are by the sea but at a safe distance on the beach. The Lodge also includes a central lounge and a dining area. It also boasts a bar, restaurant and a reception so you don’t have to be very far away from your room to get a drink or two.

The Lodge is surrounded by tall trees of coconut palms and frangipanis where the birds chitter and chatter all day long. It brings a true experience of living right within the nature to life. The bungalows are all well-furnished and spacious enough for you to be comfortable. However, there is no cooling system so you would have to depend on the sea breeze to put you at ease.

Although, the Lodge does not offer as many luxuries as you might find at Ile du Nord but the bungalows are pretty affordable and habitable. Furthermore, there is also a library, in case you want to delve into a book with the ocean sounds in the background.

Bird Island Animals

The way the Bird Island is situated, it has the richest variety of fish in its beaches. Because of the presence of such fish, many seabirds are attracted. Hence, the name of the island.

The best part about the birds that inhabit this island is the fact that they are undeterred by the presence of humans, making it very easy for anyone to be caught up in the flocks of birds that take to the sky. And not only the sky, but also all around the island, in the trees, in the nooks and crannies, by the hotels, and in the windows.

The island is home to more than 20 species of birds. There are many species that are native to the island, but there also are a lot more that migrate from colder regions of the world to take refuge in the island’s tropical, warm climate. Sooty Terns are one such migratory birds that can be found at the island during fall.

Some birds which call the Bird Island their home include fairy terns, white-tailed tropicbirds, and the wedge-tailed shearwaters. There are also plentiful of pretty turtle doves and beautiful, common mynahs and Madagascar foddies.

The good news about the bird scene at the island is that most of these birds are not endangered, and instead are increasing in numbers except for probably those that fed on the now rare rats and rabbits in the island.

A lot is said about the birds of the Bird Island, but it is also very fascinating to know that the Bird Island is actually also home to the world’s largest tortoise, Esmeralda.

Bird Island Travel Tips

Bird Island does not have as much to offer as the other islands, and this is probably why it is not as developed. This does not mean it is not worth a visit – it most certainly is. But it is recommended to keep your stay at the island short, perhaps even to just a day to two.

Getting to the Bird Island is easy. You can reach the island from Mahe in just 30 minutes if you are travelling on a scheduled flight. However, be sure to travel light as there are strict restrictions regarding the amount of baggage you can carry with yourself.

In conclusion, the Bird Island is not the adventurous kind but it is definitely a very soothing place for a family to visit. A family vacation to the Bird Island will be all about appreciating the bountiful nature, marveling at the wildlife, and going snorkeling in the turquoise waters of the white-sand beaches.


Felicite Island
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Felicite Island is located very close to the island of La Digue and is also not very far from the Sisters and Coco Islands. The island can be reached on a speedboat from both the Praslin and La Digue Island or can be accessed via air from the International Airport at Mahe. It is just a 20 minutes of air travel away from the capital of Seychelles.

It is largely undiscovered and uninhabited. In fact, only one-third of the island is occupied. Like all the other islands in the Seychelles, Felicite attracts visitors because of its white-sand beaches and turquoise water that you can see through.

It is managed by the Six Senses and is a fantastic private space for anyone to hide away from the world’s problems.

Felicite Island Adventure

A lot of what you do at the Felicite Island will be either at or in connection with its only resort.

The beaches, of course, are mandatory places that you will visit. You can laze around on the white sand for as long as you like, read a book in the shade, go skinny dipping, or actually put on your gear and snorkel in the shallow waters.

Other than that, the proximity of Felicite to the natural reserves of the Sisters and the Coco Islands are a big plus. It is almost like Felicite is your home, and the nearby islands are the places that you can go to visit. You can take daylight trip to La Digue, explore, and be back by the sun set in the comfort of your villa.

If you do not want to leave your secluded island, you can just choose to relax in one of the most stunning spas anywhere in the world and let go of all your worries while cleansing your body. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the spa will grant you an incredible experience of literally unclenching the muscles of your body and in doing so, reclaiming the relaxation and tranquility that is so important to the core of existence.

You can take out time to explore the nature and get up and close with the wildlife of the island. The best thing about the eco-tourism at Felicite is the strict adherence of the management to the sustainability rules. So while you are hiking or making your way on a trail, you can always learn about the preservation of the ecology and the importance of sustainability on the island. And, yes, of course, you can see all the diverse creatures that call Felicite its home – from the unique Coco de Mer Palms to the turtles exclusive to Seychelles.

Water sports are also very prevalent acorss the island so you alsways get on a speedboat or paddle your way through on a paddle board. There are also options available to kayak and go sailing – pretty much the entire island experience can be found here.

Walking and cycling, as usual, never goes out of style either. You can always rent a bike and take to the trail where you can clear your head. Or you can choose to remain on your feet, and as you see the changing hues of the sky, you will automatically feel more alive.

Felicite Island Lodging

The only accommodation at the Felicite Island is offered by the hotel managed by the Six Senses brand called Six Senses Zil Pasyon. It consists of 30 large and spacious pool villas.

Being the only resort on the island, Zil Pasyon offers appreciable level of privacy and seclusion, making it the ideal place to be at home away from home. The facilities offered by the island include both luxury and nature. Each of the 30 pool villas are spacious and have a dining room and deck of their own, they are fully furnished and have all the best utilities. The views from the large windows are breathtaking and the sunsets stunning.

The hotel offers 24-hour butler service and an all-day-long dining service. Apart from this, the guests also have access to the fitness center, beauty parlor, and cinema.

There is also enough going on to keep the children engaged. In fact, there is a program called Grow with Six Senses where the kids can have an immersive experience by learning Creole dances and going coconut bowling.

All in all, the experience of staying at Felicite will be exotic yet very close to home at the same time.

Felicite Island Food

Food at Felicite is offered by the only resort there exists. And the culinary experience itself is also a very unique one. The Kitchen Chef only has space for about 6 people and there you can go with your family to see the cook prepare your meal right in front of your eyes.

Like every other experience at the private island, it is no wonder that the culinary experience will also be an intimate one.

Felicite Island Animals

Felicite is home to a very rigorous rehabilitation program whereby the administration has tried to reintroduce the island’s native species of plants and birds.

Many of the animals that have gone away from the island are being reintroduced by undertaking large plantations of the island’s native woodlands. This holds particularly true for the famous Seychelles Magpie Robins.

Felicite is also home to four of Seychelles’ native birds. These include Seychelles Sunbirds and Syechelles Blue Pigeons. They are found great and in numbers and you can spot them yourself while staying at the island along with the Seychelles Kestrels and the Seychelles Warblers.

In conclusion, Felicite is a great contender for the ideal vacation in the Seychelles. Unlike other private islands, its sole purpose of existence is luxury. And it is also particularly close to the other islands, which makes it an ideal place to put yourself down before reaching out to explore the rest of the Seychelles.


Desroches Island
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Desroches Island is located 230 km away from the main island of Mahe. It is part of the Outer Islands of Seychelles and had been famously nicknamed the Wood Island by the British due to its dense forests. It is visited by many tourists each year because of its diversity of wildlife. Since it is not a private island, it is cheaper and all the more accessible to people.

Desroches Island Adventure

If you are visiting Desroches Island, you do not want to go back without exploring the life that breeds under the sea. There are altogether 15 dive sites from where you dip into the water and swim with the fishes. The Castaway Center is the one responsible organization that manages all the diving and fishing activities on the island.

There are many snorkeling spots all over the island, thanks to its coral reefs. Some major spots to keep in mind are Mademe Zabre, the Aquarium, and Passe Hodoul. Since all of these areas are protected from fishing, you can see the colorful underwater world untouched by human greed.

Apart from diving and snorkeling, you must also go cycling on this small island. Because it is not very large and overly-populated, your trip to Desroches Island will be all about reconnected with yourself. And what better way to reconnect with yourself than to get on a cycle and paddle away into the forest. You can also take a walk around the island and see the nature by yourself, or with your partner by your side.

Similarly, fishing is something you can always do at Desroches Island. You can hire a fisherman and go on boat with them to catch your next meal.

Desroches Island Architecture

Architecture at Desroches Island is mainly in the form of the infamous Lighthouse. The Lighthouse, in fact, is the only lighthouse on the Island and is now converted into a restaurant. So if you want to get a feel for the architecture at Desroches but at the same time tend to get hungry often, a trip to the Lighthouse is in order. The good thing is that the food at the Lighthouse is beyond average, so it is definitely worth the trouble.

Most importantly, however, is a trip to The Creole Village in Desroches Island. This is where you will find the handful of locals who still live on the island, and official members of the government who manage the place. This is where you will get to witness the real Creole life first-hand and by interacting with the people in the village, you will learn more about their lifestyle and culture.

Desroches Island Animals

Desroches Island is famous for its wildlife, thanks to the Island Conservation Society which works towards conservation of flora and fauna on the island. Since there are no native species left on the island, a lot of what you will see in terms of flora and fauna includes reintroduced species.

Once on the island, you can spot flocks of zebra doves and house sparrows making their way across the sky. Madagascar fodies and grey francolin are also popular across the island, and you can find the, around your hotel too.

Green turtle and Hawksbill turtle usually found on the east and north coasts of the island are also of national importance.

In terms of marine life, there are so much to explore at Desroches Island. When scuba diving, you can actually see manta rays, giant grouper, reef sharks, and napoleon wrasse up close and personal.

Desroches Island Lodging

Desroches Island Resort is pretty much the only lodging available on the islands for hundreds of mile. So, it is pretty exclusive and isolated. It’s based on colonial architecture with a very solid European vibe. Despite its design, it’s still very modern and provides enough facilities for you to have a relaxed and nurturing stay.

It boasts a large pool, a separate reception, and a bar along with 48 suites and villas. The desroches Island Resort also has a tennis court where you can spend an evening playing tennis with your family, and a relaxing spa to help you unwind after an adventurous day of swimming and hiking.

Since there are not many rooms available, you will have to book yourself a place here way in advance of the peak time.

Desroches Island Food

Like in other parts of the Seychelles, Desroches Island is also pretty easy going when it comes to food and drinks. You can get both good international cuisine and traditional Creole food at an affordable rate from the resort in the form of buffets or room service.

The seafood that is served on the island is caught from the Indian Ocean itself, and is therefore fresh and very popular. With French and British influences intervening, you will be able to taste the diverse flavors of the colonizers in the food you eat.

Desroches Island Travel Tips

Desroches Island is pretty easy to reach via air as flights travel from Mahe to Desroches two times a day. Since Mahe is well-connected to the rest of the world, it is only a matter of 40 minutes before you can land on Desroches after departing from Mahe.

Alternatively, you can visit Desroches by travelling through water. You can sail from Mahe to Desroches in a catamaran or a chartered boat, but remember than the islands are 23 km apart so it will take quite some time for you to travel via sea. In conclusion, Desroches Island is not particularly big on thrill or adventure. But it is what most people consider a dream getaway. The island is attractive because it not only enables, but also encourages, lazing around and spending time with your loved ones.

Sometimes, you do not have to do complicated things to have fun. Just cycling or walking through the forests with the ones you care about can make all the difference in your life.


Cuisine Island
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A tiny granitic island existing on the Seychelles, Cousine is a private island that has been preserved since 1992. Since then it has been converted into a combination luxury resort. Lying on the west of Praslin Island, Cousine Island was turned into a conservation program for the protection of nesting marine turtles and endemic land birds. Adorned with incredibly beautiful scenery, the island is the perfect getaway from the busy city lifestyle to a more peaceful, serene and enchantingly beautiful island.

Cuisine Island Adventure

The island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The water of this massive and deep ocean is an ideal site to have fun through various water sports and adventures. The island offers a range of such activities such as catamaran and hovercraft excursions. These excursions are to facilitate your secluded beach picnics, fishing and scuba diving adventures. To ensure safety, you will be accompanied by a skipper and a guide throughout as well.

Moreover, there are island excursions available as well which allow you to explore some 115 islands which form the archipelago and are majorly uninhabited and wild. You can also explore Praslin through these excursions including the art galleries, UNESCO sites botanical gardens and the ox carts and bicycles on La Digue. Cousine island also offers snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding as part of its water sports and activities. While you enjoy the ravishing beauty of the Indian Ocean, you can also unwind, sit back and relax with these activities.

If you are someone who loves adventure, then this island is definitely a good choice.

In addition to that the island also provides the tourists with unique exploration experiences through its land based adventures. These include nature walks, bird watching, turtle experiences, and tree planting. The purpose of these fun-filled nature activities is to make sure that while you are enjoying yourself, you are also reconnecting with the nature which most of us unfortunately do not have a chance to do because of our busy lifestyles in the cities.

This island also offers some very unique dining experiences for its visitors which include in-villa, private and pool side dining. You are also going to find beach picnics, yoga and kids activities being provided by the island as well.

The island also welcomes people who are looking forward to hold their celebrations with their family and friends even. It provides adequate facilities to cater to your honeymoon, babymoon or private romantic getaways as well as barefoot beach weddings, island and bush safaris.

Cuisine Island Animals

Cousine Island was once just a coconut plantation but after rehabilitation and conservation projects, the island now has indigenous plants and trees that has enabled the native and indigenous ecosystem to thrive which include its unique flora and fauna. This unique flora and fauna constitutes some very rare and endemic land bird species. These are Seychelles Magpie Robin, Sunbird, Fody, Blue pigeon and the Warbler. It is a beautiful sight to watch these birds and listen to them chirping. It not only reconnects you with nature but also gives you a soothing and calming lifetime experience. With its bird watching activity, you can explore many more species of these birds on your own and gaze in wonder at their beauty.

Owing to its amazing conservation experience, the island is now able to host some of the most beautiful and native species of its flora and fauna which would have otherwise been lost and extinct by now. These practices have made the island more sustainable and habitable restoring the lost balance in the ecosystem.

Cuisine Island Lodging

Cousine Island has some remarkable features that help define your vacation experience. Starting from the Ligne St Barth Spa, the island provides you with a chance to de-stress and relax yourself after the hectic routines in today’s day and age. Adding on to that, Cousine Island also has a pavilion, a library and a gecko bar for you to unwind and enjoy your hobbies without worrying about the hustle bustle of the city.

Moreover, the island facilitates its tourists with the scuba dive hub and an island boutique so that their need are taken care of even when they are vacationing.

The island also provides the opportunity of booking villas for your vacation. The lifestyle in particular is very enchanting and soothing since you are completely surrounded by the calmness and serene lush trees. The roaring Indian Ocean washes off at its shore and that completely adds to the beauty of the island and its lifestyle.

With an array of food choices available, the island offers a very dynamic experience where you are not limited to anything just because you are away from the rest of the world. The world has various beautiful undiscovered spots left for you to be explored. The cousine island despite being discovered is definitely that one heavenly spot on earth that you never want to miss.

The extremely enchanting combination of the Indian Ocean water and land with lush green vegetation, exclusive species of flora and fauna make this island unique and one of its kind. If you are an environmentalist and are looking forward to uphold and appreciate sustainability efforts then this island is definitely going to excite you. With its incredible efforts at conservation and preservation, the island has bloomed again and is filled with exciting collection from nature’s masterpieces to make you unwind and reconnect with the nature.

Your next destination can be Cousine Island if you want to celebrate with friends and family or with your significant other. Even if you want to give yourself a treat, then this island is still the perfect choice.


Denis Island
Image Source:

Denis Island is a coral islet that is private and is spread over 375 acres. It is considered to be the Seychelles’s second most northerly island and is only eighty kilometers away from Mahe. The island has seen some very sophisticated and excellent conservation practices that have made it extremely sustainable. It is sophisticated yet unstuffy. With being cut off from the global communication systems like mobile phone networks, TV cables and internet services, the island is a retreat in its pure sense where you just cut yourself off from the rest of the world and focus on being with the nature.

Denis Island Animals

The island due to its sustainable practices aimed at conservation has been able to attract endemic birds and restore the local ecosystem. It has the rare and endemic bird species like fody, magpie robin, and the paradise flycatcher and the warbler. There are also hawksbill and green turtles that come to the protected shoreline of the Denis Island to lay their eggs and these animals are then monitored and tagged to have better conservation efforts in place. There are also very beautiful reef flats that are a crucial nursery for the marine life of the island. The island is also home to native forest habitats that sustain land tortoises and a huge seabird colony.

Denis Island Food

Denis Island is also particularly different from the rest in the way it takes pride in curating its cuisine from the food stuff being harvested on the island itself. It is just like eating the island’s vegetation. All the cattle products including milk, cheese and yogurt comes from the farms on the island itself, and so does the meat. The fish served is the one caught from the ravishing Indian Ocean which washes off at the shore.

The staples that the island cannot produce are also kept to a minimum and mostly island grown vegetation and food stuff is utilized in the kitchen. The local food are a reflection of authentic Creole and international fare, along with creativity, skills and elegance. At dinner, a five-course menu is provided to the visitors and they can choose to dine in at the pavilion or at a more intimate setting of the sea-side under the blanket of stars on the sky.

Denis Island Adventure

At Denis Island, you can have various adventurous activities at your service. If you wake up early, you can enjoy the tracks of the turtles on the beach that have just laid their egg. You can also scout the forests for the precious endemic birds such as paradise flycatchers, and magpie robins. This way you can learn more about their breeding patters and tagging projects since these are critically endangered species of birds.

This island also offers a very simple yet unique and enriching experience by giving you the chance to stroll through the island or enjoy a bicycle ride. While you do so you can enjoy the lifestyle of the inhabitants, tortoises that are a century old, the poultry farms and animal pens, the chapel and the lodges where the staff lives which is a community on its own. In a bid to explore the deep, mysterious Indian Ocean you can enjoy various adventurous activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and paddling. They give you a chance to explore the waters surrounding this coral islet and feel connected with the nature.

The reefs of the lagoon have tropical fish, turtles and various other marine animals. Moreover, the island also helps you explore the world existing and thriving underwater through its PADI dive centre. You can dive deep into the Indian Ocean and can also get a diving certification issued if you wish. Furthermore, if fishing is what you are interested in, the island can help you in organizing a catch-and-release fishing method through which you can even fish the famous red snapper.

If your fishing lies under conservation practices, you can also enjoy the catch at the kitchen in the form of cuisine. Apart from this the island also offers a beachfront spa, and an outdoor spa in the middle of nature. Even if you want to relax on your own, and just laze around, you can definitely do it without being judged on this island.

Denis Island Lodging

The accommodation services at the island include restaurant, bar, laundry, room service, spa, WiFi (in public spots), and the beach. It has twenty-five beach cottages and one out of these is designed for families having up to three children. The beach villa which is larger has its own pool and gazebo. The cottages that are beachfront and deluxe have their own private gardens, outdoor spa tables and private decks that face the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The bathrooms of all the cottages are well-furnished and large enough with natural wood furniture. The island is also relatively cheaper than the rest and is family friendly. The Denis Island, thus, is an enchantingly beautiful island that is waiting to welcome you with all its uniqueness and prettiness. If you are looking forward to a family getaway, a celebration with friends or a private, intimate vacation, Denis Island should definitely be considered.

With its plethora of activities that include both land and sea and its native farming practices with delicious cuisine, it surely is a good choice to detach yourself from the world and enjoy yourself a little. With its comfortable accommodation and range of services despite being so isolate from the rest of the world, you will feel home. It is an island that promises you a wonderful experience with its comfortable and exciting services at cheaper rates than the other islands in the region.

With its family-friendly nature and promising hospitality, the island is a perfect getaway retreat that one can imagine. In the midst of Indian Ocean, enjoy your own vacation with all the safety and comfort at the Denis Island.

Conclusion about these Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Islands
Image Source:

Now that you know all about the top 10 islands in the Seychelles, we are sure your heart would be as restless to get there as we are. It is not always that we get the time to break away from the many worries of the world. Our city life and town adventures, despite being fast-paced, have left a lot to be desired in terms of peace and serenity. Even having fun can sometimes feel like a chore. It is, therefore, important to break away from the chains of the corporate work and go ahead in search of our place in the nature.

You can literally go island hopping through and around the Seychelles Islands. Each island has its own vibe and its own distinguished activities to offer. Even if they appear to be the same at face value, the experience is different at very island. People usually visit Mahe and then make their way to Praslin and La Digue before heading home. But there are so many great islands yet to be reached in the Seychelles. As deeper into the busy life humans burrow, the more they realize the ultimate importance of tranquility, of being out in the nature, of listening to bird chirp, and even the wonder and serenity of watching fish swim. After all, every time we get away to a vacation spot, we do so with the intent of living a little. Needless to say, Seychelles is where you go to reconnect with life.

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